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Published on March 13, 2014

Author: OliverSnow


Crowdfunding the Clean Energy Revolution with Lawrenceville Plasma Physics Inc.

Earth Day Apr 22nd 2014

So What happens IF... ... we stay on this track?

Over 1,000 new coal-fired power plants planned

Is this a future you want... ... for your children? For anyone‘s children?

In the US, the median person pays $1 in 6 for energy $9,000/year, $22 a day

Worldwide: $1 a day for energy on $3 a day income

Global energy costs: $ 5 trillion a year… … Global rate of increase in debt: $5 trillion a year Coincidence?

Business As Usual will get us... • Global Warming • Worse Air Pollution • Heat Stress • Increases in Sea Levels • Ocean Acidification • Mega Storms • Droughts....

What IF... we change track?


13th Feb 2014 „…$5 billion National Ignition Facility, where scientists recently got a tiny bit closer to their goal of creating a controlled fusion reaction…”

„Conventional“ Fusion: Heat + Neutrons... Big, $$$, Too Late

„pB11“ Fusion: Direct Electrical Energy Affordable, Nearly Ready

Lawrenceville Plasma Physics & the Dense Plasma Focus pB11 is aneutronic (NO radiation) Compact (shipping container) Cheapest Energy Source by far! Limitless fuel from SEAWATER!

Goal product: 5 MW Focus Fusion generator At approx $1M / unit Lower projected cost than any other energy tech $60/kW or 0.2 cents/kWh

LPP Timeline 2013-2014: Scientific demo 2017-2018: Commercial prototype 2019: Mass manufacture

Independent Review Assessment “a much higher level of investment is warranted“

How You can Help • Volunteer to help with media awareness: Tweet, Blog, Call • Pledge to the campaign • Donate US $2M in additional funding will allow LPP to contract specialist engineering help to achieve ignition in 2014 This will be a game changer for Climate and Human Health!

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