Climate Change Agenda - Truth and the Facts - November 2018

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Information about Climate Change Agenda - Truth and the Facts - November 2018

Published on November 9, 2018

Author: paulyoungcga


1. Climate Agenda - Taxing the Environment and Emissions – Environment - November 2018 Paul Young CPA, CGA November 9, 2018

2. Paul Young - Bio • CPA, CGA • Academia (PF1, FA4 and MS2) • SME – Risk Management • SME – Close, Consolidate and Reporting • SME – Public Policy • SME – Financial Solutions • SME – Supply Chain Management Contact information:

3. Overview • This presentation discusses air quality. Too much doom and gloom is spread about air pollution and not enough is said on actions done by countries like Canada and USA for the past 25+ years to improve air quality in their various countries • Carbon tax/price does not reduce emissions - • Carbon Tax are not revenue neutral - • Carbon Tax and GDP - • Gore, Suzuki as well as others blame climate change on man-made issues as way to push their own agenda. The fact is climate always changes. If you do not need to take my word, but you should listen to skeptics. These same skeptics are not funded by government - • Earth has become greener - • Many scientists are speaking out that Climate Change is not related to man-made actions - is-wrong/ or

4. Agenda • Air Pollution Photos • Air Quality – Worst Countries • Air Quality – Best Countries • Paris Accord Climate • Paris Accord Climate – USA withdrawal • Drinkable Water • Water Treatment • Climate Change – Raw Sewage • Land Management • Arctic Ice • Ontario Failed Clean Policies

5. Air pollution cost Canadians $36B in 2015, causes 7,700 premature deaths a year • OTTAWA—Air pollution cost Canadian families an estimated $36 billion in 2015 due to premature death and illness, a new research report says. Canadian Manufacturing – June 1, 2017 • How many of these people smoke cigarettes? • Canada has some of the best air quality in the world • How did they determine the cost?

6. Federal Govt vs Provinces – Canada Source - McKenna said the Ford government's actions will add 48 megatons of pollution to the environment, equivalent to opening 30 coal-fired power plants. "Unfortunately, the Ford government has no climate plan," McKenna said. "You're just contributing to the problem but also the costs of climate change, so that's the wrong direction." • “Canada occupies over 998 million hectares of the earth’s surface and includes more than 400 million hectares of forests. This represents about 6% of the world’s forests. Ontario has over 71 million hectares of forest – 2% of the world’s forests and 17% of Canada’s forests. There are 10 hectares of land and water for every citizen of the province. There are 6.5 hectares of forest for every Ontarian.”Source - 2016 - Ontario forest, water and other vegetation absorb carbon. It seems that Ms. McKenna missed that point • Ontario has very tough vehicle emissions standards - m/2010012/part-partie1-eng.htm • Ontario has low ranking VOC as compare to other jurisdictions like AB - /VOC-emissions.aspx?AspxAutoDetectCookieSupport=1 Summary: • McKenna ignores carbon absorption • McKenna thinks the only option is to bring in carbon tax when they have been a failure. Australia agreement-despite-signing-australia-up-as-pm

7. FP/Carbon Tax Here is what missing from the article: 1. Clean Technology cannot exist without raw material, fabrication and installation - raw-materials-and-clean-products-canada-november-2017 2. Rare Metals leave an environmental mess - china-social-environmental-costs 3. Many clean technology companies do not make money - struggling-despite-ottawa-s-green-goals-1.729679 4. Many provinces are against carbon pricing as it does not work. 2019 will see a federal election as such the Liberals could be punted from office. 5. Economist said for carbon tax to work effectively they would need to be very high. GDP and carbon tax - tax-will-knock-10-billion-off-gdp-by-2022/ 6. Canada has moved many areas to clean technology. Businesses themselves have look at ways to reduce their carbon footprint. Businesses spoke out during the election that carbon tax along with other regulations and costs were too high. Ontario as well as Canada needs to be competitive - april-2018 Currently, the Federal government is at advanced stages of discussing a national carbon pricing framework — in other words a new legislation — mostly affecting industries with high greenhouse gas emissions in provinces without any carbon pricing plans. The draft legislation, entitled the Greenhouse Gas Pollution Pricing Act is a rather complex law, giving options for paying a straight up carbon levy or opting for a cap- and-trade system. Source - dities/energy/why-ontario-businesses- should-be-objecting-to-doug-fords-exit- from-the-carbon-pricing- program?utm_campaign=Echobox&utm_med ium=Social&utm_source=Twitter#comments- area

8. Emissions and Absorption – Canada • “According to the aforementioned sources, Canada has approximately 990-million acres of forests, 370-million acres of wetlands, and 167-million acres of crop-yielding farmland. These are called “carbon sinks.” Biologists tell us that trees absorb approximately 2.6 tonnes of carbon per acre per year. So let’s to the math: 990-million acres x 2.6 tonnes per acre = 2.574-billion tonnes of carbon being absorbed yearly. World-wide carbon emissions, in total, have been calculated to be 36-trillion tonnes annually, to which Canada has been accused of contributing 1.67%. Ergo, more math: 36- trillion tonnes x 0.0167 (1.67%) = 601.2-billion tonnes. This is the amount of carbon that Canada annually contributes towards the doomsday scenario of end of the world as we know it. Now, forget the wetlands and the farmland previously mentioned, and focus solely on Canada’s forests, which are third in the world next to Russia and Brazil. In forests alone, Canada absorbs almost four times the amount of carbon it emits, meaning the other three-quarters of our forests are sustaining themselves on carbon being emitted by the rest of the world. Source - trees/wcm/1b2cb068-5921-41ae-abf9-0c4fb6083787

9. Air Pollution Photos India China Los Angeles Mexico City Toronto

10. LA and Smog • Adam - How many smog days are in LA “87 days of smog: Southern California just saw its longest streak of bad air in decades” LA Times – September 2018 Is this a lie? @ontarioisproud

11. Air Quality Index – Worst Countries

12. Air Quality Index – Best Countries country-climate-pledges • Both Canada and USA have some of the best air quality in the world

13. Paris Climate Accord • commitments-related-to-the-paris- agreement.html?utm_source=feedburner&utm_medium=feed&utm_campaign=Feed%3A+blogspot%2Fadvancednano+%28nextbigfuture%29

14. USA leaves Paris Climate Accord • or President Trump announced on Thursday that the United States would withdraw from the Paris climate accord, weakening efforts to combat global warming and embracing isolationist voices in his White House who argued that the agreement was a pernicious threat to the economy and American sovereignty. In a speech from the Rose Garden, Mr. Trump said the landmark 2015 pact imposed wildly unfair environmental standards on American businesses and workers. He vowed to stand with the people of the United States against what he called a “draconian” international deal.

15. Canada / PM Trudeau Comments: • Cleantech is $50B business, but losing money - red-ink-canadian-clean-tech-struggling- despite-ottawa-s-green-goals-1.729679 • Cleantech needs raw materials, refinement, fabrication, delivery and installation • Canada is already carbon neutral • Trudeau’s key member Gerald Butts was responsible for the Green Act in Ontario. Ontario has some highest electrical rates in North American • NWO is driving movement to eliminate CO2 man-made • CO2 is not a pollutant, but foundation for life - n1gL6Xg&t=713s

16. Clean Technology Investment ends?utm_campaign=Echobox&utm_medium=Social&utm_source=Facebook#Echobox=1531308607 • Largest investment in Clean Technology happen in 2014 under Harper’s Govt (SDTC and Green Fund) • Ontario, PQ and BC subsidies for Wind ended in 2016 • Many Clean Technology companies do not make money - sh-in-red-ink-canadian-clean-tech- struggling-despite-ottawa-s-green- goals-1.729679 • Carbon tax will reduced GDP - o-says-carbon-tax-will-knock-10- billion-off-gdp-by-2022/

17. Air Quality • Poor air quality countries • Cheap dirty coal • De-Forestation • Carbon based economy (oil) • Poor environment regulations for air, water and land management • Many countries have come along way in terms of air quality through new regulations • Tougher emissions control systems for cars • Better scrubbing technology for industry • Clean Coal • Better management of forest (Natural Absorption for CO2 – Greenhouse gases

18. India Water Pollution

19. India Air Pollution

20. UN / India and China • report/article8642415.ece

21. Land/Water Management Source - cannot-see-%E2%80%93-can-we-feed-billions-ground

22. Fresh Water •

23. China / Water Source - China launched nearly 8,000 water clean-up projects in the first half of 2017 with a projected total investment of 667.4 billion yuan (US$100.2 billion). The projects were devised as part of a 2015 action plan to treat and prevent water pollution, and covered 325 contaminated groundwater sites across the country. A total of 343 contaminated sites had been identified, meaning that 95 per cent had drawn up plans to bring water quality up to required standards. Large amounts of China’s water have been rendered unusable as a result of poorly regulated industrial expansion, overmining and the uncontrolled use of pesticides and fertilisers.

24. Water Management/Nova Scotia Source - Nova Scotia is at risk of becoming an island within decades if action is not taken to fix the 275-year-old dikes that prevent flooding of the isthmus connecting the province to the rest of Canada, officials warn. Mayor David Kogon of Amherst, N.S., said sea levels are projected to rise in the Bay of Fundy over 15 to 20 years to the point where the Isthmus of Chignecto will flood, even without a storm surge

25. Waste Management / Lebanon • This used to be the sea,” she said outside her home. “One day we looked out, we couldn’t see the sea.” • Trucks and bulldozers have piled waste at a land reclamation site there since last year. “In the summer, we died from the stench,” she said. “You can’t control the seeps in from under the doors.” • Landfills and dumpsites - many infamously known as “garbage mountains” - have mushroomed across Lebanon since the 1990s. Source - in-sight-as-lebanons-garbage-mountains-grow-idUSKBN1FO0F1 • Yet Minster McKenna thinks Canada should tax pollution, right? introduce-new-law-2018-make-polluters-pay

26. Water Treatment - Canada Source - 1.3889072

27. Climate Change / Raw Sewage Source - to-cause-more-sewage-leaks-mckenna-says-217806/ Climate change likely to cause more sewage leaks, McKenna says “Over one trillion litres of raw sewage leaked into Canadian waterways between 2013 and 2017” Canadian Manufacturing – August 15, 2018 – Catherine McKenna • “The first Canadian Infrastructure Report Card appeared in 2012. The Report, generated from surveys of more than 100 municipalities representing 20 million Canadians, found that 30 per cent of municipal infrastructure ranked as less than ‘fair’ quality. The replacement cost for these assets was tallied at just over $170 billion nationally.”Source - content/uploads/2016/01/2016-Canadian-Infrastructure-Report- Card.pdf or infrastructure-gap • Liberals have been slow with Infrastructure spending “But Mr. Fréchette’s report notes that didn’t happen. Delays in organizing the infrastructure programs and their projects made the Liberals push back the funding. The Liberal platform promised $10-billion in infrastructure spending for the 2016-17 and 2017-18 fiscal years, and increased it to $11.3-billion in Finance Minister Bill Morneau’s first budget. His latest budget reports only $6.6-billion was spent in those two years, and the PBO report says it was probably a little less.” – Source - infrastructure-spending-hurting-canadian-economy-and/

28. Houston / Urban Sprawl Source - Houston’s catastrophic flood will be framed by leaders in Texas as an unforeseeable act of God. It isn’t. Houston’s unfettered sprawl into the marshland of southeast Texas was a conscious choice by policymakers. So was building a global city on a slowly submerging swamp. Both were decisions that led to disaster. Houston has quietly become our fourth largest and fastest-growing city, due in large part to cheap housing. But the latter has come at an exorbitant cost to its safety. The swamps and wetlands that once characterized Houston’s hinterland have been replaced with strip malls and suburban tract homes.

29. Arable Land Source -

30. Taxing Pollution • Tax was not revenue neutral formerly-revenue-neutral-carbon-tax-turned-into- another-government-cash-grab • We already have taxes for pollution as part environmental regulations - tal-issues-it-is-not-about-climate-change-february-2018 • Carbon Tax will cost economy - will-knock-10-billion-off-gdp-by-2022/ • Are you serious @cathmckenna - you now using forest fires to plug your agenda? management-practices-around-the-world-february- 2018. You never call out the provinces for gutting of their forest management budgets • • FYI – Climate always changes - 4s • • Blames Forest Fires on Climate Change • Will not provide cost impact to Tax payers • Blames CPC for not coming clean on climate change

31. Best and Worst 25 Environmental Countries in the world Source - and Yale University Best Worst

32. CPC vs LPC Change Change ndex#2006 CPC CPC LPC Canada 2006 2014 2016 2006-2014 2006-2014 Natural Resources Biodiversity 5.3 5.8 5.9 1.0% 0.7% Renewable Water Resources 9.9 9.9 9.9 0.0% 0.0% Consumption 1.0 1.0 1.0 0.0% 0.0% Climate and Energy Energy Use 1.0 1.0 1.0 0.0% 0.0% Energy Savings 4.2 6.4 4.7 5.8% -13.3% Greenhouse Gases 1.0 1.0 1.0 0.0% 0.0% Renewable Energy 1.6 1.8 1.8 1.0% 0.3% Ranking 8 24 25 -16 -1 Score 84 73.14 85.16 -12.9% 16.4%

33. Blog – Taxing Pollution Carbon tax is pure tax grab! and-emissions-canada-january-2018 People will spin carbon taxes can grow an economy and that is fallacy. Carbon tax or in fact any tax is theft! awas-carbon-tax-plan-to-shrink-economy-by-3-billion-hurt- loonie-in-2018-study Why did Australia kill it?

34. Climate Change – Al Gore • Are you serious? Al Gore has been proven time and time again that he is a fraud! https://www.investor als/al-gores-climate- change-hypocrisy-is- as-big-as-his-energy- sucking-mansion/ or .com/watch?v=C35pas Cr6KI or .com/watch?v=- Z_IC3xrgJk

35. Patrick Moore / Climate change

36. Carbon Tax Cost / Trudeau

37. Carbon Tax/Pricing • @AndreaHorwath @OntarioNDP • • You supported the carbon tax, right? So, you are ok with people families pay $160 out of their pockets to drive. Wynne said she needed this money for her government, right? spills-the-beans-on-carbon-pricing or canada-may-2018

38. Australia / Carbon Tax Source - Australia’s national carbon tax came into effect July 1, 2012, and was repealed on July 17, 2014. “Australians tried a carbon tax, it didn’t work, so they repealed it, and Canadians need to take a close look at that experience,” said CTF Federal Director Aaron Wudrick. “Many Canadians are about to feel the impact of a national carbon tax and it’s important to find out what to expect and hear it first-hand from a country that has tried it.” Australia produces roughly 1.5 per cent of world greenhouse gas emissions. Canada produces 1.65 per cent. “Many Australians faced high energy bills and job losses as a result of our carbon tax,” said Chris Berg of the Institute of Public Affairs. “The government was forced to create heaps of new bureaucracy, rebates, free carbon credits and red tape just to deal with the fallout from the tax. And worst of all, it did virtually nothing to impact global climate change. Canadians should not follow us down this path.”

39. Arctic Ice Source - Arctic sea ice volume is fifth highest for the date since 2003, and likely to move into the #3 spot tomorrow. Melt this season has been the slowest on record.

40. Ontario Failed Clean Energy Policies • FIT – Failures - ontarios-pursuit-of-renewable-energy-broke-the-provinces-electricity-system • Electrical Car Failures - cuts-off-rebates-for-electric-vehicles-costing-more-than-75k-1.4571548 - This never bumped car sales • Smart Meter - bills-ontario-time-of-use-pricing-1.3862462 • work/wcm/6ae78550-0289-413c-a56e-e7abc6ef6e94 - Minimal savings • or rebates-funded-through-cap-and-trade-system-cancelled-214926/

41. Other issues • Too many countries are using carbon tax/pricing to cut emission without any real success • Government are masking green policies as they are helping the environment which in fact all they have done is hike taxes as well as increase the cost of power generation • Poor land and water management policies • Too many governments are not taking a balance approach to both environment and the economy.

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