Climate services for nyando ccafs planning meeting dec 2013

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Information about Climate services for nyando ccafs planning meeting dec 2013

Published on March 11, 2014

Author: cgiarclimate



This is a Presentation on Enhancing Climate Smart Agriculture in Nyando through innovative partnerships, decision support tools and Climate Information Services

Enhancing Climate Smart Agriculture in Nyando through innovative partnerships, decision support tools and Climate Information Services Nyando CCAFS Site Review and Planning workshop 17-18th December, 2013 The Vic Hotel, Kisumu, Kenya

The Problem • Climate risk contributes to chronic poverty, food insecurity and vulnerability • Opportunities to help farmers cope with current climate and adapt to a future climate depend on information

Climate Information Service • Is the dissemination of climate information to the decision maker or user. • Purpose is to interpret and apply for decision making.

Farmers’ decisions ahead of a season usually consider ... Improved understanding leads to better decisions soil properties? historical climate? crops requirements? future markets? future climate? past markets?

Main Objective • to build the capacity of the smallholder farmers to manage climate risks and to adapt to climate change

Specific objectives 1. To build partnerships between farmers, researchers, extension agents, NMS, agro- dealers and media to strengthen farmers’ capacity to manage agricultural climate risks and adapt to climate change. 2. To apply DSTs to enhance farm-level decision making, climate risk assessment and analysis of coping and adaptation options. 3. To promote wider use of DSTs by making it easy to access and process input data from various sources. 6

Specific objectives 4. To identify gaps in climate services and develop new products that meet the needs of farmers. 5. To develop communication strategies that enhance farmers’ capacity to manage climate-related risks. 7

Conceptual framework 8



Role of partners

Kisumu Met Station MAM analysis Start of MAM Rain including a dry spell condition (First day after 1st March with 20mm in 4 days, dry spell not exceeding 7 days in 30 days) year 2020201020001990198019701960 14 Apr 9 Apr 4 Apr 30 Mar 25 Mar 20 Mar 15 Mar 10 Mar 5 Mar Analysis to be done for other stations

Downscaling and Communicating Seasonal and Short Term Forecasts Integrating with agricultural advisories

Soil Analysis, Rain Gauge Installation, Farmer Experimentation

Farmers Climate and Crop Calendar AUG SEP OCT NOV DEC JAN FEB MAR APR MAY Plan for the season Get Seasonal Forecast Manage your Crop and Soil Farm records Harvest Add value Market Manage your Crop and Soil Farm records Know your Crop and Soil Get forecast updates Know your past climate Review Season Prepare land Measure rain Prepare land Get forecast updates Measure rainMeasure rainMeasure rain Get Seasonal Forecast

Achievements in 2013 • Stakeholder inception meeting • Partnership building has started • Data for Kisumu and Kericho Met Stations analysed • Trained 40 farmers in the three CBOs • Resource allocation maps 40 farmers • Crop modelling has started • Crop climate requirements compiled by KARI

Next steps • Improve seasonal forecast downscaling • Install of 45 rain gauges • Farmer experimentation MAM 2014 season • Climate data analysis for extra stations • Soil analysis in 40 farms • Participatory Crop Modelling in Jan 2014 • Development of climate products and services and communication approaches • Farmer training manuals • Scientific publications

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