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Published on March 9, 2014

Author: RCheesley



A talk delivered at the first CMS Africa Summit held in Nairobi on 7-8 March 2014. The talk explored the opportunities for women in science, technology, engineering and mathematics and how Open Source can be a door into a career and/or hobby in these subjects.

Women in Open Source © Chiara Aliotta – Until Sunday Ruth Cheesley - @RCheesley

Stay with me, guys! © andrewgenn -

Women in Technology © Michael Brown -

Things are changing © Mangojuicy -

How do we support all genders? © graphicsdunia4u -

My expectation ... © Michal Adamczyk -

The reality ... © Apop -

Men and women are different © Gennadiy Poznyakov -

Should gender be an issue? © Michael Brown -

Take the initiative © Cheesley Family!

And don't forget …. © maxmitzu - Fotolia

We all need role models © akulamatiau -

Meet the Women of Joomla!

Why get involved in Open Source? © kentoh -

How to get started?

To the community ...

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