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Published on March 29, 2010

Author: dbyoung


The role of Coaching in accelerating On-Boarding : The role of Coaching in accelerating On-Boarding “All Change – mind the gap” Coaching for Emotional Adaptation New Hire Expectations : New Hire Expectations Do you think you can tell who is going to hit the deck running? To what extent does your current induction or on-boarding process address the emotional needs of the new hire? To what extent do you think emotional well being contributes to early on-boarding success? Can we assume that the selection process accurately assesses knowledge and technical competence? If so, what % of on-boarding failure is attributable to failure to adapt/ emotional fit Cost of poor fit/ failure in new hire : Cost of poor fit/ failure in new hire We all know it’s big $/£ Advertising & recruitment Salary Relocation Induction Time to productive contribution Internal fallout Brand damage Doing it all again Induction -necessary but not sufficient : Induction -necessary but not sufficient Overview Corporate Strategy/Vision & Mission Statements Departmental Goals / Objectives Organisation Charts Orientation Programs Job Descriptions Performance Management Process Policies and Procedures Health and Safety Process Drug / Alcohol Abuse Policy Holiday Practices Pension Administrative Employee ID Card Building / Facility Tour Fire Evacuation Routes Corporate News / Bulletin Boards Emergency Contact Information Help Desk Telephone Numbers Email / Internet Use You can tick the boxes, but are they emotionally ready? Knowledge & Skills V Emotional adaptation : Knowledge & Skills V Emotional adaptation On joining a new organisation…. It’s relatively easy to pick up the required skills and knowledge It’s relatively difficult to adapt emotionally Common areas of emotional angst can greatly retard assimilation & performance External coaching (and internal mentoring) can minimise emotional hurdles and maximise on-boarding speed From an ROI perspective, on-boarding coaching is a “no brainer.” The Emotional Journey Rollercoaster* : The Emotional Journey Rollercoaster* Honeymoon (false security) Reality dump Quick Wins Reality bites back Consolidation Knowledge & Skills Acquisition Adapting Leadership/ Managerial Style Politics & Organisational Saavy Team Exploration & potential Resentment / Rejection Assimilation of actual org values Team Acceptance Self (Image) Calibration Building Relationships Effectively Networked Understanding Procedures Understanding espoused values Informal “way of doing business” 100 days 60 days 40 days 30 days Knowledge Values Relationships Leadership Style Knowledge & Technical Competence Emotional Adaptation High Perf Low perf What can let them down : What can let them down Takes time to calibrate to new environment Fear of exposure – so failure to acknowledge problems (even to themselves) Seeking help seen as failure Use of inappropriate leadership or managerial style Self image mismatch with new role Lack of clarity about “how to get things done around here” Isolation through lack of relationships Resentment from new colleagues of interloper Pressure of being under the microscope External Coaching to facilitate on-boarding : External Coaching to facilitate on-boarding Integrated as part of on-boarding process Confidential nature provides “safe” external sounding board May be fear of exposure to internal mentor) Needs to be standard process or will be seen as “remedial” problem support Coach needs to “know” the organisation, so pre-briefing is critical There are clearly identified likely problem times so regular coaching schedule Maintaining confidentiality but may enable feedback to improve on-boarding process Thanks, hope it’s been useful… : Thanks, hope it’s been useful… Thanks for viewing this introductory slideshow on Coaching to facilitate on-boarding See our Introductory Talent Management slideshow at Talent Management We have significant experience in the range of Talent Management processes with a focus on coaching We are based in the UK Contact us at Email: Web: 9 © HRPD Associates 2010

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