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Published on March 4, 2008

Author: Abbott


Slide1:  Naval Aviation Update Naval Aviation Future Readiness RADM Bruce Clinqan Deputy Director, Air Warfare (N88F) 8 March 2006 Slide2:  F/A-18 E/F/G JSF F/A-18E/F & JSF More Capable: Range, Payload, Bring-Back, State of the Art Sensors F/A-18 F-14 S-3 AV-8 Smaller, More Capable Force Capabilities Precision Strike Stealth Anti-Air Warfare Electronic Attack Suppression & Destruction of Enemy Air Defenses Close Air Support ISR Air Refueling Reliability Supportability Maintainability Strike Roadmap EA-6B What JSF Gives Us…:  What JSF Gives Us… *Sea based F/A-18A+/C/D F/A-18E/F CV JSF Large m2 Moderate Longer 9 Ext stations 5400 lb Mechanical scan Elec scan - SAR GEN 1 / III GEN III ATARS pod N/A MIDS (Link 16) Link 16 / MADL Smaller m2 Long 11 Ext stations 9000 lb Elec scan - SAR GEN III SHARP pod MIDS (Link 16) Very Small m2 9500 lb 10 Stations 2004 2006 2013 Radar Recce TFLIR Sensors *Range (Un-refueled) Payload Survivability *Bring-back weight Data LinK Enhanced, Netted, Complimentary Warfighting Capabilities Capabilities Strike Weapons Roadmap:  Maverick TLAM Blk III, TACTOM Harpoon BLK III (Air?), SLAM-ER Harpoon (Air) SLAM-ER GBU-24 Strike Weapons Roadmap JSOW A / C Dual-Mode JDAM, LGB JSOW / SDB II AARGM JSOW A / C BLK III AGM-88 B/C AGM-88 B/C/E (AARGM) GP Bombs / LGB Hellfire / APKWS TODAY FYDP 2020 JDAM HSW? TLAM Blk III, TACTOM LR Standoff MR Standoff DA Fixed Tgt. DA Moving/ Mobile Tgt. 2.75” & 5.0” Rockets TOW, Hellfire Maverick GP Bombs, LGB LGB / DMLGB / LASER JDAM 2.75” & 5.0” Rkts ‘Today’ plus DMLGB / LASER JDAM Dual-Mode JDAM, LGB Hellfire II, APKWS SDB II JCM Air-to-Air Weapons Roadmap:  TODAY FYDP 2020 TODAY TODAY AIM-9X P3I Block III AIM-120D Ext Range AIM-9X Block II IOC FY09 AIM-9M Divests FY15 Divestiture Begins FY08 Completes FY10 Air-to-Air Weapons Roadmap AIM-120D - P3I Phase IV IOC late FY 09 Slide6:  MH-60R/S More Capable: Commonality, State of the Art Sensors Helicopter Roadmap MH-60S MH-60R SH-60B UH-3H SH-60F CH-46D CH-46D HH-60H Smaller, More Capable Force Capabilities Anti-Surface Warfare ISR Anti-Submarine Warfare (ASW) Combat SAR Anti-Mine Countermeasures Logistics HH-1N Slide7:  Capabilities Persistent ASW ISR ASuW Strike Support Persistent ISR Tactical ESM Joint Multi-INT ISR Strike Targeting MMA, BAMS & ACS More Capable: Range, Endurance, State of the Art Sensors Maritime Roadmap P-3C VPU EP-3 ACS BAMS Smaller, More Capable Force ? P-8A Slide8:  UAS Roadmap P-3C EP-3 P-8A Small Tactical Small Tactical UAS POR? Scan Eagle Silver Fox Wasp Coyote Dragon Eye Tactical Tactical UAS POR Pioneer Fire Scout Persistent Maritime Surveillance UAS POR GHMD Penetrating Penetrating POR X-47B/X-45C Carrier Roadmap:  Increased Capability Increased Flexibility Increased Affordability Survivability improvements Increased power / energy Sortie Generation Rate increased with reduced manpower Improved ship self-defense Improved Interoperability (IER) Flexibility of open architecture Restoration of Service Life Allowances (Wt/Kg) Integration of future air platforms Reduced construction costs Maintenance requirements reduced by 30% Product Model Design NIMITZ-Class CVN 21-Class Focused Investment NIMITZ is a 40 year-old design that constrains the ability to transform Carrier Roadmap Centerpiece of Navy Striking Power Greater operational availability 3X electric plant capacity Sortie Generation Rates increased by 25% $5.3B TOC reduction 500 – 900 billet reduction Slide10:  “CVN 21” Concept in CVN 78,79 & 80 Zonal Electrical Distribution System New Propulsion Plants New Propulsion/Electric Plant All Electric Aux Services 4 EMALS #4 CAT Unrestricted Aircraft Elevators (3) Stbd Sponson Redesign Hangar Bays (2) Enlarged Flight Deck Footprint “Pit Stop” Advanced Arresting Gear Enhanced Flight Deck MFR/VSR Smaller Island Re-Positioned Aft & Outboard Composite Mast with Clamp Antenna JPALS Integrated Island Improved Survivability Dynamic Armor Protection Underwater Protection ESSM Enhanced Ship Self Defense Advanced Weapons Elevators Improved Weapon & Material Handling Heavy UNREP CVNX 1 Brought Forward from CVNX 2 NEW KPP CVN 21 Sustained SGR Surge SGR Service Life Allowance Interoperability Electrical Capacity Manpower Threshold 160 270 5%Wt / 1.5 ft KG Attain Critical IERs 2.5X NIMITZ 500 reduction Objective 220 310 7.5%Wt /2.5 ft KG Attain all IERs 3.0 X NIMITZ 900 reduction NAE Future Readiness:  NAE Future Readiness Procure capability enhancements that guarantee warfighting relevance through 2025. Maintain sufficient capacity to meet global presence and warfighting requirements. Avoid overlap with other Joint capabilities. Capability or capacity trades must preserve warfighting wholeness and core Naval missions. Strive to reduce average aircraft age to a target of 50% of Expected Service Life.

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