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Published on February 26, 2014

Author: asmomgee


D O N M A R I A N O M A R C O S M E M O R I A L S T A T E U N I V E R S I T Y February 22, 2014 Volume 1, Issue 1 The Professional Teacher A Noble Proposal Inside this issue: Editorial Cartoon 2 A Teacher is A Cleaner 2 Coastliners 2 Sea you there! 4 What‟s Your Story? 14 Feature Story 17 Our Group 18 Special points of interest: Last January 5, 2014 a very interesting scheme was cooked up within the four walls of the Multi-Purpose Hall of DMMMSU Open University System. Under the tutelage of the very charismatic Dr. Estella Cayabyab, the students of Certificate in Teaching Class 1 agreed to involve themselves in community related projects out of their own volition. The class was divided into eight (8) groups composed of (5) members. A meeting was held 2. Choose one that benefits the community, 3. Choose an activity that is achievable and lastly choose one that also benefits the group. amongst members of the groups as to what their community involvement projects they are to have. The criteria for the projects were simple: 1. Choose a project which is cost effective—the less expenses, the better, A presentation to the class of the project will be done on the 22nd of February. The same date will be the deadline for a paper detailing the said activity. All groups agreed and eagerly planned their own community projects.  Colored spread of „caught in action” photographs  Points to ponder inside  Teaching Through The Ages  Free Wall: “Tell Me „Bout Your Teaching Experience.” One Bright Idea! Pet adoption. Alms giving. Blood letting. A lot of these ideas have come to mind. The phrase to many to choose from has driven us nuts from making one solid choice. Our group, consisting of five of the brightest (ahem) , most active (translated as rowdy) and most extroverted (simply put talkative) students under CT-Class 1, has finally chosen to have a coastal clean up at the shores of Taberna, Bauang, La Union. Why? 1. We love nature especially the beach and we would love to help keep it clean for the kids to come. 2. It is red-tape free. No hassle from permits and what-not. 3. It cost us only our sweat, effort and time!

Page 2 T h e P r o f e s s i o n a l T e a c h e r Editorial Cartoon Taken from “A teacher takes a hand. Opens a mind. Touches a heart. -Anonymous” A Teacher is A Cleaner Too! Our trade is education. Our basic tools are the blackboard and chalk. We live daily for our students. But for today, we live for Mother Earth. Let us be warriors with brooms and trash bags in hand, armed with determination to battle it out with dirt. Just for today we hope to start a ripple effect that will echo through out the years to come. One piece of trash by one, we can clean up the world. Coastliners– Waging A War With Sea Waste Here we go! February 8, 2014. A hot and humid Saturday afternoon. One short ride from the Municipal Market of Bauang, La Union to the well-known and loved shores of Barangay Taberna and we were ready to roll. Armed with gloves, thongs and a lot of trash bags we had that determined look on our faces aiming to pick up as much trash as we could. Beach combers and some of the locals waved as we passed, probably wondering what we were up to. The onlookers possessed outspoken curiosity at the sight of this wee group of ―basureros‖ in our customary bright yellow uniforms.

Volume 1 , I s s u e 1 Page 3 Teaching Through the Ages When Socrates was put on trial in ancient Athens, one of the two charges brought against him was "corrupting the youth" (the other was failure to believe in the appropriate gods of the city). Because he taught a method of rational inquiry instead of mere information, Socrates is considered one of the most important teachers in histo- SOCRATES ry. The records of his dialogues with his students have given us what is now known as the "Socratic method" -a way of discovering new truths by relentlessly asking questions until a satisfactory answer is reached. A pupil of Socrates's informal school in Athens, Plato went on to become an important philosopher in his own right, recording the teachings of his master for posterity (though how much we should truly attribute to Socrates is debatable), and pondering questions of what makes good government in perhaps his most famous work, The Republic. In this dialogue, Plato argued for an allencom- PLATO You probably know the story of Anne Sullivan (1866-1936), who became famous for teaching the art of communication to Helen Keller -- a girl who had been both deaf and blind since she was less than 2 years old. It's hard to imagine the difficulties involved in such a task, as Keller could not see to read or view examples, nor could she hear to learn instructions or find encouragement. passing, state-provided education that went from young childhood well into middle age. In his view, one of the primary roles of government was to educate the people, and education was the principle project of life. After the death of Socrates, Plato started his own academy, where he instructed students in philosophy for the rest of his years. ANNE SULLIVAN Famously, Sullivan overcame these obstacles by the sense of touch, teaching Keller the alphabet by allowing her to touch objects and then spelling words into the girl's hands. Source:

Page 4 T h e P r o f e s s i o n a l T e a c h e r Sea You There! “A teacher takes a hand. Opens a mind. Touches a heart. -Anonymous” Combing the Shores -Not for shells nor treasure but to remove the things that do not belong to the sea!

Volume 1 , I s s u e 1 Page 5

Page 6 N e w s l e t t e r T i t l e

Volume 1 , I s s u e 1 Page 7

Page 8 N e w s l e t t e r T i t l e A team that cleans together, learns together!

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Page 10 N e w s l e t t e r T i t l e

Volume 1 , I s s u e 1 Page 11

Page 12 N e w s l e t t e r T i t l e

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Page 14 T h e P r o f e s s i o n a l T e a c h e r Rowena Robiñol . I am a simple girl who understands that our world needs all the help it can get to stay clean and beautiful. The coastal clean up we did was satisfying for me. If anything I realized that I have to be kind to the environment “Most of us end up with no more than five or six people who remember us. Teachers have thousands of people who remember them for the rest of their lives.” -Andy Rooney by picking up trash and being responsible for our litter. Small steps lead to bigger ones. It definitely makes a difference. It was a super enjoyable experience with my cooperative team. Annalyn Tejano It was something different. It was a wonderful experience and even if it was really hot, it felt good for me. I liked the feeling of helping in saving our environment even if only in the sim- plest way. What I am really hoping for is that whoever saw us that day, while cleaning up at the shoreline, will look at us us examples and inspirations to do the same. Fernando Ferrales It (Coastal Clean up) was a great experience for me as part of the community to show love and concern to our environment. And to share our time in small activities like cleaning the coastal area—just like what we did! We are all part of the community. As simple as it may seem, the effort we have given can be of great importance. It is something I would like to teach my children too.

Volume 1 , I s s u e 1 Page 15 Maree Lyne Rodriguez We had a coastal clean-up. We all know the importance of our natural resources especially the bodies of water – one of which is the ocean. For many of us, it is a source of income – the fisherman, diver or the boatman. It is used to transport or export goods. But as the time goes by, we don’t even think of how to protect the ocean, we just think of our own interests. In our community activity, I saw how people abuse the beach. It has become their own waste disposal ground. There’s sanitary napkin, food wrapper, diaper, old clothes. Even though residents see the marine debris they don’t even pick it up or clean it. We don’t even know if they were the one who littered there. Visitors are problems too. They swam, had their picnic but have no sense of environmentalism whatsoever and just left trash here and there. As teachers, we don’t only teach knowledge, skills or attitude. We can be and we should be involved in community activities. Be role models on how to save not only the bodies of water but also the other natural resources and the mother earth for the next generation. Arlance Sandra Marie Garcia My first thought was, ― How can we, a mere group of five, do something for our community?‖ It boggled me. The idea was to do something out of our own initiative, without incurring too much expenses. It became sort of a puzzle for me. Then, there was also choosing group members. I had to think fast. And so I opted for my closest friends, not just because we were close but we all lived in the same area, Bauang. Then we recruited Ann who also came from Bauang and Kuya Fer from a neighboring town, Naguilian. The burden of choosing an activity was then shared burden. After awhile we finally came up with the idea of a coastal clean up drive. February 8 was very hot afternoon. I was worried about what to wear. My uniform did not fit me anymore at 7 months of pregnancy. Awww. Nevermind. I just hurried to our meet up place. Maree was kind enough to bring a long pick up tool for me to use as I can not bend anymore. The walking was difficult for me on the sand. I was itchy, sweaty and huffing as if tired. But I was astonished to realize that I was not tired. I was happy. I was having fun. A lot of the locals were watching us. If anything, I hoped that the sight of us picking up trash on their ―backyards‖ awakens them to act and be more conscientious of their waste. As I walked, I was chanting in my head ―Lord let our world be clean again, one trash at a time.‖ “I am indebted to my father for living, but to my teacher for living well.” -Alexander the Great

Page 16 T h e P r o f e s s i o n a l FREE WALL “If you can not explain it simply, you did not understand it well enough.” -Albert Einstein T e a c h e r

Volume 1 , I s s u e 1 Page 17 Feature Story A Teacher's Life Lessons Using a Jar and Some Golf Balls This is a very important life lesson that a philosophy teacher taught his students. The teacher cleared off his desk and placed on top of it a few items. One of the items was an empty mason jar. He proceeded to fill up the jar with golf balls until he could fit no more. He looked at the classroom and asked his students if they agree that the jar is full. Every student agreed that the jar was indeed full. The teacher then picked up a box of small pebbles and poured them into the jar with the golf balls. The pebbles filled all of the openings in between the golf balls. He asked the students if the jar was full. Once again, they agreed. Now the teacher picked up a bag of sand and poured it into the mason jar. The sand filled in all of the empty space left between the golf balls and pebbles. He asked the class again if the jar was full. The students agreed it was technically full. Finally, the teacher pulled out two beers from under his desk and poured both of them into the jar filling the empty space between the sand. Now the students began to laugh wondering how far this was going. The teacher waited until the laughter stopped. "I want you to recognize that this jar represents your life," he started. "The golf balls represent the important things. Your family, children, health, friends, and passions. If everything else was lost and only they remained, your life would still be full. The pebbles represent the other things in life that matter, such as your job, house and car. The sand---that is everything else. The small stuff. If you put the sand in first, there is no room for the pebbles or golf balls. The same goes for life. If you spend all of your time and energy on the small stuff, you will never have room for the things that are most im- portant. Pay attention to the important things in your life. Enjoy time with family. Go to dinner with your spouse. Play games with your kids. There will ALWAYS be time to clean the house or take yourself shopping. Take care of the golf balls first---the things that really matter. The rest is just sand. You are dismissed." Before the students left, one shouted out. "You never mentioned what the beer represents!" The professor smiled and said, "Well I'm glad you asked. The beer just shows you that no matter how full your life may seem, there's always room to have a beer with a friend." Source: feel-good-story/111/A- “The mediocre teacher TELLS. The good teacher EXPLAINS. The superior teacher SHOWS. The great teacher INSPIRES.” -William Arthur Ward

Don Mariano Marcos Memorial State University Open University System City Of San Fernando, La Union Saving the Seas, One Trash at A Time (A Community Involvement Project) Fernando Ferrales Arlance Sandra Marie Garcia Rowena Robiñol Maree Lyne Rodriguez Annalyn Tejano Dr. Estella Cayabyab Adviser About the Group Five members. Five different personalities. Five beautiful minds. Connected by chance in a small classroom. Coming from different walks of life, all had started out from different paths. Now sharing the same call: to be a teacher. Left to Right: Fernando Ferrales, Annalyn Tejano, Maree Lyne Rodriguez, Rowena Robiñol, Arlance Sandra Marie Garcia Our dream is small. Our vision is big. Our aim is to inspire. Simple people we may be, but we desire to change the world, beginning with ourselves!

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