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Published on May 24, 2008

Author: borisgloger



Keynote Presentation at CMMi and Scrum, Conference, Recife, 2008. The main message is that Scrum and CMMi are the same, but that they do have a different origin and require a different mindset.

CMMi = Scrum A Provocation to See the Truth Boris Gloger, 2008


Thank You!


Renato Izabella Felipe Célio Paulo Danielo Eric Roberta Ana Sofia

Men - 99 Women - 68



GM Europe








Boris Gloger CMM Level 3 Instructor





Ken Ron Jeffries Schwaber Alistair Cockburn agile development conference Jim Highsmith Kent Beck

2004 - 2008


How can I do CMMi using Scrum?



How can we do CMMi using Scrum?

Wrong Question!

What question does really motivates this conference?

Why do we want combining Scrum and CMMi?

Why are we here today?

We seek an answer to the challenges of our time!

Dramatic Change!

Outsourcing is only an effect of: “The world is flat!”

Emerging Ways of Worldwide Collaboration!

The new technology platform: Globalization 3 (Thomas Friedmann)

Internet Supply Chaining

Both are indicators ...

The control goes more and more to the tactical level ...

Therefore the traditional organization of work is not sufficient!

The last try to do the things right was CMMi!


Valid Principles and Goals Make them available for Projects.

CMMi needs LARGE and Stable organizations

The good ideas that we shall keep are:

integrated team -- A group of people with complementary skills and expertise who are committed to delivering specific work products in timely collaboration. (CMMI 2nd ed. page 622)

instutionalization is an important concept in process improvement. (...) An institutionalized process is more likely to be retained during times of stress --- CMMi, 2nd ed., p. 151


PMC SG1 “Actual performance and progress of the project are monitored against the project plan.”

The purpose of Validation (VAL) is to demontrate that the product or product component fulfils the intended use when placed in its intended environment

The purpose of Validation (VAL) is to demontrate that the product or product component fulfils the intended use when placed in its intended environment SP 1.3. Establish and maintain procedures and criteria for validation

IPPD Management

SG1 - A set of organizational process assets is established and maintained! IPPD - “Integrated processes that emphasize parallel rather than serial development are a cornerstone of IPPD implementations.”

“Product development processes ... are conducted concurrently. Such integrated processes should accommodate the information provided by stakeholders representing all phases of the product lifecycle from both business and technical functions.”

SP1.3. E&M the tailoring criteria and guidelines for the organizational set of standard processes. In creating the tailored criteria and guidelines, include considerations for concurrent development and operation with integrated teams. ...

Processes, such as resource allocation, will also be tailored differently if the project is operating with integrated teams.


These principles are very good!

Implementations fail very often!

The process fails not the principles!

CMMi is Model based!

Old Organisational Model Male driven Go Large Hierachy Efficiency

But ...

We do not have a Model for the new times!

We do not know our future!

The Post Modern Economy needs a new business model (tompeters)

So ... We want to keep the principles!


We need a New Way!

Explorative Approach: Science Trial and Error Inspect and Adapt


Scrum Mapping of Principles:

Integrated Team is the fundament!


Sprint Planning -- everybody contributes: business and technique

Concurrent development with a timely review is principle number 1

The product burn down chart shows everyday if you are in-line with your plan

Scrum fulfils most of the good ideas...


it is adaptive

human centric


Self-Organization needs small cell structures!

New Organisational Model Woman will rule Small/Distributed Collaborative Effective

CMMi = Scrum


Mindsets for two different environments

CMMi maps large org: centralistic hierarchy dominant slow process driven push non agile men

CMMi Scrum maps large org: maps the new org: centralistic federalistic hierarchy flat dominant collaborative slow fast process driven innovative push pull non agile agile men women

Scrum maps the new org: federalistic flat collaborative fast innovative pull agile women

CMMi = Scrum A Provocation to See the Truth created by Boris Gloger copyright by boris gloger 2008

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