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Published on August 4, 2009

Author: claudia.doc



A brief abstract of some of the Trainings you can design with Consulenze Manageriali! Feel free to contact us at

To Innovate, to Develop New Products and to Design Trainings/Seminars Catalogue for Engineering Depts and Companies in general 30th June, 2009 - Claudia Miani

My experience Executive Consultant in Management & Engineering 15 years in multinational corporate’ and small companies’ R&D, operating on mech engineering, telecommunications and biomedical markets, been at last the Development Director of a major international medical company Development of a wide range of products: automatic machines for packaging, plastic components, telecommunications equipment, medical devices and equipment Wise mix of technical/scientific competences and curiosity, 2009 CM Consulenze Manageriali 090630 CMiani Copyright© with 2

Trainings/Seminars Purpose These Trainings/Seminars purpose is to promote comparisons and discussions among managerial experts and witnesses on the issues of profitability recovery through Business Processes Efficiency, Waste Reduction and 360° Innovation in the Engineering/Manufacturing Departments and in general across the whole company. These meetings offer entrepreneurs and managers practical and concrete ideas and insights, coming out from interaction between participants and trainers and managers, all with their experiences, in a Round Table to discuss and answer their daily questions themselves. These will be useful to regain confidence and to overcome the current growth stalemate and to discern how to invest more and better on the future’s rebuilding. 090630 CMiani Copyright© 2009 CM Consulenze Manageriali 3

“New Product Development: how to choose winning ideas” Training Abstract New Products Development is the key to regain competitiveness. Companies need to prepare now a new range of products that can be attractive for the “new market”, with the proper balance of costs vs. value for the customer We need to perform market analysis, to prepare a strategic roadmap (considering influences from suppliers and competitors), to renew the old products mix, to promote only the attractive products that will change the sales structure, to understand what the "Voice Of the Customer“ is telling. To underline the importance of measuring the impact of each and every idea and the energy/resources needed to develop each one, in order to make more effective choices both in development and re-engineering. 090630 CMiani Copyright© 2009 CM Consulenze Manageriali 4

“Company innovation through Processes Innovation” Training Abstract Innovation is a discontinuity in knowledge and know-how that could generates a significant productivity increase either doing more things with the same resources (development), or doing the same things with fewer resources (sustainability). The company should be considered an End-To-End process to be "innovated" in all its components. The Company should deal not only with new ideas and make new products, but also should make current products with new production systems, enrich them with new services, adjusted their costs to new market requirement and perceived value, to keep costs aligned with the curve of development, the deal differently Parts, Manuals, Repairing, Maintenance. You can also innovate in Human Resources, Finance & Control, in the Customer Management (Pre Sales, Sales, Sales, Customer Support). Strategic Service Marketing Develo Sales pment Manufacturing HR, Finance & Control 090630 CMiani Copyright© 2009 CM Consulenze Manageriali 5

“Lean Development in order to Decrease Engineering Costs” Training Abstract Many companies have established Lean Production methods, to optimize manufacturing processes, but very few are willing to achieve the maximum result. The key for these few is the Lean Development, that prepares the product at the best for Lean Production, reduces the inefficiency in the Technical Department and optimizes the development Lead Time in order to better respond to the increasing needs of market demands. Applying the modularity concept and standardizing the products list can help Companies to reduce products costs and storage and logistics wastes. Considering and planning tactical and strategic criteria, Companies can choose "make or buy" already in the development phase and can outsource projects in order to keep lean and streamline organization and to leverage partnerships with Asian low-cost, thus reducing again and more the impact on total product costs. 090630 CMiani Copyright© 2009 CM Consulenze Manageriali 6

“Design tools and methodologies to hit the bull's eye” Training Abstract Companies can save time and money in the Engineering Department making better and more use of the tools provided by modern technology. Three-dimensional CAD to facilitate products design and changes and to easily implement components standardization. Calculations and simulations to reduce the prototyping phases and to better design product testing, pursuing the optimal result on virtual prototypes and reducing the number of "try-and-error" loop. Advanced Database capable to archive in structured way in order not to lose the historical business memory and to simplify and streamline the activities related to Bill Of Materials, Technical Manuals (for Operation and Maintenance), Spare Parts lists and manuals. 090630 CMiani Copyright© 2009 CM Consulenze Manageriali 7

“Engineering and Design To Cost” Training Abstract During states of crisis, to stand the market competitiveness, Companies are requested to reduce their products price, often and usually only reducing the contribution margin. In addition to the actions on suppliers and the solutions found in the Low-Cost-Country, the Companies must start from the origin, at the product design stage, and think differently: what are the features and technologies that the customer really need and for which he is willing to pay? what are the characteristics of Competitors’ products? how much can the Company save from the production cycles optimization? How much can the Company save eliminating the “Costs Of Poor Quality”? The "Design To Cost" is the set of methodologies that lead these reflections to a drastic reduction in the product cost, starting already in the Design Process. 1 Creative idea 2 Benchmarking 3 Best of target generation costing p Lieferant ? A B C Target Grou X 4 3 4 3 Y 2 3 3 2 Z 4 4 3 3 1 1 1 8 0 0 0 4 LPP 5 Value analysis 6 Cost driver Costs Primary analysis Target function Alternati ActuaI ves Labor Performance/ Materials customer Secondary function value CapitalLever/ideas 090630 CMiani Copyright© 2009 CM Consulenze Manageriali 8

“Design For Manufacturing & Assembly” Training Abstract Simplifying the products in terms of components number and fastening systems. Standardizing components, standardizing processes, hardware and fastening. Facilitating ease of assembly, avoiding complex manufacturing activities that require more than one operator. Designing the product to have all the production processes fluid and streamlined in order to save time, money and people, starting already from the Product Design Phase. How to simplify the product by eliminating/ integrating parts? Part count reduction DFA DFM How to maximize the ease of How to improve the assembly? manufacturability of parts? 090630 CMiani Copyright© 2009 CM Consulenze Manageriali 9

“Design for Total Quality through Design For Testing” Training Abstract The Engineers must simplify the product in order to facilitate the functional verification test for individual components and to reduce the quality control timing. During in the development process they must design all the necessary tests on sub- assemblies and components, and the provide the product with proper mechanical and electrical interfaces to its parts “in stand-alone mode” to the appropriate test benches along the production line. Do not underestimate the hidden cost of assembling a defective sub/equipment on a complex machine: it may become the source of Company profitability/competitiveness! 090630 CMiani Copyright© 2009 CM Consulenze Manageriali 10

“How to improve managing a Project” Training Abstract How to manage a project to get a good product? Define the team with clear roles and responsibilities, define unequivocal design requirements, declare all the interfaces and verify the correctness. It is essential to properly structure: the project documentation, the product and project risk management, the Concurrent Design (to drive more phases in parallel simultaneously), the evaluation of the "Lessons Learned" for continuous improvement. The most important thing to practise: how to avoid the projects failure, reducing company costs and maximizing resources efficiency! 090630 CMiani Copyright© 2009 CM Consulenze Manageriali 11

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