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Published on June 24, 2007

Author: Gulkund


Residency in Anatomic & Clinical PathologyMontefiore Medical CenterAlbert Einstein College of Medicine of Yeshiva Univ, Bronx, NY:  Residency in Anatomic andamp; Clinical Pathology Montefiore Medical Center Albert Einstein College of Medicine of Yeshiva Univ, Bronx, NY ACCREDITATION AND GENERAL INFORMATION Original Accreditation Date: March 8, 1956 Accreditation Status: Continued Full Accreditation Looking Forward to Fifty Years of Continuous FULL Accreditation Who are we?:  Who are we? Introduction:  Introduction Theme andamp; goal: kind, nurturing, competent yet visionary residency The major duty of the resident is to learn One of largest pathology residencies in US ACGME/RRC Fully andamp; Continuously Approved: Pathology, Neuropathology, Hematopathology, Cytopathology; also GYN, Renal/GU, andamp; Surgical Pathology (non-RRC) Forward looking 'competencies' included in residency and evaluations The Moodle Revolution:  The Moodle Revolution ELEARNING PROGRAM (http MOODLE://  ELEARNING PROGRAM (http MOODLE:// Moodle is our course management system - a software package designed to help educators create quality online courses. Such e-learning systems are sometimes also called Learning Management Systems or Virtual Learning Environments. One of the main advantages of Moodle over other systems is a strong grounding in social constructionist pedagogy. Moodle is Open Source software. MOODLE Philosophy (  MOODLE Philosophy ( The design and development of Moodle is guided by a particular philosophy of learning, a way of thinking that you may see referred to in shorthand as a 'social constructionist pedagogy'. MOODLE 1. Constructivism::  MOODLE 1. Constructivism: This point of view maintains that people actively construct new knowledge as they interact with their environment. MOODLE 2. Constructionism::  MOODLE 2. Constructionism: Constructionism asserts that learning is particularly effective when constructing something for others to experience. MOODLE 3. Social Constructivism::  MOODLE 3. Social Constructivism: This extends the above ideas into a social group constructing things for one another, collaboratively creating a small culture of shared artifacts with shared meanings. When one is immersed within a culture like this, one is learning all the time about how to be a part of that culture, on many levels. MOODLE 4. Connected and Separate::  MOODLE 4. Connected and Separate: Separate behavior is when someone tries to remain 'objective' and 'factual'. In general, a healthy amount of connected behavior within a learning community is a very powerful stimulant for learning, not only bringing people closer together but promoting deeper reflection and re-examination of their existing beliefs. MOODLE 5. Teacher::  MOODLE 5. Teacher: A 'teacher' can change from being 'the source of knowledge' to being an influencer and role model of class culture, connecting with students in a personal way that addresses their own learning needs, and moderating discussions and activities in a way that collectively leads students towards the learning goals of the class. MOODLE 6. eLearning:  MOODLE 6. eLearning We have made dramatic strides in our eLearning, and web based self-assessment (MOODLE MONTEFIORE), which will allow both residents and faculty to be more consistently and strongly involved in this type of communal education. MOODLE 7. Curricula, Goals & eTest:  MOODLE 7. Curricula, Goals andamp; eTest Residents are also supplied with Curricula, Goals andamp; eTest (optimally before andamp; after rotation) on MOODLE MONTEFIORE More 'robust' information, e.g., ADDENDA NB – and EVALUATIONS! MOODLE 8. Evaluations: :  MOODLE 8. Evaluations: 1. EXAMPLE OF MOODLE REMINDER FOR EVALUATION:   2. CUMULATIVE EMAIL WEEKLY UPDATE OF OUTSTANDING EVALUATIONS   3. Template – End of Rotation COMPETENCY Evaluation of Residents   4. Professionalism – Self-Assessment   5. Communication Skills and Professionalism –360 EVALUATION   6. FINAL ASSESSMENT MOODLE 9. Calendar - Weekly conferences::  MOODLE 9. Calendar - Weekly conferences: Calendar: You will find a listing of the weekly conferences that occur on the East and West campuses when we review our MOODLE SITE. Email reminder of conferences DAILY – required andamp; suggested – to each resident andamp; faculty member. MOODLE MONTEFIORE & Community of Information::  MOODLE MONTEFIORE andamp; Community of Information: MOODLE MONTEFIORE andamp; Community of Information: The Residency maintains active bulletin boards on jobs, meetings, and issues in pathology and medicine. This coupled with numerous mailings on issues like competency creates the connectivity glue that a thriving residency and faculty wants, benefit from and maintain spirit. The numerous events as the residents’ research night, the pathology annual retreat, the winter gala, the farewell and awards dinner, and the incoming breakfasts maintains this sense of community. MOODLE & Governance::  MOODLE andamp; Governance: The broad based input by residents and faculty, and checks andamp; balances in the governance of the residency are a great strength. Formal meetings on the residency occur every two weeks with the Residency Advisory Committee and then with the Chair and Chief Residents with Program Director in attendance. Decisions are typically communal, with the right to appeal and in most cases go directly to the representative RAC, which includes all the chief residents. MOODLE MONTEFIORE – our “Virtual Community of Learning” ::  MOODLE MONTEFIORE – our 'Virtual Community of Learning' : Over the past two year we have actively met monthly, met as a group and had a retreat to institute construction, fielding, implementation, usage, and analysis of our Competency evaluations, goals andamp; curricula, and self-assessment/eTests. This is all via our MOODLE Site. This has been highly successful as a way of expanding our goals via the Competencies, and impacting resident andamp; faculty education. This modality has richly enhanced all aspects of our educational initiative and could be a 'Best Practice' opportunity for all programs (we have shared this information with programs across North America andamp; exhibited this at ACGME via poster andamp; individual sessions with Drs. Leach, Nestler andamp; the ACGME MIS group). Moodle – eTesting & Course Development:  Moodle – eTesting andamp; Course Development Course Management System (CMS) Web-based eTesting Web-based updating Automated record-keeping of testing andamp; surveys E-Tests Course content Lessons Discussions Moodle – Faculty Training:  Moodle – Faculty Training The Dubler Residency Ethics Curriculum: First in Pathology:  The Dubler Residency Ethics Curriculum: First in Pathology Chapter I: Ethical Foundations of Clinical Practice •                      A brief history of ethics in the clinical setting •                      The role of ethics in clinical medicine •                                              Clinical ethics consultation •                                              Bioethics committees •                      Fundamental ethical principles •                                              Respecting patient autonomy •                                              Beneficence •                                              Nonmaleficence •                                              Justice •                      Principlism and alternative approaches •                      Conflicting obligations and ethical dilemmas   The Moodle eTest:  The Moodle eTest Moodle-Dubler’s eTest in Ethics:  Moodle-Dubler’s eTest in Ethics Moodle - Content:  Moodle - Content Images PDF’s Lessons PowerPoint Word documents Discussions The Moodle Site:  The Moodle Site: http:// Leaders in National Pathology Recruitment Module for USA Medical Schools :  Leaders in National Pathology Recruitment Module for USA Medical Schools Career Opportunities in PATHOLOGY The Intersociety Committee on Pathology Information. National Leadership in GME & Competency – Few in Pathology:  National Leadership in GME andamp; Competency – Few in Pathology Slide28:  Competency: The Resident Perspective Patient Care Interpersonal andamp; Communication Skills Systems Based Practice Professionalism Practice-Based Learning andamp; Improvement Medical Knowledge Competency: Where we are….:  Competency: Where we are…. Competency Working Group Evaluations, eTests, Curriculum Opportunities for Resident Input Residency Town Hall Meetings CP Town Hall Meeting Resident Surveys Opportunities to provide feedback Mid-year review Chief Residents Meetings End-of-rotation evaluation of rotation and faculty National Resident Perspective: Our Participation:  National Resident Perspective: Our Participation AAMC – Organization of Resident Representatives USCAP, ASCP – future directions CAP – Residents Forum Retreats with residents involved in revising/modifying goals andamp; objectives Addition of Ethics, Professionalism, and Health Care Delivery andamp; Management to Didactic Lecture Series Re-structuring of Departmental Conferences Future Directions (1):  Future Directions (1) Patient Care (Related Activities) Practicum-based evaluations Conferences that document 'Learning Curve' Medical Knowledge DETAILED CORE Full cadre of Etests Practice Based Learning andamp; Improvement Resident Portfolios Quality Assurance/Improvement Studies Future Directions (2):  Future Directions (2) Interpersonal andamp; Communication Skills and Professionalism 360° evaluations – support staff, techs, supervisors, lab managers, clinicians from other services, as well as supervising Pathology attending(s) Simulated 'professional' interactions Ethics Systems-Based Practice Expanded Laboratory Management Component with emphasis on Pathology’s role in health care delivery More inclusive Didactic Lecture Series Competency Leadership: Why us?:  Competency Leadership: Why us? In a few short years residents and fellows will be Attending Pathologists at institutions with residency training programs and will be (to some extent) responsible for that program remaining accredited on the basis of their ability to produce 'COMPETENT' pathologists. If we are part of the process now, we will understand and control what we need to do later!! Thanks for Presentation Help….:  Thanks for Presentation Help…. Dr. Tylis Chang – Moodle Presentation Dr. Samson Fine – Competency Presentation Ms. Betty Edwards – Residency Information Half-a-Century of Educational Excellence: Past, Present & Future:  Half-a-Century of Educational Excellence: Past, Present andamp; Future The espirit:  The espirit

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