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Published on November 11, 2007

Author: Lavaster



Something fun I made, and I want to share it with the world!

Club Penguin Games Copyright, © 2007-2008. All games done alone by Lavaster. If you want a game, please ask Lavaster. Thank you!    GAME 1. Adopt a penguin. GAME 2. PUFFLE HUNTING. GAME 3. AHOY TO ROCKHOPPER. GAME 4. Hide-and-seek. GAME 5. CLUB PENGUIN TRIVIA. GAME 6. FAME IS ON THE WAY.

Adopt a Penguin Server: Ice Berg. Notes: Was going to be in Blizzard, but the road was packed– • traffic jam! So… let’s adopt one HERE! May cost more than in Blizzard, but who cares! CLICK HERE to go back “home”. Penguins available: Lavaster, Pupseal, Jucy Tea, Morgan988, Heatblast427.

Confirm • Adoption Center Message: • Cancel, wrong penguin.

Congrats! • You’ve just adopted your penguin! Now you need to go to your igloo and put the penguin in the crib you bought… if you haven’t bought a crib, click on the crib below. To go back to adopting a penguin, click here. Or, go to the • main screen.

CRIB PURCHASED • You have just purchased a free, excellent-quality, cool crib for your adopted penguin. Have fun, and good luck! (Psst! You’re gonna need it!) Click here to return to the adoption shelter. (center.)

Adoption Center • Do you want to adopt Heatblast427? • YES, adopt! Cancel, wrong penguin!

Adoption Center • You are about to adopt Jucy Tea. Are you sure you want to do this? • Yes, she’s perfect! Oops, wrong penguin!

Adoption Center • Are you sure you would like to adopt the following penguin: Pup Seal? Seal • Pup Seal is the one I want! • Oh my, wrong penguin!

Adoption Center • Are you sure you want to adopt Morgan988? Yes! • Oops! I made a mistake!

Puffle Hunters! • CLICK HERE TO GO BACK TO THE HOME PAGE. Attention! • Puffles are on the loose. Help find them all! When you finish, you can adopt them all– for free!  The ones in pitch sight are already captured. FIND IN TOTAL 4 PUFFLES HIDING.

Purple puffle! Oooh! • This is a special puffle only availble to members… but if you’re a member or not, we just gave you the purple puffle you found! Give it a name– any name at all! (Bad names will not be accepted, and your puffle will run away.) To go hunt the others, click on the door here:

Red puffle! • Wow! We delivered this puffle to your doorstep. Plus, as a bonus, YOU GET TO KEEP IT!  You are a lucky, cool puffle hunter! • CLICK HERE TO CONTINUE WORKING FOR YOUR JOB.

Black puffle! • On the bright side, nice and active! LOVES berries, and likes to get active! And, YOU also get to keep it! Aren't THAT wonderful? • CLICK HERE to do your job.

Blue puffle! Sweet! • Hurray! You found the blue puffle! Click HERE to return working.

Ahoy to Rockhopper • Wow! Captain Woo is Rockhopper’s best friend ever! AND, his shipmate! But Rockhopper accidently set sail without him. Help Captain Woo reach the ship with his jet pack! (Which he knows how to operate properly.) Also, avoid Captain Woo’s fans, or else he will slow down. AND, avoid Aunt Artic. She is always snapping pictures of him, and could possibly make him lose control by the flash in his eyes! Collect coins on the way. • GO BACKTO MAINMENU.

Owww! • Mission FAILED! C.W. lost a life! The fans crowded him. Retry your mission? • Bring it on! • Aw man! Sorry, no!

Keep on flying! • Ahh, here comes Aunt Artic! Don’t accidently fly into her! Also, click rapidly while moving your mouse to move C.W. the way to want to move him. Follow the trail of coins.

Ouch! Bonkers! • Man, what happened? Let’s try it again! RETRY • BACK TO GAMES

Third level! • Good luck! The next level is boss stage, but it will have the ship, and a boss that you have to defeat. And the game will be played differently. CLICK HERE to continue. • CLICK HERE to quit.

BOSS STAGE • Oh, no! Prison Jam stowed away on Rockhopper’s ship! Help Captain Woo defeat him while Rockhopper distracts Prison Jam! Shoot in the right three places or you lose! Try as quickly as you can! P.S. Prison Jam’s in disguise as that pink penguin.

BOSS STAGE Uh oh, you health bar went down! And so did the snowball! (Really a bomb.) •


BOSS STAGE 1.2 • Oh, no! Part two! (2)!!!  The fact is, you have to play differently.  So, here’s what Prison Jam wants from you. If you can name Rockhopper’s puffle AND the symbol on the snowball, you Read all answers get the snowball bomb to keep. first! • A. Yarr, and the symbol is a bloody skull. B. Yarr, and the symbol is a skull. • • C. Fluffy, and the symbol is a skull. • D. Puff, and the symbol is a black cat.

Want to pick the snowball up and throw it at Prison Jam? • Yes, please! Click HERE to throw it at him. • No, can’t you see I’m busy here?

YOU WON, LAD!!! • Rockhopper thanks you a lot! There’s no prize… well, at least you made it to the ship! Now you three (Yarr, the puffle!) are going to Rockhopper Island. Click HERE to play more games. Click HERE to play again.

NOOOOOO!!! Better luck next time. The bomb ruined Rockhopper’s ship, and now he has to return • to Club Penguin to fix his ship. And Captain Woo had to tag along, due to low fuel in his jet pack. Bah, humbug! Play again? Yes, I love this game! • Hmm… what else do you have?

Hide-and-Seek! • Lavaster and you are playing hide and go seek. Lavaster is hiding right now. After her, you hide. Okay, round one! FIND LAVASTER!

Now… • Round 2. “FIND ME!”

Now… • ROUND 3. This time, its easier to play and find Lavaster… but at the same time, hard. But it is the most fun one!

Found me! • CLICK HERE to hide!

Ha, ha! • Gotcha there! Ha, ha, ha, ha! Sorry, but its funny!!! So anyway, try again! TRY AGAIN.

Now its YOUR turn to hide! • Give hints of where you hid. • FIRST, where do you want to hide? A. Behind the Speaker. • B. In the pink castle. C. Behind the plants. D. Behind the pantry next to the pumpkin. (Don’t worry, we won’t tell!)

Let’s begin! • Q: What quarter of the room are you in? (BE HONEST!)  Use the picture to help you know which quarter. • A. 1 • B. 2 • C. 3 • D. 4

Keep on giving hints! Is it a… B. Big item C. Small item For help, we say: “Small are the plants, as well as the sound sources. (Speakers).” “Big for the huge, like a royal house (castle) & a big place to store food in. (Pantry.)”

Keep on giving hints! Is it a… B. Big item C. Small item For help, we say: “Small are the plants, as well as the sound sources. (Speakers).” “Big for the huge, like a royal house (castle) & a big place to store food in. (Pantry.)”

Keep on giving hints! Is it a… B. Big item C. Small item For help, we say: “Small are the plants, as well as the sound sources. (Speakers).” “Big for the huge, like a royal house (castle) & a big place to store food in. (Pantry.)”

Keep on giving hints! Is it a… B. Big item C. Small item For help, we say: “Small are the plants, as well as the sound sources. (Speakers).” “Big for the huge, like a royal house (castle) & a big place to store food in. (Pantry.)”

Think of a number. Make sure the number you use is 10 or less! And no negatives allowed! After you think of a number, click on the NEXT button.

Think of a letter. • After you think of one, say, “Next”, and click on the word below. NEXT  

Lavaster is getting closer! • Hint to YOU!: Pantry, Plants, Speaker, Castle. • Compare the number to the number of numbers in the word ‘Club Penguin’. How many letters are left over? (NOT including spaces.) • A. 5 • B. 4

How many letters does your hiding spot have? • Hint to YOU!: Pantry, Plants, Speaker, Castle. • Compare the number to the number of numbers in the word ‘Club Penguin’. How many letters are left over? (NOT including spaces.) • A. 5 • B. 4

Does it… • Start with a P? • YES NO

Does it… • End with an s? • YES NO

Well, then… does it… • Start with an S? YES NO

Are you hiding… • Behind the speakers? • If so, Lavaster found you! • WANT TO PLAY AGAIN? Yes • No

Are you hiding… • In/behind the pantry? If not, you won! • If so, want to play again? YES, again! NO, Another game, please.

Are you hiding… • Behind the plants? If so, Lavaster found you! Want to play again? Yes • No

Are you hiding… • In the castle? If not, you won! If so, Lavaster found you? Want to play hide-and-seek again? YES NO

Club Penguin’s Trivia Hello, there! You are here with us, Lavaster and Happy77, your hosts, in CP TRIVIA! So, you think you are ready? Let’s begin! FIRST, choose a selection to play. You will go against Scooby Doo. (Just kidding, you are against your opponent, Polmfreeze.) P.S. 3 points are required to win. Disney Channel The Water Cycle

You chose: Disney Channel Okay, you ready? Take a stretch break. Now, first question: What is the most popular movie in Disney Channel? A. High School Musical B. Um… Transformers? C. Game Plan

The answer was: A. High School Musical. Ooh, better luck next time! SECOND PLACE: Game Plan And… there is no third place. (As of we know!) Polmfreeze gained a point. The total # of points required to win is 3 points. Let’s continue! Q: Which movie has bugs as the characters, and was made a long time ago? (In color.) G. Los Primos H. A BEE movie I. A bug’s life

Answer was • A BUG’S LIFE. • There is no such movie as, “Los Primos!” And A BEE MOVIE wasn’t made a long time ago. • NEXT

Oh my goodness! • I’m sorry to say, but… • CORRECT!!!! :D :D :D  Now, points have gone from 3 points to 2 points to win. • Last question: How many High School Musical movies have been made in total since December, 2007? • A. 2 • B. 1 • C. 3 • D. All, they ended.

Awww, man! • Polmfreeze won! Better luck next time! • CHALLENGE POLMFREEZE ONCE MORE • QUIT, I WANT TO PLAY OTHER GAMES.

Wow! • Correct! Now points have been shortened to 2 points… wait… did you win already? Happy77, did that penguin win already? Well, who cares?! Here’s an avvy for you!!! • BACK TO GAMES • CHALLENGE POLMFREEZE AGAIN

You have chosen The Water Cycle • Okay, Water 411: What percentage of the Earth is covered in water? **Note: Get this wrong and you lose trivia time automatically. • A. 70% • B. 52% • C. Half, duh! • D. 75%

Correct! • 75% of the Earth IS covered in water! Wow! Next question: Q: Where can you find most of the Earth’s FRESH WATER? A. Mountains • B. Lakes and Rivers • C. Glaciers • D. Oceans

Points • Points have gone from 3 pts. to win to 2 pts. to win. So, that means… YOU WIN!!! :D • Play Again • Go to main menu.

Points • Points have gone from 3 pts. to win to 2 pts. to win. Well, that means Polmfreeze wins. Better luck next time!  Challenge him once more? Yes • No, take me to games menu.

Fame is on the way • Hello, and welcome to, “Fame is on the way”! This is a game, and your objectives are to: * Succeed getting a pet (you are lonely) • *Become famous. • Well, getting the pet is for entertainment, so when you become famous, you don’t just watch yourself on television and say each word you said. • So, you ready? Let’s begin! • P.S. The pet WAS going to be a cat, but then I realized that this ‘thingy’ is called Club Penguin Games, not Virtual Human! So anyway, try your luck! GET YOUR PENGUIN TO BECOME FAMOUS! (Your penguin is Cup Cake808) • Let’s start! • Nah, I want to go to the HOME PAGE of this thingy.

Woah! Sign me up! • You just woke up to hear on television that Penguin T.V. is looking for a penguin to star in a coming soon show called, “Yo, yo, PENGUIN!” It is supposed to be a comedy. Then they give you their phone number and their site. You go to their site and you call them. What do you do next? A. Just hang up, you just realized you aren’t a “comedy” type of penguin . • B. Wait until they answer, this could be important and the main role in yo

Hmmm… • You wait and you wait and you wait. Still, you figure they aren’t looking for any other stars for shows… and time is up to call them. And you looked on their website… hey! Let’s sign up on their website! But then that gives you less of a chance to win because you could’ve done both, call and go online. Oh well! What now? A. Sign up online. • B. Wait for a BETTER channel to ask.

Cool! • They accepted, and you are gonna audition on Friday. Only… what exactly WILL you DO for your audition? • A. Do a Dojo Ninja dance, or do karate. • B. Sing the song, “We like to party” song

Still waiting. • You are waiting for them to accept. Then, one hour later, you receive an e- What will you do mail from them. They told for your audition? you that you got accepted. But then, they said, “You got a really small chance. Calling in time would get you a bigger chance. WAY bigger chance.” Now you gotta e-mail them back what you will do for your Sing, I’m gonna show I’m gonna do audition. What WILL you Them a chart of “Wesing, I shall some karate, How good I am “We like to party.” DO? Of acting. (Or like to And kick butt! A presentation.) Party”

No luck. • Darn! Now time is up to sign up for that thingy. BUT, you still can get a pet… you want one, especially a purple puffle. It’s tiny mouth is so CUTE! So, what now? A. Head over to the pet shop. B. Go on eBay.

Now you know! • Finally, the day comes for your audition, and time to sing, “We like to Party.” You do, and they say, “Wow! You are on the list of ten others we liked!” And they closed auditions because the list was full now. Hmm… what if you win? What if some loser wins? Stop it! Stop impure thoughts! Oh, well! Now time to get that puffle of yours. • A. Go on PenBay for it. • B. Go get it at the pet shop.

Aw man! • They frowned, and said, “You are on the list,” They pause, and continue, “the losers list!!” Nooo! Well, at least you can still go get that puffle… what now? A. Go home and buy it on PenBay. • B. Go to the pet shop.

Success! • You are now famous!!! :D    But you still don’t have a puffle. • You just won, and you have a lot of great fun! Now what? • Play again! • Go back to the main menu.

Wow! • YOU HAVE YOUR PUFFLE!!! YEAH! But you aren’t famous. And never will be… at least that is what you think! You beat the game. So, now what? A. Replay! • B. Go back to the main menu.

YOU WON AND BEAT EVERYONE ELSE!!!  :D • You are famous, rich, AND have a puffle!!! COOL! What would you like to do? • A. Play this cool game again. B. Go to the main menu.

Failures stink. • Luckily, you saw on Penguin T.V. that all puffles on Penbay (a.k.a. penguin version of eBay) are fakes. So now, you go to the pet shop. But all purple puffles are sold out, and the baby ones are expensive. It looks like the mission is OVER. Play again? YES NO Or, click HERE to stop playing & quit.

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