Clinical senate and strategic networks supporting all elements of the house of care

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Published on March 14, 2014

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Health and Care Innovation Expo 2014, Pop-up University Day 1.

S181 day 1 - 0930 - clinical senate and strategic networks supporting all elements of the house of care

“What have the SCNs & Senates ever Done for Us”
Ruth Ashmore
Lucy Sutton
Associate Directors SCNs - Senate


“What have the SCNs & Senates ever Done for Us” Ruth Ashmore Lucy Sutton Associate Directors SCNs - Senate

Overview • What are Strategic Clinical Networks (SCNs) and Senates? • How can they be successful? • How can SCNs and Senates support commissioners, clinicians, providers, patients with delivering the House of Care Model ? • What are their emerging priorities?

What Have the Romans Ever Done for Us ? NHS Expo SCN Senate 03.03.14]3 ZKnA&feature=kp

So What is the House of Care ? NHS | Expo SCN –Senate 03.03.144

God • Gathered below are a number of people representing the sides of the House of Care • SCNs, Patients, Senate, Commissioners, Providers, Carers NHS | Expo SCN- Senate 03.03.145

Clinician - To God …… • So what are these SCNs and Senates ? • What do they do ? • Who are they for ? • How can they help me ? NHS | Expo SCN – Senate 03.03.146

Overview of SCNs & Senates • Strategic Clinical Networks focus on priority service areas to bring about improvement in the quality and equity of care and outcomes of their population, both now and in the future. • Set up over 12 Geographical Footprints • Strategic Clinical Networks bring together those who use, provide and commission the service to make improvements in outcomes for complex patient pathways using an integrated, whole system approach. Specialised Services for Value - Five year strategy for specialised services7

SCNs The Strategic Clinical Networks serve in key areas of major health and well being challenge: • Cardiovascular (including cardiac, stroke, renal and diabetes); • Maternity, Newborn, Children and Young People; • Mental Health, Learning Disability, Autism, Dementia and Neurological Conditions • Cancer • Respiratory ( some). • Each region may develop other Strategic Clinical Networks depending on local need. NHS Expo SCN-Senates 03.03.148

Our purpose is: • To identify innovation, encourage early adoption of evidence and best practice that can produce a substantial improvement in health outcomes across all 5 domains 9

Some Achievements • Pathway redesign in cancer (Yorkshire &Humber) • Improvement in Stroke Services ( Outcomes) • High Impact Change Projects ( Asthma) • Co-production NHS | Presentation to [XXXX Company] | [Type Date]10

Strategic Clinical Networks -2013/14 • Areas of focus include: Four Sides of House of Care and Long Term Conditions 70-80% of activity • Reducing premature mortality: • Early diagnosis of cancer • Detection and management of cardiovascular disease • Managing long term conditions • Dementia • Rehabilitation • Enabling recovery from injury and illness: • Patient experience and Safety underpinning all work

Montage 2 – Commissioner • I want clinical advice • I want improved health outcomes for my community • I need to spend my resources wisely • I need to make changes to the way in which I deliver services NHS | Expo SCN-Senate 03.03.1412

System Alignment- the Glue • Maximising impact across all Strategic Clinical Networks and Clinical Senates: • Faster learning and sharing, clustered collaboration and “do once and share” • Maximising impact through local partnerships: • Academic Health Science Networks, Local Education and Training Boards, Leadership Academies • Linking national and local / local and national • Relationship and working with central NHS England esp. Medical Directorate developing effectively. NHS | Expo SCN- Senate 03.03.1413

SCN –Offer In this way, Strategic Clinical Networks will: • reduce unwarranted variation in health and well being services • encourage innovation in how services are provided now and in the future • provide clinical advice and leadership to support their decision making and strategic planning. Expo SCNs and Senate 03.03.1414

Montage 4 The Senate • So why have a Senate ? • What does it do ? • How can I get involved ? NHS | Expo SCN Senate 03.03.1415

Geography of Senates 12 Senate areas, broadly based around major patient flows to tertiary providers

Clinical Senates • Clinical Senates have been established to be a source of independent, strategic advice and guidance to commissioners and other stakeholders to assist them to make the best decisions about healthcare for the populations they represent. • They are comprised of a core Clinical Senate Council and a wider Clinical Senate Assembly. • Citizens Senate Specialised Services for Value - Five year strategy for specialised services17

Senate Development • Developing at pace • Expert independent advice being sought and offered: • Wessex advice to local commissioners of future configuration of vascular services • East Midlands involvement in determining future configuration of health services in Worcester, West Midlands ( as part of a reciprocal arrangement) • Support for Clinical Commissioning Groups in developing their five year commissioning plans • Strong links with national Medical Directors and Clinical Leads NHS | Expo SCN – Senates 03.03.1418

Montage 3- Provider • What's in it me us ? • Provide safe effective care • I need to benchmark my services • Understand the whole system ? • Listen to patients ? NHS | Expo SCN –Senates 03.03.1419

Montage 4 Patient • I want to have a voice • I want to be heard • I am the expert in my condition, navigating complex health and social care systems • I want to lead and be part of changes that affect me and my local services Expo SCN Senates 03.03.1420

Hub for Public Voice in East of England Citizens’ Senate SCN Citizen Groups x5 Inclusion group Patient Surveys/ Friends & Family Test Healthwatch (Regional) CCG Patient Participation Groups NHS England Insight Dashboard Academic Health Science Networks Voluntary sector Charities

Network Benefits…… ManagerClinician Student InnovatorAccountant Patients and Public Voice Data sharing and best practice Included in contract specification Learning and development Share risk New ideas and perspectives Better outcomes Better outcomes Better outcomes £

What is a Network? “A network is a grouping of individuals, organisations and agencies organised on a non- hierarchical basis around common issues or concerns, which are pursued proactively and systematically, based on commitment and trust” (WHO 1998)

John Kotter: “Accelerate!” • We won’t create big change through hierarchy on its own • We need hierarchy AND network • Many change agents, not just the usual few • Changing our mind-set from “have to” to “want to” • Head and heart, not just head and

“Clinical networks are an NHS success story. Combining the experience of clinicians, the input of patients and the organisational vision of NHS staff, they have supported and improved the way we deliver care to patients in distinct areas, delivering true integration across primary secondary and often tertiary care.” Bruce Keogh, Medical Director and Jane Cummings , Nursing Director NHS | Presentation to [XXXX Company] | [Type Date]25

NHS | Expo SCN –Senate 03.03.1426 Opening the door to Improved Outcomes

NHS | Presentation to [XXXX Company] | [Type Date]27 Thank you for listening

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