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Published on June 26, 2009

Author: mtcorps


Classroom Management Plan : Classroom Management Plan Ryan Bolland Eighth Grade Science Chastain Middle School Jackson, Mississippi Definition of Classroom Management : Definition of Classroom Management Classroom management is a series of rules, consequences, rewards, and procedures that a teacher uses to maintain order in an effort to provide students with a positive learning environment. Classroom management is crucial. Classroom Management Philosophy : Classroom Management Philosophy As a teacher, my job is to teach my students. My students’ jobs are to learn. In order to do my job fully, I must also manage my classroom. In doing so, I will adhere to the following philosophy: Students must be treated with respect, just as I expect students to treat me with respect Students must be honest, just as I expect them to be honest with me The teacher must be responsible in teaching, as I expect students to be responsible for their learning Classroom Management Philosophy : Classroom Management Philosophy Each student has the ability to master my lesson objectives, even if I don’t have the ability to teach it in a way that makes it accessible to them Lessons must be planned and taught in such a way as to make the information as accessible as possible Students are ultimately responsible for their own education Teachers and students who follow the above will succeed Classroom Management Philosophy : Classroom Management Philosophy Expectations, consequences, and rewards must be communicated with students Factors that inhibit students’ learning must be identified and rectified, and, if possible, prevented Consequences and rewards should be appropriate, swift, and given with the needs of the students in mind Classroom Management Philosophy - Revisions : Classroom Management Philosophy - Revisions It is my duty as an effective teacher to provide my students with a well managed classroom, whether they like it or not What is a Positive Learning Environment? : What is a Positive Learning Environment? A positive learning environment occurs when students are able to learn efficiently with little negative influence. A classroom should be a safe, structured, and work-oriented place that allows for maximum learning potential. Teacher maintained Student centered Requires classroom management Old (ineffective)Rules : Old (ineffective)Rules Respect Honesty Responsibility Three overriding principles Every inappropriate action falls under one of the above Students, especially younger students, may have trouble grasping a broad concept, so examples are given New and Improved Rules : New and Improved Rules Follow directions the first time they are given. Stay in your seat unless given permission to do otherwise. Raise your hand for permission to speak or leave your seat. Keep your hands, feet, and belongings to yourself at all times. No candy, food, gum, or drinks (besides water). These rules are much more explicit and are designed to curtail some of my most frequent and and annoying management problems. Consequences : Consequences Rounds 1, 1.1, 1.2…: Warning Writing Assignment(s)/Detention (with adult contact) Referral Round 2: Verbal Warning Writing Assignment(s) Detention (with adult contact) Referral Rewards : Rewards Verbal Praise Tickets Adult Contact (notes and phone calls) Marble Jar All Period Team/All Subject Team Procedures : Procedures Entering class Exiting class Passing in assignments Bathroom policy Assignment heading Moving in the halls Lunch procedure Parental Involvement : Parental Involvement Beginning of the year phone calls Notes or calls home for good and poor behavior Open invitation for progress reports and parent conferences Woops. Notes and phone calls home, especially for positive behavior Continue to invite parents to inquire about their students grades and behavior Questions? : Questions?

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