Cloud computing patterns

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Information about Cloud computing patterns

Published on November 3, 2016

Author: StuartBraud


1. Cloud Computing Patterns Cloud Computing Patterns are shown how to solve step by step problems, you can easily solve problem by patterns :

2. What is pattern ? In software engineering, a software design pattern is a general reusable solution to a commonly occurring problem within a given context in software design. Design patterns are formalized best practices that the programmer can use to solve common problems when designing an application or system. Patterns are a widely used concept in computer science to describe good solutions to reoccurring problems in an abstract form.

3. Cloud Computing Patterns In this presentation show cloud computing fundamentals pattern and its features with where its need in cloud computing terms. This term very helpful and everyone who is using that type hosting services and they have to know about that services what is this and why it is used in cloud computing

4. Topics of Presentation :  Static workload  Periodic workload  Once-in-a-life-time Workload  Continuously changing Workload  Unpredictable workload  Continuously changing workload  Iaas  Paas  SaaS  Private, Public, and Hybrid cloud  Community cloud

5. Static Workload  Static Workloads are characterized by a more-or-less flat utilization profile over time within certain boundaries.

6. Periodic Workload  This shows the important work which arrives time to time and in different types. This types of workload you define in periodic workload.

7. Once-in-a-life-time Workload  This shows any most important changes you have to change one time only after that all managing will be done by cloud hosting providers.

8. Unpredictable Workload  You never confirm how much work you will have assign in future. Cloud computing is more flexible to solve that types of problems.

9. Continuously changing Workload  Continuously changing in workload is show business your growing up or down. You can manage it by cloud computing.

10. Infrastructure as a Services  A provider offers physical and virtual hardware, such as servers, storage and networking infrastructure that can be provisioned and decommissioned quickly through a self- service interface.

11.  Platform as a Service a model which is providing applicationsØ through the internet. By this model, a cloud provides virtual hardware and software application tools usually needed for developing application. Platform as a Services

12.  Develop new software related to business and accounting. InØ this business process, application software, middleware, operating system, virtual hardware, and physical hardware are managed in this section. Software as a Services

13. Private, Public and community Cloud Private Hybrid Public

14. Community Cloud  It is a type of cloud hosting in which setup is mutually sharedØ with all organization who is belong to one community.

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