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Published on February 11, 2009

Author: XVRecklessXV


Slide 1: How to Snipe in Call of Duty 4 Modern Warfare By, JZK17 Class #1 M40A3 : Class #1 M40A3 Get to Know the Sniper- The M40A3 is the best sniper because it does not bounce after the shot and it is also a one shot kill with the perk 2 set as Stopping Power,. I highly recommend the ACOG scope it really helped me after I put it on some may like others may not. Perks- The perks on a Sniper Rifle are very important because they determine many factors. For the first perk I usually put Bandolier which gives you extra ammo ( I always need it) or Claymore x2 because that provides you to camp an snipe up high. For the second perk if you don’t put stopping good luck you will never be a successful Sniper, stopping power makes the M40A3 a one shot kill. The third perk I put on Steady Aim for no scoping and without holding your breath or I put Iron Lungs for holding your breath for a long amount of time. Do Not Use the Desert Eagle it may be the most effective but it pulls up after every shot and it does not have a silencer causing you to be found. I use a USP with a Silencer because if someone gets in your camping spot you don’t want to be found so you pull out the pistol, it may take 5 shots but it gets the job done. Class #2 Dragonouv : Class #2 Dragonouv Getting to know the sniper- The Dragonouv is a very liked sniper and guaranteed at least two people a match use it. The Dragonouv is good for camping in one spot it does not provide as good of a no scope as the M40A3 or the R700 but it’s a very good camping Sniper. Do not put ACOG on here for the it makes you less accurate and you can barley see through the scope and I got a flat screen TV. Use the USP w/ Silencer for the same reason stated before. Perks- For the Dragonouv perks I use these, perk 1 I use Claymore x2, like I stated above the Dragonuv is a good camping Sniper and what is better than Claymores to camp. For Perk 2 I use the UAV Jammer because the Dragonuv usually takes two shots to kill someone so you don’t want to end up on radar making you a sitting duck. Perk 3 I use Stead Aim or Iron Lungs but mostly Iron Lungs on these because I need to hold my breath when I camp snipe because I try to stay with the target, if I miss. Class #3 R700 : Class #3 R700 Knowing the gun- The R700 is a very high efficient sniper that causes a lot of damage. While using the R700 I like to lay on the highest building in the map out of sight and camp there, if your patient many people will pass your view. Perks- The R700 perks could have so many different combos because it is such a good gun. The R700 perks I use are perk 1 I use Claymore x2 because it allows me to camp on the high building and not feel threatened by a person coming up behind me and killing me. My perk 2 is usually stopping power because it makes it really tough to stop just like the M40A3. The Perk 3 that I use is also Steady Aim or Iron Lungs just like all the others, if you don’t use them your not sniping right. They by time breathing lungs and a steady shot for no scopes and not holding your breath. M21(if you like auto) : M21(if you like auto) I like the M21 and It would be my 2nd choice in snipers because it is automatic. But, you have to be good enough to use it because it does take a couple of shots to kill (bout 3). The m21 is the best no scoping sniper because it works as a battle rifle and is very accurate on the ground. That gives you a opportunity to move places. While sniping I the M21 you should get up high and pretty close to action it may say its good far, but its better in close. Perks 1- Bandolier- you will need more ammo. 2-Stopping Power- Helps bullet penetration, takes 1-2 shots if good. 3-Iron Lungs- I like to follow the people and take shots buys you time Sniping Spots on Sniping Levels : Sniping Spots on Sniping Levels Overgrown- In Overgrown you go by the barn to the wall with the graffiti on it to its left. If you go around back of that wall and climb up onto the dumpster slightly to your left you will be up on the wall, if you walk to your left you will go to the house with the turrets in it. If you run really fast about 10 feet away and sprint jump slightly to the left of the roof you will find yourself on the roof, now you must lay down a sniper never stands up and snipes. If you climb to the highest point on the roof above you, you can see the gas station if you lay there and just so you can see and snipe they will eventually spawn there no matter what game. Bog- This may sound silly nut on bog, I go the middle pile and lay down on it, and about every 20 seconds I poke my head up and see what I can snipe, in this spot you must be very careful, if your team is on one side of the map, and the other team is dead (headquarters) the other team spawns on the other side of your team, bog is a good level because there are only to spawn points In it, on by the building on the bad side or the one by the wall where many snipers stand. Knowing that I position myself to brace there attack and I usually call in a airstrike before they eventually find me. Another is the boxes on the one spawn where the house is, if you walk to the back of the map you see a small tent with crates and tables In it, if you hop up onto those tables and duck it gives you a pretty good view of a heavily populated area that is where I got my long kill streak from. Those are my favorite two sniping maps, and my spots Credits : Credits JZK17 made may be changing my GT to XV Reckless XV though. Look out for my soon to come Sniper Montage which shows my favorite spots Thanks

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