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Published on November 16, 2007

Author: Flemel


Slide1:  Welcome RE/RM & CCM in the Volkswagen Group Using SYNERGY and DOORS for system development Michael Steder K-DOK-1/M Information Technology Center:  RE/RM & CCM in the Volkswagen Group Using SYNERGY and DOORS for system development Michael Steder K-DOK-1/M Information Technology Center Overview:  Overview SYNERGY Tools DOORS Plans for the future Summary and conclusion CCM and Synergy Tools:  CCM and Synergy Tools Targets CCM:  Targets CCM company-wide and uniform configuration and change management central purchases and administration of licenses reduction of costs and time improvement of the software quality defined processes transparency of the implemented changes auditing acceptability assistance Guidelines:  Guidelines New projects have to use our SEP (system engineering process) CCM is a part of our SEP. SYNERGY/CM and SYNERGY/Change as standard tools decided Company guidelines for software development Project guidelines SEP classic & CCM:  SEP classic & CCM Hardware & Software:  Hardware & Software central CCM-Server (HP-UX). SYNERGY/CM SYNERGY/Change SYNERGY/Distributed CM SYNERGY/CM ObjectMake Div. Integration WSAD, Eclipse .NET Some information about CCM:  Some information about CCM Start with CONTINUUS in 1997 Actually more than 350 User Target value for December 2004 => more than 430 User Currently 67 databases with more than 100 active projects Projects located in Wolfsburg (VW), Ingolstadt (Audi) and Brunswick (VW) SYNERGY Users:  SYNERGY Users RE/RM and DOORS:  RE/RM and DOORS Targets:  Targets reuse of specifications information exchange with suppliers company-wide and uniform requirement management central administration of licenses reduction of costs and time improve the quality defined processes transparency of the changes auditing acceptability assistance Information about DOORS:  Information about DOORS DOORS recommended by HIS (Hersteller Initiative Software => Manufactures Initiative Software) First pilot project in June 2002 Used by Volkswagen and Audi (electronic development) Extended use of DOORS for MBKE (Modulbaukasten Elektronik => Module construction kit electronic) in electronic development Actually more than 80 active users (Volkswagen and Audi) Implement a central DOORS-Server for Volkswagen and Audi (Linux Server) increase users up to 200 at the end of 2005 Planned Infrastructure:  Planned Infrastructure Volkswagen Wolfsburg Audi Ingolstadt Other companies Terminal Server Clients DOORS Clients TCP Terminal Server Terminal Server DOORS Server (UNIX) TCP DOORS Client (Windows Server) Terminal Server Clients Plans for the future:  Plans for the future Rollout RM and DOORS in the electronic development Central purchasing and administration of all SYNERGY and DOORS licenses for the whole Volkswagen Group To increase the number of CCM users Define central repositories for mixed development (MVS, UNIX, PC) Evaluate a solution to change our self written version management on MVS against a standard solution Integrate external partners into the software development process Summary and conclusion:  Summary and conclusion RE/RM and CCM is important for system development DOORS and SYNERGY help us to manage complex projects to reduced the costs and time for software development to increase the software quality Slide17:  Thank you

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