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Information about Cocozhi

Published on December 3, 2008

Author: szajafri


Slide 1: c DXN COCOZHI Slide 2: What is Cocoa? Scientific name:Theobroma cacao L. Origin : Amerika Tengah, Mexico Habitat : Tropical Forest Moisture level : Suffiecient of water supply Slide 3: A cocoa plant, usually will starts to bear cocoa after 3-5 years of cultivation, and will yield for the next 25 years. COCOA FACT Slide 4: Nutrition value in Cocoa Slide 5: Carbohydrate Carbodydrate provides the main source of energy to our body systems. Cocoa contains carbohydrate to keep our body energized. Fat Fat provides 2x more calories value compare to carbodydrate Cocao fat is a natural fat which can be found in cocoa seeds. It contains 38.2% of oleic acid, an unsaturated fat which helps in cholesterol level. Slide 6: Functions of Protein Source: Bernard W. Minifie, 1989, Chocolate, Cocoa And Confectionery 3rd. Ed. California. Slide 7: Minerals Cocoa contains minerals such as pottasium which actively involves in biological reaction and balances osmotic pressure in our cell. Vitamins Vitamins act as co-enzymes to assists the function of enzymes in our body. Slide 8: Uniquesness of Cocoa Cocoa products such as chocolate and cocoa drinks provide balanced nutritional value to our daily diet. Slide 9: Chocolate is a Nutritious Food Studies conducted in Massahusetts Institute of Technology shown that chocolate contained anti tooth decay properties such as tannin, casein and acid oxalic. Anti Tooth Decay Slide 10: Jerawat?? Chocolate causes acne? Slide 11: `Journal Of The American Medical Association´ dietary factor does not affect or its not the direct cause of acne. Chocolate Slide 14: DXN Cocozhi Healthy cocoa drink With cocoa & Ganoderma extract Produce by a GMP certified factory Strict quality control monitoring and tests Certified HALAL by JAKIM Slide 15: Cocozhi DXN Snow Coco Coco Volcano Slide 16: Snow Cocoa Cocozhi ice blended 1 glass ice 1/3 glass water 1 sachet of Cocozhi. Mix all the ingredients together and blend them in a food blender. Serve 1 person Slide 17: Cocoa Volcano Empty 1 sachet of Cocozhi into a mug.Add 200ml of hot water. Stir and serve immediately. You may enjoy Cocozhi with your favorite cookies.

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