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Published on February 26, 2014

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Here you have something about Clauses of reason and also you can find exercise at the end of the presentation.


    Study the sentences: We were tired because our friends took us to a music festival. They think the French are not clean because they do not wash their hair every day. Answer the question. What do the clauses beginning with because in sentences 1 and 2 express?

 We can use because to introduce reason. We went to bed early because we were tired.

 We can also use as and since to mean “because” . As and since often come at the beginning of a sentence. As it was raining, we didn’t go out. Since we were late, we didn’t get any food.

 We can sometimes use because of + noun phrase instead of a clause. It was a long day because of the jet-lag.

 Complete the sentences in A using because or because of and a reason given in B. A B 1. We had to walk home a) his bad leg. 2. I don’t have any lunch b) I thought it might rain. 3. Our plane was late c) I wasn’t hungry. 4. He went to Paris d) we missed the last bus 5. I took an umbrella e) the fog. 6. He couldn’t run very fast f) he wanted to learn French.

 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. 8. Join each pair of sentences using since, as or because. It was a beautiful day. We decided to have a picnic. All the seats on the train were taken. We had to stand. We couldn’t get any money. The banks were closed. We couldn’t drive across the bridge. The bridge was closed He didn’t know French. He wrote the letter in English. You should stop smoking. It’s not good for you health. It was his birthday. We decided to buy him a present. I can’t come to your party. I’m too busy.

Match the phrasal verbs with get with their meaning A B 1. get away a. be friendly 2. get off b. pass (examination) 3. get down to c. escape 4. get on/ along with d. arrive 5. get over e. recover 6. get in f. leave (the bus) 7. get through g. begin doing something

 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. Choose the appropriate phrasal verb to complete the following sentences. He worked very hard and managed to __________ the finals. My mother has just __________ a bad hart attack. The boy __________ well __________ all other students. The train ________________ at 10 o’clock. The prisoner ________________ from his guards. She __________________ at Piccadilly Circus. Let’s _________________ to business.

1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. a)0 a)0 a)1 a)1 a)0 a)1 b)1 b)1 b)2 b)2 b)1 b)2 c)2 c)2 c)0 c)0 c)2 c)0 (If you scored over 10, you are capable of surviving anywhere, over 8, you will have few problems and over 5, be careful. If you scored less than 4, what are you doing out in the world on your own?) 

 Complete the sentences using the prepositions in the box. from 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. on to about of for Don’t blame other people ______________________ your own mistakes. You remind me _______________________ someone I knew years ago. I must congratulate you _________ passing your driving test. I explained the problem ______ the teacher. Did they tell you _________ their problems? I borrowed the book _________ the library.

______ the picture, I can see a woman. 2. The woman is sitting ______ a table. 3. She is sitting _____ a chair. 4. There is another chair ______ the woman. 5. Her feet are _______ the table. 6. The woman is holding a cup ____her hands. 7. _____ the table are a laptop, a paper, a calculator, an appointment calendar, two pens and a muffin. 8. The woman is looking _____ her laptop. 9. The woman’s bag is _____the table. 1.

_____ the picture, there are four people. A couple is sitting ____ the table. They are sitting ____chairs. The drinks are _____ the table. One woman is standing ______ the table. _______ her is a man who is barbecuing.

______ the picture, there are three kids. The girl is standing_____ the two boys. The boy with the green shirt is _____ the right. He has a game-boy ____ his hands. The kids are looking ______ his game-boy.

______ the picture, I can see Santa Clause and a girl. Santa is sitting _____ a chair. The girl is standing ______ Santa. Santa and the girl are looking _____ each other. The girl has a present _______ her hands. _______ the girl, there is a Christmas tree. There are more presents _____ the tree. Santa’s big bag is lying ______ the floor.

1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. 8. 9. 10. We live _____ London. Would you like to go _____ the cinema tonight? No, thanks. I was _____ the cinema yesterday. We are going _____ holiday next week. There is a bridge _____ the river. The flight from Leipzig to London was _______ Frankfurt. _____ my wall, there are many picture postcards. Who is the person _____ this picture? Come ______ the sitting room, we want to watch TV. Munich lies 530 meters _____ sea level.

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