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Published on February 26, 2014

Author: cmc1b


Description • Consist of fibers composed of carbon atoms • Carbon atoms are bonded together • Combined with other materials to form a composite • The atomic structure is similar of graphite consisting of sheets of carbon atoms

Origin and history • 1958 Roger Bacon created high-performance carbon fibers • were manufactured by heating strands of rayon This process proved to be inefficient • 1970 Carbon fiber made from a petroleum pitch

Specific properties • High resistance to mechanics • Low density • High producction price • Resistance of external agents • Big capacity of thermal insulation • Resistance of the temperature variation

Uses • Aeronautical industry • Motoring industy • Boats and bicycles • Roller skate, tennis racket, flat • Notebook, tripod, fishing rod

• • • • A group of many fibers Made by extruding thin strands in fibers Extremely fine Obtained when liquid glass flows trought an espinerette

Origin and history • Heating and drawing glass’ techniques have been known for millennia • Manufacturing glass fibres techniques are recent • Dubus Bonnel was the first who used it • He used it as thread

Specific properties • • • • • Thermal, electrical and sound insulation Anti acids Can stand high temperatures Easily malleable Density of 1.6

Glass fibre’s uses • Reinforcing material • Thermal, electrical and sound insulation • And for things like

• Flexible • Transparent • High quality extruded glass or plastic • Constructed by pulling a perform to form the optical fiber • Usual methods: – Inside vapor deposition – Outside vapor deposition – Vapor axial deposition


Origin and history • 1790 Chappe brothers invented the optical telegraph • 1880 Bell patented an optical telephone system • 1930 Lamm transmit an image of optical fibers • 1958 The laser was introduced

• • • • • Flexible Thermal insulators Electrical conductor High reflector Transmits light without losses

Uses • Medium for telecommunication and computer networking • In remote sensing. • Light guides in medical and other applications • In some buildings • in decorative applications • In spectroscopy

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