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Published on March 6, 2014

Author: SachinAralikatti1



Presentation to Introduce Cloud Computing and Cloud Testing

Cloud Testing

Agenda   2 Introduction to concepts of Cloud Computing & its services Understand the test types supported by the cloud & how we can leverage Cloud Computing for Testing 03/06/14 Presentation on Cloud Testing by Sachin Aralikatti

Cloud & Cloud Computing  Cloud –  A large number of computers connected through a real-time communication network    Virtual & shared servers provide software, infrastructure, platform to customers Applications are available as hosted solutions on a “pay as you use” basis Cloud Computing –  Computing by the use of a cloud   Ability to run components of a program or an application on many connected computers at the same time A model where IT networks, Servers, Storage, Applications and Services are shared with multiple users   3 Data is mirrored on multiple servers hence accessible all the time Cloud Computing has 3 delivery models….or services…. 03/06/14 Presentation on Cloud Testing by Sachin Aralikatti

Cloud Computing Services… 4 03/06/14 Presentation on Cloud Testing by Sachin Aralikatti

Cloud Testing & the supported types  Cloud testing is a form of software testing in which web applications use cloud computing environments (a "cloud") to simulate real-world user traffic Stress test is used to determine ability of application to maintain a certain level of effectiveness beyond breaking point Load Test involves creation of heavy user traffic per requirements and measuring its response and monitor / tune the performance of any application Performance Test is all about finding out thresholds & bottlenecks Functional Testing of both internet and non-internet applications can be performed using cloud testing. The process of verification against specifications or system requirements is carried out in the cloud instead of on-site software testing Compatibility Testing can be made effortless by using cloud environment where instances of different Operating Systems can be created on demand whilst InterOperability Testing focuses on using cloud environment to test with different versions of an application Disaster Recovery Testing helps ensure that an organization can recover data, restore business critical applications and continue operations after an 5 03/06/14 interruption of services. Latency Testing measures the latency between the action and the corresponding response for / from applications after deploying it on cloud Presentation on Cloud Testing by Sachin Aralikatti

Cloud Computing leverage to Testing Type of Test Stress Testing Ex: Christmas / Boxing Day online shopping (seasonal web traffic) Load Testing Ex: People accessing for specific news (geographical traffic) Performance Testing Ex: Cloud Analytics provide web performance graphs to highlight peaks and troughs in performance Functional Test Ex: Local apps can use a billing app hosted on the cloud for an end to end / integration test Latency Test Ex: Cloud Analytics provide response time statistics Compatibility Test Ex: Cloud offers capability to test with different operating systems (Windows, Mac, Unix, Linux…) Inter-Operability Ex: Cloud offers capability to test with multiple versions of apps (Browser Sandbox offered by Disaster Recovery 6 Cloud Testing Leverage Ex: Cloud servers, storing mirrored data, helps Disaster Recovery testing 03/06/14 Presentation on Cloud Testing by Sachin Aralikatti

Cloud Testing Model Organisation Testers Cloud Testing Service Provider Analysis of Results Generate Real-time Reports and Analytics www traffic Leveraging Cloud Servers Cloud Service Provider 7 03/06/14 Presentation on Cloud Testing by Sachin Aralikatti

Cloud Testing - Benefits Auto Provisioning Seamless Resource Availability Location Independent Pay as you use Scalability Virtualised and Dynamic Easy Storage Management 8 03/06/14 Reduce the barriers to innovation High Productivity Reduced Capital Expenditure Replicates real Quick world usage of deployment systems Presentation on Cloud Testing by Sachin Aralikatti

CineFunTV – A Case Study Co. Description & Challenges Advantage of Cloud CineFunTV is a media distribution start-up company and helps provide access to LIVE TV Channels, movies & other media content from South Asian countries to expats in the UK and Europe  CineFunTV needed a high speed dedicated broadband line accompanied by high performance servers to upload several Terabytes of video content and allow for users to search / browse & view the videos from anywhere in the world  Tried setting up local servers, 3rd party vendors and a few suppliers who all failed to deliver the results due to large volume data, bandwidth & latency issues  In addition to the above the CineFunTV Team based in India had to ensure that end users were able to enjoy uninterrupted high quality entertainment with minimal latency issues, by carrying out a wide range of tests and hence the servers had to be up and running all the time allowing data access   9 03/06/14 Use of Amazon Cloud (Pay as you use) servers / services reduced the overall costs (monthly cloud usage cost = $125/Tb for storage + Bandwidth costs) significantly due to  reduced hardware & setup costs (£1000 to £4000 per server)  server management & maintenance costs (approx. £50 to £300 a month per server)  readily available cloud storage setup accompanied by high bandwidth facility for video streaming  24 x 7 global access to data (cost of resources working 24x7) Minimal latency issues due to Amazon’s CDN (content delivery network) as the content requested by the end user is delivered from the nearest located CDN node (server)  CineFunTV team in India can access the data 24x7 as the cloud servers are up and running all the time  Presentation on Cloud Testing by Sachin Aralikatti

The Future… hand held devices 21st Century fast moving digital world Cloud Testing is the way Access via mobile numerous devices 10 03/06/14 & be cost Under Cloud Testing by time to Aralikatti Presentation on pressure to reduce Sachin market effective

Thank You 11 03/06/14 Presentation on Cloud Testing by Sachin Aralikatti

Appendix 12 03/06/14 Presentation on Cloud Testing by Sachin Aralikatti

…Cloud Computing Services 13 03/06/14 (contd.) Presentation on Cloud Testing by Sachin Aralikatti

Cloud Testing – Deployment Models - Composition of 2 or more clouds (public, private or community) - Clouds remain as unique entities, yet bound together, offering benefits of multiple deployment models - Enables delivery of specific business service through use of externally available public cloud services Hybrid Cloud Private Cloud Public Cloud - Network open for public use - Shared data centres - Shared servers - Shared resources - Vulnerable to security threats - Non-customised solutions - Cost effective - No Setup & Maintenance costs 14 03/06/14 - Single organization - Self run data centres - Dedicated Servers - Guaranteed resources - Secure front end / networks - Customised solutions - Capital intensive - Setup & Maintenance costs Community Cloud - Network/Infrastructure shared between organisations from a specific community - Shared data centres / servers / resources but with known users from the community - Costs shared with other users in the community & benefits of cloud are realised Presentation on Cloud Testing by Sachin Aralikatti

Cloud Testing – Limitations / Challenges Data Integrity Vendor Lock-in Organisational Support Privacy Security Not all applications can be tested Speed / Lack of Internet affects work Policies around Intellectual Property 15 03/06/14 Test results dependent on providers network High Initial Setup Cost Compliance & Legal Abuse Presentation on Cloud Testing by Sachin Aralikatti

Cloud Service Providers 16 03/06/14 Presentation on Cloud Testing by Sachin Aralikatti

References List of References: 1. / 2. 3. 4. Building tomorrow’s enterprise – whitepaper by Neha Mehrotra (Infosys) 5. Images – google search (several websites) a. University of Connecticut – b. c. d. e. f. g. h. i. j. k. l. 17 03/06/14 Presentation on Cloud Testing by Sachin Aralikatti

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