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Published on March 16, 2009

Author: cleveglass



A collection of my own personal quotes that will inspire you to think rationally and to live a well-balanced life.

Cleve’s Maxims (Sayings that inspire well-balanced thinking and living)

“ As a free thinker, I base my beliefs not on tradition, nor on what is popular with the public, but on what I perceive to be the truth.”

“ Sometimes following the path of truth will lead you on a collision course with conventional thinking.”

“ The mind cannot think freely if it is bound by the chains of irrational religious dogma.” 

“ There is no compelling reason for me to believe that ‘God’ wrote a book, or set of books, which gives Humankind all of the vital principles for living.  Human Beings write books while the FORCE that we refer to as ‘God,’ creates universes.”  

“ No religious institution, or set of sacred writings has a monopoly on the truth.  Since God lives in me, and in all creatures, I don’t need a ‘Special Revelation.’ I can use my own reason and intuition to ascertain truth and to understand spiritual principles. “

“ Usually when a person closes his mind, it's for fear of losing it.”

“ Religious dogma breeds ignorance, fear, violence and intolerance, but true spirituality brings peace, happiness, intuitive wisdom and unconditional love.”

“ Unconditional love brings out the divinity which lies deeply hidden within our humanity.”

“ It's easier to educate an un-educated person than it is to re-educate a mis-educated one.”

“ Wisdom can come to us in the form of Reason or Intuition. The wisest among us will use both.”

“ Personally, I make more sound and rational decisions when my mind is in a peaceful state, brought on by meditation, rather than in an agitated state, brought on by stress.”

“ We find the greatest degree of peace and happiness when we attain a proper balance between the work life, the social life, and the spiritual life.”

“ Everything we experience in life is filtered, processed, analyzed and interpreted through the brain. We must always strive to keep it healthy.”

“ Meditation transforms the mind from a chaotic jungle of wandering thoughts to a peaceful sanctuary of silent consciousness.”

"Meditation is a better way to deal with anxiety and depression than alcohol abuse. Excessive alcohol use makes the brain to shrink, but regular meditation causes it to grow and become healthier."

“ Life's circumstances are like the waves of the ocean-always moving and changing in frequency and intensity. Learn to ride them out gracefully.”

“ Don't allow the circumstances to control your mind, but use the power of your mind and will to control your circumstances. “

“ The mind and body are connected; Some refer to it as the ‘Mind-Body.’ What affects one, may certainly have a profound impact on the other.”

"One day when I was at the bookstore, I felt tension in my stomach due to anxiety. I then focused my mind on relaxing the tense area in my stomach. The tension went away and the anxiety was replaced with a feeling of peacefulness."

"Close your eyes.. breathe deeply.. concentrate on your breathing until you feel relaxed.. Find a peaceful word.. repeat it over and over in your mind.. do this for 15 to 20 minutes."

"I don't strive for peace and happiness, I just silence my mind and ALLOW them to flow from my INNERMOST being. Peace comes from being one with nature."

“ The mind can be conditioned to be peaceful and confident, even when your world around you seems to be falling apart.”

“ Much of the suffering and pain that a person goes through, in our narcissistic society, is based on the inflated ego and its constant need to be pampered.”

"Many of the fears that we harbor in our unconscious minds, have no basis in reality."

“ Fear is nourished by ego-consciousness. When we replace ego-consciousness with higher-consciousness then fear will die of malnourishment.”

“ If you're feeling sad or mildly depressed, get up from the couch and exercise a little. A brisk walk can stimulate chemicals in the brain called endorphins, which will make you feel better.”

My friends, I hope that this presentation has inspired you to think and to live more rationally and intuitively. Happiness involves living a well-balanced life. While reason helps us to maintain our sanity, spirituality brings us hope and peace. Sincerely, Cleveland Glass

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