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Published on February 27, 2008

Author: elehmann


Distance Training Progression for FEMALE High School Athletes Eric Lehmann Waukesha South High School (WI) 262-501-0216

Identify Distance Runners • Swimmers • Soccer Players • Body Type - Speed • Freshmen Cross Country Runners • “Earn” the ability to train with the Distance Runners.

Qualities to achieve success • Athletic Ability • Dependability • Ambition • Willingness to work • Positive Attitude • Leadership

• Why do High School GIRLS compete in athletics ? Because it is FUN..... • Why force young athletesWAN T many young athletes CAN and ? How to run over 30 miles a week ? • “I will notyou can handle....” that I do not think force you do anything • Happy Athletes Recruit like HELL....

Jack Daniels Influence.. • Training Age: Not year in school. 1...2...3.. etc... • 4 Types of Athletes • 1. Limited Talent / No Work Ethic • 2. Talent / No Work Ethic • 3. Limited Talent/ High Work Ethic • 4. Talent/High Work Ethic

Level of Expectations • Freshmen- Experience the totalwarm-up, of events. Emphasis on technique, package cool down, 400 (:67-:66)-800 (2:35-2:30) SPEED..Mileage 20-25 miles per week. Emphasis on competition. (Sub 6:00 mile Varsity) Winter Sport. • Joe Newtonthing you canSchool Elmhurst IL “ the BEST - York High do for a young distance runner is to teach them to run fast...” (30 x 30m) (15 x 60m)

• Sophomore SwimnumbersCross 10th in the Fall. (Double or Run 9th - Country Grade) Promote Winter Sport • practice patterns.the program. Disciplined Identify place in Increasing training load, identify relay potential. Mileage 25-30. • Goals: Sub 12:15 2:30 3200: 800 : Sub 1600: Sub 6:00

• Junior: “Year Round Runner”. Cross and Country and Track and Field (Summer Winter) “Leader:Application of skills and knowledge gained in the program. “Break- out” year, interest in the sport and understanding of competition. “Serious” Weight Training. Seriously consider Winter Sport. Mileage 30-35 • 2:25 1600: Sub 5:45the team. 12:00 Sub Multiple events within 3200 Sub 800: (or faster)

• Senior: Leadership withinTrackprogram in(JV both Cross Country and the and Field or Varsity). • “Teach” the program to underclassmen. Understand the sacrifice and commitment to become a CHAMPIONSHIP athlete. Close relationship between athlete and coach. Mileage 35 (more if College) • Determine if the athlete wants to run at the college level.... • Place ? RUN FAST State Championship ? Identify Goals... PR’s..

Training Groups • 400/ Group (Freshmen) • 800/1600 Group • 3200 Mile Group (Talented-Varsity)

4x800 Relay • GIRLS love to run on Relays.... • run the 4x800 in the Runners will ALWAYS The best 4 Distance State Series....

Workouts-Long Run • 25% of Weekly Mileage (FIRM.....)

Ideal Week • Monday - Long Run (25%) • Tuesday - PACE (Track 800 or 1600) • Wednesday - Threshold - Fartlek • Thursday - Steady (15%) • Friday - Easy (200m - 150m)

“Key” Workouts • 800 Runner: 300m @ 100% (Sub :50) • 1600 Runner 2x 800’s 2:00 Minute Rest (2:45 or faster) • 3200 Runner ( 4:10-5:15) 5:45 Mile 2 x 1200

“Fun” Workouts • 6-8 x 400m (800 Pace) Equal Rest • 4-6 x 600m (800m) 1600m Pace Equal Rest • 600m @ 100% 8x200m (Stride) 400m@100% • 12-20Determine(1:00 Recovery) Determine Pace x 400m Season • 6x200m RACE... 800 Pace - Equal Rest 6 x 400 @ 90%

Want More ? • • Eric Lehmann • 262 501 0216

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