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Information about CLIx OEAwards 2019

Published on June 6, 2019

Author: karsha


1. Winner of the UNESCO 2017 Prize for Use of ICTs in Education Connected Learning Initiative (CLIx) Centre for Education, Innovation and Action Research, Tata Institute of Social Sciences, Mumbai, India OE Awards 2019 Open Innovation

2. Thank You! 22 CLIx at a Glance

3. Thank You! 33 Goal — Quality at Scale Quality at Scale Improve the professional and academic prospects of high school students Improve teacher education and transform teacher practice “Platform” for curricula offering, professional development of teachers, research and innovation in education Students Teachers Platform

4. Thank You! 44 Approach and Strategies • Development of Teacher Educator Group Design labs for OER & CLIx Integration and Content Creation Model Schools to Demonstrate ICT integration and practice Development of Student Technology Groups Project Management Unit Support Programme Planning and Execution State Owned State Driven Designing for systemic Integration & Scale Certification


6. Levers of Change - 8 Macro and 18 Micro Axes 6

7. Thank You! 77 Impact On ● Learning outcomes ● Life skills ● STEM interest and aspirations ● Career access and choices CLIx Offerings Mapped to curriculum

8. Thank You! 88 CLIx Learning Platform & Tools ❖ Designed for collaborative and connected learning with interactivity ❖ Built on gStudio1 and a FOSS. ❖ Open Standards compliant and interoperable ❖ CMS + LMS + OERrepository ❖ Internationalization and multilingualism ❖ Uses OpenAssessments as assessment engine ❖ Opportunistics use of internet for updating content and data collection ❖ Unplatform3 for standalone computers

9. Thank You! 99 TISSx - Teacher Platform ❖ Open edX based ❖ Practice-based RTICT Courses are hosted on TISSx ❖ Course material and assignments ❖ Course progress report ❖ Certification ❖ Android App ❖ Telegram bot MiTi

10. Thank You! 1010 EdTech Design aspects - Thoughtfully designed Techno-centric approaches Thoughtful Design of EdTech CLIx EdTech solutions have been designed and primed to harness digital technologies for educational purposes. These applications foster open, connected and collaborative learning.

11. Thank You! 1111 True to its vision CLIx uses free and open source technologies that comply with open standards. As of June 2019 we are in the process of converting all our modules, tools and assets into Open Educational Resources (OERs). 1. Keep learning technology free and open source Equity & Justice 2. Learning solutions for diverse learners and learning contexts Universal design 3. Avoid “reinvention of wheel” integrate Lego model1 / digital confederatio 4. Avoid “walled gardens” compliance to open standards interoperability ● OSID, SCORM, LTI, QTI, API, ActivityPub, EdTech Design aspects - Free & Open

12. Thank You! 1212 EdTech- connecting the disconnected ● Last mile internet connectivity is still scarce1 in government schools especially in rural areas. ● CLIx EdTech solutions are packaged as a DOER disk (Distributable decentralized Offline OER). ● DOER acts as an “internet-in-a-box” and offers connected learning experience even without internet ○ Works with and without Internet ○ Opportunistically sync data ○ Localised/distributed deployments ● Tens of thousands of first generation learners located in remote areas of Chhattisgarh, Mizoram, Rajasthan and Telangana states were able to develop digital skills and access high quality digital resources.

13. Thank You! 1313 Activating ICT Labs and Hands-on Learning *In Telangana, State supported additional ICT infrastructure Server

14. Thank You! 1414 Make, Share, Seek

15. Thank You! 1515 CLIx TPD Model

16. Thank You! 1616 Design Based Research Iterations Iteration 1 3 Research Review 1 Pedagogic Pillars Design 2 Action Implement Design Based Research Iteration 2 Iteration 3 2016 2017 2018 ❖ Collaborations with multiple stakeholders ❖ Integration ❖ Innovation ❖ Scale ❖ Research ❖ Outcomes ❖ Adoption

17. Thank You! 1717 Is it working? How well? Impact on Teacher beliefs and skills in ICT ● Teachers have more positive beliefs about role of technology in education ● Teachers are more confident of various digital skills - basic and advanced - as per their self reports on 22 items ● Teachers show significant improvement in use of ICT for various teaching and learning purposes Source: CLIx Baseline Survey 2016 and Midline Survey Jan 2018

18. Thank You! 1818 Learning Outcome Study - Mathematics Mathematics ● Gains in learning outcome in CLIx schools are significantly more (7.16 in CLIx schools as against 2.78 in control schools) ● Enhanced use of mathematical vocabulary and logic ● Increase in confidence and interest to learn subject, to question and to collaborate ● Active participation among students who were otherwise quiet ● Improvement in quality of student interaction and engagement in terms of extended response with reasoning Source: CLIx Learning Outcome study October 2018

19. Thank You! 1919 Learning Outcome Study - English English ● Gains in Listening skills in CLIx schools are higher and statistically significant as compared to the non-CLIx schools. ● Gains in Speaking skills in the CLIx schools are found to be statistically significant. ● Notable increase in collaborative learning and production of original content in English in CLIx schools. ● Improvement in the ability to identify topic of a short conversation and recall of specific details ● Enhanced familiarity with language to achieve global and local comprehension of speech

20. Thank You! 2020 Change in student learning in relation to changes in their teachers Source: CLIx Baseline Survey 2016 and Midline Survey Jan 2018 ● In Chattisgarh, students on an average scored more in midline in all three domains ● In Mizoram students performed better in Midline in English and Maths ● In Rajasthan, students performed better in Midline in Science

21. Thank You! 2121 Learning Outcome Study - Science Science ● Significant gains in learning levels noted for CLIx students ● CLIx students express positive attitude towards science and astronomy ● CLIx students achieve better understanding in a wide range of concepts ● Students from CLIx schools show better mental models Source: CLIx Learning Outcome study November 2018

22. Thank You! 2222 CLIx - an Open Innovation and Open Practice initiative Open practices ● Teacher professional development ● Teachers’ communities of practice ● Student technology groups ● Autonomy to agency of teachers and students ● Design Based Research Open innovative tools and technologies ● CLIxPlatform and interactive tools ● Hands-on activities ● DOER for distributable OER ● TISSx, MiTi bot and Telegram Build systems capacity to adopt open educational practices ● All the governments in invention states now recognize the need for shifting focus on pedagogy than technology. ● The public education system has started developing strategies for teacher professional development for the use of ICTs in Education. ● Government of Chhattisgarh launches CG-OER which is facilitated by CLIx ● CLIx demonstrates a workable model for quality at scale by harnessing open technologies and open practices that public education system in India can adapt and replicate.

23. Thank You! 2323 Why CLIx for OEAwards2019? CLIx has been a bold and forward looking initiative to demonstrate quality at scale in the resource constrained contexts through leveraging new media and digital technologies. During past four years it has windend its reach and has compelled the public education system in the four intervening states to recognize the need for thoughtful integration of ICTs in Education and has supported the efforts to build an ecosystem to support teachers and develop open, meaningful, sustainable tools, technologies, practices and models. These open tools and practices, although were primarily devised for Indian context, they have global relevance especially the resource constrained contexts of global south. Recognition of Open Education Award would strengthen our efforts and empower us to take our open tools and practices to even wider populace at an international level.

24. Thank You! 2424 Thank You Padma Sarangapani Project Director CLIx and Chairperson, CEIAR, TISS CLIxHandbook

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