Cloud 1.0.1 for SMEs

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Information about Cloud 1.0.1 for SMEs

Published on November 8, 2016

Author: Telefonicab2b


1. Cloud 1.0.1 for SMEs_

2. º Cloud Computing means to have storage, resources or services accessed through the Internet, because they are not located within the premises of my organization. Cloud Computing_

3. º A backup where data is uploaded from my premises to the cloud. It is a good solution when the data or apps are not speed or bandwidth dependent. Creating off-premises backups is a safe way to protect critical data against disasters. WeTransfer, Drive, Dropbox or OneDrive are Cloud Backups apps/services. Cloud Backup_

4. º This service allows creating a work environment where your applications (email, documents, other productivity apps…) can be accessed anywhere, not only in your office (or server). Virtual Desktop adds availability, flexibility and security. DaaS (Virtual Desktop)_

5. º A contingency strategy for restoring data where copies of your business information are stored in the cloud. It is a prevention measure that allows restoring a backup if a negative event happens. Disaster Recovery_

6. º Elasticity is the capacity of my system to adapt to changing workloads in an autonomic manner. The cost in resources and investment is thus closely adjusted to requirements. Elasticity_

7. º Hosting is the capacity of an undetermined number of machines to act as one system. Another type of hosting is when several systems are hosted on one machine. Most websites require third party hosting services. Hosting_

8. º A specific type of hosting where physical space for servers is rented out in a datacentre. The datacentre provides a higher degree of security, availability and protected access to the customer. Housing_

9. º A combination of public and private clouds. It offers the best of both worlds: the possibility of storing data locally and being able to scale to a public cloud model. Hybrid Cloud_

10. º IaaS (Infrastructure as a Service) is one of the three basic models of cloud computing along with PaaS (Platform) and SaaS (Software). In this model IT infrastructure (hardware, storage and networking) is hosted and managed by the cloud vendor. IaaS_

11. º Services that allow companies to maximize cloud capabilities without the need of having in-house cloud experts. Managed Cloud Services are brokered by a service provider allowing companies to focus 100% on their business. Managed Cloud Services_

12. º An open cloud service or solution uses open APIs and standards (available for anyone). It must allow portability between cloud services and allow choosing between different types of infrastructure. Open Cloud_

13. º Platform-as-a-Service (PaaS) is a cloud service category that provides a platform and an OS environment allowing me to develop apps and access other online solutions. PaaS services are stored in the cloud and users access through a browser. PaaS_

14. º This billing method, also called Pay-As-You-Go (PAYG), allows companies to pay for the computing and storage services being used or allocated, instead of the entire infrastructure that the company may eventually need. Pay as you use_

15. º A private cloud is any cloud resource that is only accessible by the company where it is deployed. The company can benefit from the advantages of cloud architecture, but it is also a burden for the IT department, it is more expensive to maintain and slower to deploy than the public cloud. Private Cloud_

16. º Public Cloud is a cloud service where IT resources (servers, storage, applications) are externally managed by a third party service provider. Its advantage is that it is quick to deploy, scalable, and – in general – affordable. However it is not exclusive to the organization like a private cloud. Public Cloud_

17. º Reliability in cloud computing is the capacity of a service to remain online and available over time. It is normally measured through the Mean Time Between Failures (MTBF) rate measured in hours, calculated as an average of a service’s uptime between failures. Reliability_

18. º It is a software deployment model where a third party hosts the applications providing online access to end users. These popular services can be accessed through a browser, like Gmail, or through software suites like Office 365. SaaS_

19. º It is the capacity of the cloud system to grow or shrink in capacity in order to meet changing business needs. One of the main advantages of cloud computing is to be able to upscale systems quickly and effortlessly as demand changes over time. Scalability_

20. º Virtual Servers on a Cloud Platform where a client rents out space and accesses remotely, in contrast to physical servers. What are the advantages? Flexibility, scalability, security and lower costs. Cloud Servers_

21. º A Service Level Agreement (or SLA) is a contract where the cloud provider and the end user agree of the details of the service provided in measurable terms: availability, uptime, or redundancy, among others. This contract warrants the cloud service provided. SLA_

22. º A virtual storage model where data is stored, managed and backed up by third parties. The client accesses this data remotely through the Internet. Cloud Storage_

23. º A centralised repository of cloud infrastructure services (such as storage, bandwidth, etc.) specifically designed to meet business demands. It is also called a Software-defined data centre (or SDDC). Virtual Data Centre_

24. º A server that shares hardware and software with other virtual servers, opposed to dedicated servers. They are a popular option for web hosting because they provide resources quickly and are cost-effective solutions. Virtual Server_

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