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Published on January 21, 2014

Author: culture2inc



What does the Meme Science approach tell us about how the Coke meme lives in the minds of the consumers?

Culture2 Inc. presents Analysis of the Coca-Cola Meme on Twitter A QUICK RESEARCH REPORT

Starting point of the analysis: 5000+ memes collected from tweets in Aug, 2012 Somebody please tell me: why am I suddenly in love with the song on the cocacola commercial? Coca Cola supports animal abuse! Help stop this! Your nails would dissolve in a cup of Coca-Cola in about 4 days. I like your lips like I like my Coca-Cola, yeah. Oh how it pops and fizzes World of coca cola is an amazing museum and entertainment. People are using Coca-Cola to clean their toilets and saying it works really well. I hate when people ask dumb questions like "Why do you smoke kush", I usually answer with "Why do you drink coca cola? Coca Cola and Ice, admit it, no matter what your age it's always been one of the best things ever. Coca-Cola Company sponsors 100 students for a summer entrepreneurship That guy who found a condom in a coke bottle, should be thanking cocacola for protecting him from cancer. Coca-Cola played both sides during World War Two, they supported the American troops but also kept making soda for the Nazis. Can I have a Coca-Cola Please? Is Pepsi ok? Is monopoly money ok? When it originally appeared in 1886 - Coca Cola was billed as an "Esteemed Brain Tonic and Intellectual Beverage". my dads insane, they say im to blame & my brothers on the coca-cola. I'm chilln like a polar bear in a coca-cola commercial...

Culture2 methodology and results • The following slides showcase the results of the memetic discovery and details the perception of the Coca-Cola meme in the mind-space of the tweeters in August, 2012. • This is a preliminary report. The full report mapping the meme space will include language guidelines, messaging recommendations, communication strategy suggestions about how to build a better meme

Meme Dimensions of Coca Cola • Four memetic dimensions were found that explain 62% of the variance among the memes (this is good, textbooks say that above 60% is fine) • All the four dimensions were quite well interpretable • These are the drivers of the perception for Coca Cola Cultic Emotions Legends – Facts Hatred - Love 32% 9% 8% 13% Prestige Low – High Sincerity Dishonest – Honest

Components of the ‘Emotion’ dimension Hatred side: • Coca Cola conceals how it harms to the health • Coca Cola supports animal abuse, GMO, Nazis during WWII, etc • No rights guaranteed to workers in foreign countries • ”The Coca Cola ads make me upset”, they are obviously fake Love side: • Coke and ice, it’s always been one of the best things ever • Coke is part of life, smile, gift, it never gets boring • Love commercials, their music • Coca Cola is a part of American history, and appreciated all over the world • Entertainment, Coca Cola Museum • Coca Cola is a point of reference The memes show that Coca Cola is more than just a beverage. It’s a part of American pride or shame, depending on the attitudes.

Components of the ‘Prestige’ dimension Low side: • Fat girls, decayed teeth, diabetes, etc (”My body is Coca Cola shaped”) • Lots of funny or stupid coke stories • It’s nothing but a cheap chemical rectifier, challenged ingredients • It propagates an unreal dream world • It causes a kind of addiction High side: • Sells much, it’s a giant, the company is rich • Originally, Coca Cola was sold as a prescription drug to cure depression • ”Look at the world a little differently”. Enjoy. • Coca Cola’s CSR activities are widely appreciated Memes at the low prestige side are mostly connected to health risks and valueless addictive ingredients. High prestige side memes emphasize mainly the business case.

Components of the ‘Cultic’ dimension Legend side: • Don’t be surprised if we see a Coca Cola logo on the next Mars lander • Coke ads can change my mood positively • At the beginning, it contained cocaine – it’s still an energy drink • Lists and stories of iconic years • Bolivia bans Coca Cola to celebrate ”the end of capitalism” Fact side: • The secret recipe that is locked away in a vault in the Sun Trust Bank Building in Atlanta • Coke songs are extremely good, EXO-K is extremely popular a model The memes indicate that Coca Cola indeed is a cultic part of the American Dream. This is supported both by legendary facts, and by true legends – it is sometimes even impossible to tell the one from the other.

Components of the ‘Sincerity’ dimension Dishonest side: • Everything about Coca Cola is fake, even certificates • Its ads lie, Olympic athletes don’t drink Coca Cola – that’s why they are Olympic athletes • Polar bears don’t drink it either • The Coca Cola company claims all of their beverages are healthy Honest side: • Water infused with lemon and lime doesn't taste anywhere near as good as Coca Cola, but it's probably better for me *sigh* • That Coca Cola commercial where the security cameras catch people doing good things is great • Coca Cola and Pepsi are two competing giants, and Coke is in the upperdog position The Dishonest side is fully serious, humorless, while at the Honest side, mostly ironic memes were found.

Weighted Statistics for Meme Dimensions -100% Dimension: 0 +100% Emotions Hatred Love Prestige Low High Cultic Legends Facts Sincerity Dishonest Honest • Coca Cola is more loved than hated, in spite of the many hatred memes • According to the Twitter memes, its prestige is relatively lower than how much it is loved (positive emotions more influential than cognitive aspects) • It is accompanied more by ‘legend memes’ than by ‘fact memes’ • In spite of the love, it is considered rather dishonest. This is a very real mid- to long-term risk.

Major Take-Aways The meme landscape for Coke is deeply ambivalent and conflicted… creating uncertainty and risk about its future prospects as a global brand. This snapshot reveals a brief moment in time… need ongoing monitoring to see how Coke memes are changing to intervene and create positive change.

Our Memes Thank You for Your Attention! B. Lazlo Karafiath Producer Joe Brewer Research Director

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