Clave and the Caribbean rhythms

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Information about Clave and the Caribbean rhythms

Published on February 25, 2014

Author: StefanWalcott



Some notes on Clave and its relationship with Caribbean and other Diasporic music.

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In Jamaican and French Caribbean music. The son clave rhythm is present in Jamaican mento music, ... Afro Cuban Rhythms; An introduction to clave theory;
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The Clave Page 'Claves' is the name for an instrument used in Caribbean music ... embodied in these rhythms. The clave acts as a ...
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African Rhythms ... include African-American music and many Caribbean genres, ... samba, rumba, salsa, and other clave (rhythm)-based ...
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The clave is the foundation of Caribbean rhythms and all other rhythmic from ANTH 1 at Foothill ... At the basis of Caribbean music is dance music, ...
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Jazz drumming is the art ... often called clave rhythms ... Musicians were also able to play dances that originated in Africa and the Caribbean in addition ...
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Salsa is a lively style of dance music with African and Spanish influences that originated in Cuba. It has: clave rhythms (usually played by claves), which ...
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