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Published on February 28, 2014

Author: teacherlolamento



Classroom Decoration Project Rubric

CLASSROOM DECORATION RUBRIC Name__________________ Group___________ Date____________ Objective/Message of design (does it teach children a quality lesson?) Insuficiente NEEDS IMPROVING (2-4 puntos) It doesn’t teach children anything of quality Correcto Excelente SATISFACTORY VERY GOOD (5-7 puntos) (8-10 puntos) Teaches a relatively good lesson/ basic amount of vocabulary Puntuación Mark Very clearly developed and well thought out objective for children ______ to learn. Level of Engagement/ interactivity It doesn’t allow the children to Children can become fully engaged A relative level of engagement involve themselves with the and interact efficiently with To what extent does it allow the for the children. ______ activity activity/ classroom display children to become involved/engaged Visual design Is it attractive/fun looking for children & original Destaca en/ Debe mejorar Outstands / Must improve Unoriginal and not visually appealing Relatively aesthetically A completely original design, pleasing, some demonstration beautifully made and very of originality and fun to look appealing to children. at. _____ ______

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