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Published on April 25, 2018

Author: cherubtaj


The Vestibular Apparatus : The Vestibular Apparatus Slide 2: Robert Barany: Nobel prize in 1914 for work on physiology and pathology of Vestibular apparatus Consists of Semicircular Canals and Otolith Organ Membranous Labyrinth: Membranous Labyrinth Macula in otolith organ: Macula in otolith organ Macula is sensory epithelium Functions of Utricle & Saccule: Functions of Utricle & Saccule Functions of Utricle and Saccule Structure of Hair cell: Structure of Hair cell Structure of Hair Cell Directional Sensitivity Semicircular canals: Semicircular canals Semicircular Canals Planes of Semicircular canals: Planes of Semicircular canals Planes of Semicircular Canals Slide 11: AC P C Crista Ampullaris in SCC: Crista Ampullaris in SCC Cristae Ampullaris in SCC Dilated end of canal (Gelatinous Mass) Mode of action of SCC: Mode of action of SCC Beginning and termination of rotation detected by hair cells in opposite ears Functions of Semicircular canals: Functions of Semicircular canals Neuronal Connections: Neuronal Connections Role of utricle & saccule in Static equilibrium: Role of utricle & saccule in Static equilibrium Role of utricle & saccule in linear acceleration: Role of utricle & saccule in linear acceleration Role Of Neck proprioceptors: Role Of Neck proprioceptors Role of Proprioceptors & Exteroceptors from Other Parts Of The Body: Role of Proprioceptors & Exteroceptors from Other Parts Of The Body Applied Aspects: Applied Aspects Vertigo Illusion of motion, usually rotation, in absence of actual rotation Motion/Space/Sea Sickness Overstimulation of vestibular apparatus Meniere`s Disease Vertigo,Tinnitus,Hearing Loss Vestibular Function Tests: Vestibular Function Tests Clinical Tests: Rotational Stimulation: Barany Chair Caloric Stimulation Electronystagmography Thank You: Thank You

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