Coffee Bean Roaster: Enjoying Some Special Blends at Home

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Information about Coffee Bean Roaster: Enjoying Some Special Blends at Home

Published on July 11, 2009

Author: coffee_beans


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Storing Coffee Beans: Try Not To Use Your Freezer When it comes to best means of storing coffee beans, many theories are going to hit you each of which will ensure that your coffee beans continue to retain their freshness and flavor. The simplest theory suggests that when storing coffee beans, it may be best to place ground coffee in the freezer until it is consumed at a later time. However, before you put your coffee into the freezer based on this theory, it would be worth your while to first of all check whether it is indeed the best way of storing coffee beans.

Universal Idea? Of course, the universal idea is that by freezing foods and even coffee beans, you can ensure that such items will last longer while also being able to retain their freshness. Thus, on the face of it, freezing is a great way to store things such as fruits, vegetables and meats as well as breads as they will prolong the life of such items. In addition, freezing also preserves the minerals and vitamins found in foods and thus is a good method – but only for foods.

Storing coffee beans The trouble is that when you begin storing coffee beans in a freezer it may not work in this case because coffee beans are averse to moisture and light as well as air and heat. The problem is that when you freeze your coffee beans it may actually rob the coffee beans off their flavor since coffee beans have already been roasted to improve their flavor and the cold will affect the taste of the unfrozen coffee.

Absorb flavors from other foods Coffee beans are actually porous and though freezing works well with other foods, when it concerns coffee beans the porous nature of the coffee beans makes them absorb flavors from other foods kept in the freezer and so when you then drink your unfrozen coffee, it may actually end up having a garlic flavor!

Porous nature of coffee beans Furthermore, the same porous nature of coffee beans makes them absorb moisture which will make the beans lose their flavor and also when you place and replace the coffee beans from the freezer it will cause absorption of moisture. Thus, if you feel that you want to use the freezer when storing coffee beans, makes sure that you only use the freezer just one time.

Losing the aromatic oils Even then, when storing coffee beans in a freezer you also risk losing the aromatic oils contained in roasted coffees and that in turn will rob the coffee beans off their flavor which is another reason why you need to think again when it concerns storing coffee beans in your freezer.

Consumed in not more than two week’s time The best thing you can do for storing coffee beans is to buy just enough coffee as is required for personal and family use and which will be consumed in not more than two week’s time. That way, you won’t have many problems with where to store your coffee beans.

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