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Published on January 4, 2008

Author: Nevada


Toward Autonomous Free-Climbing Robots:  Toward Autonomous Free-Climbing Robots Tim Bretl Jean-Claude Latombe Stephen Rock Special thanks to Eric Baumgartner, Brett Kennedy, and Hrand Aghazarian at the Planetary Robotics Lab, NASA-JPL Goal:  Goal Develop integrated control, planning, and sensing capabilities to enable a wide class of multi-limbed robots to climb steep natural terrain. Generic vs. Specific Robot:  LEMUR IIb, Planetary Robotics Lab, NASA-JPL Generic vs. Specific Robot Generic Specific Sitti and Fearing, UC Berkeley Previous Multi-Limbed Climbing Robots:  Previous Multi-Limbed Climbing Robots Each exploits a specific surface property NINJA II Hirose et al, 1991 Neubauer, 1994 Yim, PARC, 2002 Free Rock Climbing is about Natural Friction …:  Free Rock Climbing is about Natural Friction … … and Non-Gaited Motion:  … and Non-Gaited Motion Gaited Non-Gaited Slide7:  Overall, rock climbing is about how to apply strength, not about strength itself it is a problem-solving activity Example System:  Example System Equilibrium Constraint:  Equilibrium Constraint Feasible positions of robot’s center of mass Configuration Space:  Configuration Space For each combination of knee bends: Position (xP,yP) of pelvis Joint angles (q1,q2) of free limb Feasible Space:  Feasible Space Slide12:  Simple test for the feasibility of (xp,yp) where… Feasible Space Slide13:  Simple test for the feasibility of (xp,yp) Feasible (1,2) varying with (xp,yp), in one half of f where… Qf Feasible Space Slide14:  Simple test for the feasibility of (xp,yp) Feasible (1,2), varying with (xp,yp), in one half of f Switching between halves of f Feasible Space Motion Planning:  Motion Planning Basic Approach (Probabilistic Roadmap) Sample 4D configuration space Check equilibrium condition Check (self-)collision Check torque limit Refined approach Sample 2D pelvis space, lift to full 4D paths Narrow passages are found in the 4D space Slide16:  Achieve q2=0 Move with q2=0 Switch between halves of Qf Move with q2=0 Move to goal Slide17:  backstep highstep lieback Slide18:  JPL’s LEMUR robot Current Work:  Current Work Terrain sensing and hold detection Force control and slippage sensing Uncertainty (hold location, limb positioning) Motion optimization Extension of feasible space analysis What’s Next?:  What’s Next? Xtreme ironing Slide22:  Xtreme ironing is one of the fastest-growing sports in the world

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