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Published on April 9, 2012

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Slides from a presentation to a Bar Young Lawyers group

Client Development in a NutshellWhat You Need to Know andWhat You Need to Do NOW to Build Success Over Time Cordell M. Parvin 1

ClientDevelopmentMyth You Either Have Whats It Takes Or You Don’t

Lizzette ZubeyThink Big and Are Confident 3

ClientDevelopmentMyths Just Do Good Work

ClientDevelopmentMyths Too Young and Inexperienced to . . .

ClientDevelopmentMyths You Have To Be A Good Networker

ClientDevelopmentMyths You Have To “Ask” For The Business

Andrea AndersonDevelop Relationships 8

ClientDevelopmentMyths Associates in Big Firms Do Not Need to Learn Client Development

Getting HiredTrust and Rapport Client MeetingsRecommendations Relationships Weak Ties Credibility Visibility

Planning to Use Time WiselyVisibility and CredibilityRelationships and Getting Hired 11

PlanningWhy Have a Plan? 12

Planning Angie DavisWhy have a plan? 13

Why Have a Plan?Energy TimeMost Important Resources 14

Planning 15

PlanningCreate a Plan With Goals 16

2012 Development Plan LAWYER DEVELOPMENT PLANFY 2012 Attorney Development Plan _______________ 2012 2012 Performance Plan @ Actual Rates (based upon hrs) 17

How I Prepare My Plan? Goals Goals Activities Hours Hours 18

Planning500 Hours to Invest 100 Administrative ___Client Development ___ Your Development 19

My Own DevelopmentSubstantive LawConstruction Industry KnowledgeBusiness - Marketing, Relationships 20

My Client DevelopmentReputation / Profile Relationship Building 21

GoalsWhat Are Your Goals? 22

Rank Your Goals4. Meet with _ Contacts Quarterly 3. Obtain __ New Clients 2. Bill ____ Hours 1. Originate $___ in Business 23

GoalsActivity to Achieve Goal? 24

GoalsBreak Down 90 Day Goals 25


GoalsNext Week’s Action Item for Each Goal 27

How to Execute on Your Plan Partner for Accountability 28

Keith McMurdyGetting the most bybeing accountable 29

How to BecomeVisible and Credible 30

Client DevelopmentYou Have to Stand Out in a Crowd 31

Be Willing to Make Changes 32

Visible and CredibleRegularly Update YourWebsite Bio 33

Narrow Your Focus 34

Remarkable Ideas for Narrow Market 35

Plan Based on Your Strengths CynthiaPladziewicz 36

Plan Your Future Nicole Snyder 37

The Tipping Point 38

The Law of the Few 39

The Law of the Few CONNECTORConnects people to each other 40

ConnectorActive in Bar and Community Activities 41

MAVENConnects peoplethrough sharing knowledge 42


What You Need to Do SALESMANUses knowledgeto persuade and engage 44


WritingHow to Decide Topic 46

Sti ck ine ss Fa cto r 47

CreateGuides 48

Jason Cornell



SpeakingWhat is your objective? 52

When I Write or Speak A Don’t Sell, Instead Teach 53

Non-Verbal CommunictionThe Way Audiences Receive Your Message 10.00 50.00 What you Say How it Sounds How it Looks 40.00 54

Non-Verbal Communication Natural Posture Engaging Smile Expressive Hand Gestures Eye Contact Volume and Inflection 55

Non-Verbal Communication Confidence Competence Charisma Connection 56

CharismaConnect with Audience 57

Lawyers and PowerPoint 58

Presentation BasicsStart and Finish with High Energy 59

Relationships and Getting Hired 60

Relationships / Getting HiredList and Focus on Your Contacts 61

Contact FocusA System to Focus on Your Contacts for BestResults Prioritize Contacts Upgrade nature of contact Learn personal information and professional needs 62

Relationships / Getting HiredClients Hire Lawyers Over Law Firms 63

Legal Services - My Thoughts 30% 60% 10% Commodity Work - Low Price Determines Bet the Company They Hire the Best Real Opportunity 64

Relationships / Getting Hired How Clients Select Screen Based on Reputation 65

Relationships / Getting Hired Weak TiesRelationships Recommendations How Clients Select 66

Relationships / Getting Hired Hire Lawyers They Trust and With Whom They Connect 67

Building Rapport Three AspectsPersonality typeHow they speak andreceive informationEmpathy 68

Building Rapport - Temperaments Control Analytical Driving Under stress Under stress Avoid Autocratic Ask Tell Amiable Expressive Under stress Under stress Acquiesce Attack Emote 69

Building Rapport - CommunicationVisual Learners – ShowingAural Learners – TellingKinesthetic Learners -Experiencing 70

Building Rapport-Empathy 71

What Clients WantFocus on Client Service 72

What Now?Plan with GoalsAccountabilityBecome Visible and CredibleBuild RelationshipsImprove Client ServiceRepeat Above 73

Client Development in a NutshellWhat You Need to Know andWhat You Need to Do NOW to Build Success Over Time Cordell M. Parvin 74

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