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Information about cluster computing

Published on March 17, 2011

Author: er_kumar


Slide 1: Cluster Computing Prepared By: Deepak Kumar(0712810034) CS 4 th year Slide 2: What is cluster computing ? A cluster is a type of parallel or distributed processing system. In personal computer storage technology, a cluster is the logical unit of file storage on a hard disk. Slide 3: Need of cluster computing Cluster Computing is required in business field. Share files and have a faster computer system. Provide better system reliability and performance . Slide 4: Types of cluster computing . High availability clusters Load balancing clusters Grid computing Compute clusters There are a few different types of computer clustering Slide 5: Clustering methods Clustering method can be divided into two types .. Hierarchical method Partition method Slide 6: Why it is required ? Allowing people across the network cluster to access the same programs. Availability of high speed computers. Clusters are cheaper and faster. Solve parallel processing paradox. Slide 7: Advantages of cluster computing Size Scalability Enhanced Availability Single System Image Fast Communication Load Balancing Distributed Environment Manageability Slide 8: Downsides of Cluster Computing Risk of information leak over the network. Conflicts, loss of information, data redundancy. Each node might not be working well which could jeopardize the entire operation. Slide 9: Conclusion Clusters are being used to solve many scientific, engineering, and commercial applications. The capability of clusters to deliver high performance and availability on a single platform. Slide 11: Please Ask Questions

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