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Information about CO3044

Published on February 27, 2017

Author: cgcozad


Project Statement: Project Statement CO3044 A multi-floor renovation of an insurance company’s downtown headquarters created opportunities for collaboration and congregation to match an already vibrant culture. Blue, teal, and silver complement existing burgundy furnishes echoing the company’s brand and modernizing the space. High back collaboration seating creates privacy for small meetings within close proximity to individual work areas. These zones as well as flooring accent bands create visual relief amid cubicles. Conference rooms with frameless glass are quiet and private, yet transparent. A high-top table for work or catering and soft seating lend flexibility to the area outside a new training room. On one wall, an opaque glass door glides open to reveal a kitchenette. Opposite, glass walls create multiple private drop-in rooms. In the first-floor relaxation and entertainment area, a fresh palette of color, pattern, and texture is used to divorce the space both physically and philosophically from work areas and reinforce a company culture of spontaneous casual employee interactions. Bright colors generate energy in the open gaming area. Tucked around the corner, subtler hues create calm, and glass partitions form booths for semi-private meetings. Another enclosed room with wingback chairs, warmer hues, and a digital fireplace offers an even quieter space for reflection.   Floor Plan: Floor Plan CO3044 Image 1: Image 1 CO3044 Image 2: Image 2 CO3044 Image 3: Image 3 CO3044 Image 4: Image 4 CO3044 Image 5: Image 5 CO3044 Image 6: Image 6 CO3044

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