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Published on July 9, 2013

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Slides to accompany a bite-size training session on closing a sale. Full training materials including Session Leaders Notes, Delegate Workbook and any Activity handouts can be purchased licence-free from Prices start from £30 + VAT

Close the Sale Http:// – Bite Size Training Materials Close the Sale

Close the Sale Http:// – Bite Size Training Materials 2012 By the end of the Power Hour you will be able to: • Describe common ‘blocks’ to closing the sale, and suggest how they can be overcome • Identify and use positive closing behaviours and language • Practice a range of closing techniques to find the one(s) that work best for you.

Close the Sale Http:// – Bite Size Training Materials 2012 Common Blocks to Closing a Sale

Close the Sale Http:// – Bite Size Training MaterialsTrain the Trainer Oct 2011 Closing Styles and Behaviours Responsive • Listening properly – Taking a genuine interest in the customer – Developing and maintaining rapport – Praising the customer for their knowledge/ choice/view – Matching body language • Working on the customers agenda Assertive • Communicating clearly • Giving honest opinions • Guiding the customer • Listening to the customers opinions/views and not being afraid to correct them if they are wrong • Appreciating the other’s point of view, but sticking to your own opinions • Matching body language/voice tone

Close the Sale Http:// – Bite Size Training Materials 2012 Positive Language Positive Words • Yes • Certainly • Definitely • Absolutely • Can • Will • I’ll do it now • Tomorrow morning • Good news Neutral Words • Maybe • Try • Perhaps • Hopefully • Obviously • Actually • Basically • Might • Should • Like Negative Words • No • Impossible • Problem • Can’t • Won’t • I’m afraid not • Don’t worry • Bad news • But • No way

Close the Sale Http:// – Bite Size Training Materials 2012 Effects on Closing Positive closes are: • You've made a good choice, let’s do the paperwork • We can get that for you on Thursday • I know that you will find this product meets all of your needs Neutral closes are: • Do you want to do that then, or not? • I think that this product is probably the most suitable one • It's probably a good idea to get it now Negative closes are: • I'm afraid that one's out of stock • This deal won’t be available after the 30th

Close the Sale Http:// – Bite Size Training Materials 2012 Closing Techniques Asking for the Sale The "order form" Close The Alternative Close The Summary Close The Bracket Close The Empathy Close The Conditional Close The "lost sale" Approach The Emotion Close The Compliment Close The Testimonial Close The ‘Yes- Pattern’ Approach

Close the Sale Http:// – Bite Size Training Materials 2012 Make it Work at Work What are you going to DO as a result of this Power Hour Session?

Close the Sale Http:// – Bite Size Training Materials 2012 These slides have been produced as an optional resource to support a Bite-Size Training session on this subject. A full set of materials, including detailed Session Leader’s Guide, Delegate Workbook and supporting activities can be purchased from our Training Shop Our Training materials are licence-free, but are for use by the purchaser only. They CANNOT be passed or sold on.

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