Clayton Perlman Successfully Evaluates Risk of Marina Venture

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Information about Clayton Perlman Successfully Evaluates Risk of Marina Venture

Published on November 19, 2017

Author: claytonperlman


slide 1: Clayton Perlman Successfully Evaluates Risk of Marina Venture slide 2: Clayton Perlman The extensive regulation of the maritime industry is daunting to potential marina investors. The extensive business background of Clayton Perlman a real estate property developer in many Northeast states likely led him to do serious research into the world of watercraft before purchasing the Browns Point Marina 9 years ago. Water ecology right of use of waterways boat storage shoreline protection and more are all regulated by local and state entities. slide 3: Clayton Perlman Local marina workers must be vetted and placed on the payroll and marinas pay their property and sales tax as well as income tax. These issues and others were considered as Perlman made the decision to purchase Browns Point Marina. Today Browns Point is an important source of income for everyone in the community of Keyport New Jersey. slide 4: Clayton Perlman Clayton Perlman has worked hard to maintain projects through the difficult market conditions. Perlman hopes to bring new life to a depressed community and creating properties of value and worth in already thriving economic venues. Perlman continues to work in property development even as he enjoys the perks of boating marina management as a partner and principal in Browns Point Marina of Keyport New Jersey. slide 5: Clayton Perlman Perlman has recently taken a long anticipated trip to the United States Virgin Islands indulging his love of fishing along the way. A guitarist dog lover cyclist and nature walker Perlman has built a rounded life with equal parts relaxation and hard work. Clayton Perlman works to help manage his wife’s assets including but not limited to Perlman Group LLC and Perlman Properties LLC. slide 6: Visit other links for Clayton Perlman slide 7: Clayton Perlman

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