Cognos Software Development Kit

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Information about Cognos Software Development Kit

Published on March 8, 2014

Author: SandeepSharma65



Cognos Software development Kit

1. Web Services and Enabling Technologies 2. Use the ReportNet SDK 3. Authenticate Using the SDK 4. Retrieve Application Content 5. Run Reports Using the SDK 6. Update and Add Application Content 7. Pass Parameters to Reports 8. End to End Workshop Cognos ReportNet - SDK for Developers

Objectives  In this module, we will:  examine the ReportNet SDK and its uses  discuss design-time Web services consumption  discuss the ReportNet object model  explore the online documentation

Examine Uses for the ReportNet SDK  Using the ReportNet SDK:  OEM’s can add BI and reporting to their own systems  organizations can achieve B2B integration

What Can You Do With the SDK?  Specifically, the SDK exposes all reporting and administrative functionality of ReportNet, including:  query Content Manager  execute/modify reports & queries  authenticate against user credentials  create Schedules  deployment

Use the SDK: Consume the WSDL File ReportNet Environment Development Environment .DLL/.JAR Application Client Report Server WSDL SOAP

Examine the SDK and .NET Applic ation Code Gener ated Code

Examine the SDK and Java Applic ation Code Developm ent Envir onment Genera ted JAR Fil e

Examine the SDK and COM Applic a ti o n Code Developm ent Envir onment Genera ted COM d ll

How Does ReportNet Work?

Examine ReportNet Communication Report Studio Query Studio Consumer UI Admin Application ASP,JSP, VB, Excel FIREWALL SOAP SDK Gateway Web Services SOAP UI CGI Servlet SOAP/WSDL FIREWALL Dispatcher Cognos BI Bus Report Service Prompt Engine Rendering Metadata Engine Engine SOAP Presentation Service Query Engine Admin Portal Content Manager Customer Database DB2, Oracle Others… CAM Content Store Notification Service FIREWALL

Examine the ReportNet Object Model  ReportNet consists of 2 object models:  private  public  Essentially it is a WSDL file which is used to generate:  documentation  the API

Examine the ReportNet Object Model (cont’d)  An object model defines a set of objects such as reports, folders, or URLs. BaseClass UiClass URL Folder Package

Examine ReportNet Object Properties  Objects have a set of properties associated with them:  BaseClass (17 properties in total)   name   search path creation time UI Class (6 properties plus those inherited from BaseClass)  screen tip  description

Understand Instance Containment  Objects can contain many sub-classes.  Objects can serve as containers for other objects inherited from the same parent class folder report report2 URL1 URL2

Examine ReportNet Object Model Methods  Methods are actions that you can perform on objects, such as:  update  add  query (returns series of BaseClasses)  The object model provides versatility. Use it to:  update a series of Base Classes in one call  add a series of BaseClasses in one call

Examine Enumeration Types  Enumeration types consist of arrays populated by static values. HTML Output format CSV XML XHTML

Set up an SDK Application  For Visual Basic or ASP:    install Microsoft’s SOAP toolkit register the CRN.dll For Java:   For .NET   import the .jar files into your project reference the WSDL file in your project After completing this:  enable the capabilities

Use a SOAP Trace Utility

Demo 2-1 Set Up the SDK Application

Demo 2-2 Examine the SDK Documentation

Summary  In this module, we have:  examined the ReportNet SDK and its uses  discussed design-time Web services consumption  discussed the ReportNet object model  explored the online documentation

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