Client Development 2012 for Construction Lawyers

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Published on April 9, 2012

Author: cordar



Client Development 2012 for Construction Lawyers. Includes how to become visible and credible to construction industry clients.

Construction LawyersBusiness Development for 2012 and Beyond Cordell M. Parvin 1

Three Stories 2




AGC of America 6

The Challenge Lawyers are: Skeptics Autonomous Lacking Social Skills Abstract Reasoners Impatient Lacking ResilienceStudies of 18 Personality Traits of Lawyers Using the "Caliper Profile" Dr. Larry Richard, Hildebrandt International 7

Successful Lawyers 8

Successful Business DevelopersKnow what they wantThink big and are confident 9

Lizzette ZubeyThink Big and Are Confident 10

Successful Business DevelopersKnow what they wantThink big and are confidentPlan and use their time wisely 11

Successful Business DevelopersKnow what they wantThink big and are confidentPlan and use their time wiselyBecome visible and credible topotential clients and referralsources 12

Successful Business DevelopersUnderstand their client’s needsDevelop relationships 13

Andrea AndersonDevelop Relationships 14

Successful Business DevelopersUnderstand their client’s needsDevelop relationshipsBuild a teamDeliberately work on gettingcomfortable outside their comfortzone 15

Be Willing to Make Changes 16

Successful Business Developers Seen as “Go To” Lawyer 17

Four Eras of Client Development1. Do Good Work2. Unsolicited Contact3. Websites / Branding 18


Traditional Lawyer Client Development “Push-Tactic” 20

What Has Changed?ClientsEconomyTechnology 21

Marketing Guru Seth Godin 22


RemarkableExtraordinaryMemorable 24

Law Firm Marketing Today Today it’syou know, who knows It’s not what you know, who what you know 25

Getting Hired Trust and Rapport Client Meetings Recommendations Relationships Weak Ties CredibilityReputation / Profile Visibility

Client Development in 2012 “Pull-Tactic” 27

Weak Tie ReachStrong-Tie Buzz Weak-Tie Buzz 28

Social Media2012GeometricallyExpanded bySocial Media Weak Tie Buzz Reach 29

Planning 30

Planning Steve Jobs Founder/CEO Apple, Inc.Super Achievers Think Optimistically and Plan Purposefully 31

PlanningEnergy TimeMost Important Resources 32

Planning 33

PlanningFocus your time on your target market. 34

Target Market Top 100 Transportation Construction Contractors in USMy Target Market 35

PlanningFocus content on what you want target market to hire you to do. 36

Target Market Ne Prep ntract go ar Co tia e a ate tes te ndLitig ispu Cla im D s Ethics and Minority Compliance Contract Issues Design-Build and Public Private Finance Contracts What I Wanted Target Market to Hire Me to Do 37

PlanningBest actions to be visible and credible 38

Target Market Monthly Column Presentations Workshops GuidesMy Best Actions to Be Visible and Credible 39

Target MarketMy Target Organizations 40

Target MarketMy Referral Sources 41

PlanningSchedule Time with Your Referral Sources 42

PlanningDecide on How Many Hours to Invest 100 Administrative ___Client Development ___ Your Development 43

PlanningReputation / Profile Relationship Building 44

How to Execute on Your PlanFor each goal in plan ask: Why important? 45

How to Execute on Your PlanBreak Down to 90 Days Actions 46

How to Execute on Your PlanIdentify, Plan and Schedule Activities Each Week 47

How to Execute on Your Plan Partner for Accountability 49

Keith McMurdyGetting the most bybeing accountable 50

Reputation BuildingBecome Visible and Credible 51

Reputation Building Website Bio Bar and Community Service Writing Speaking 52

Three Essential Points 1. Valuable Content 2. Written / Presented Well 53

Three Essential Points3. Social Media for Wide Distribution 54

Reputation BuildingWhat Matters to Your Clients? 55

Focus on Clients’ Problems,Opportunities, Internaland External Changes 56

Writing - Become an Expert 57

Writing - Become an Expert 58

WRITING Blogs 59

Jackie HubaSocial Media 60





WRITINGGuides 65


Cordell Parvin 67


Presentation BasicsThe Way Audiences Receive Your Message 10.00 50.00 What you Say How it Sounds How it Looks 40.00 69

SpeakingWhat is your objective? 70


Presentation Basics How to Start 72

Presentation Basics Audience Answer?What’s in This For Me? 73

Presentation Mistakes 74

Lawyers and PowerPoint 75

Your PresentationHow to Close – Call to Action 76

Think Outside the Box 77


Internet Radio 79

Building Trust 80

What Are You Going to Do Now? 81


What Now?Plan with GoalsAccountabilityBecome Visible and CredibleBuild RelationshipsRepeat Above 83

Construction LawyersBusiness Development for 2012 and Beyond Cordell M. Parvin 84

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