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Published on March 2, 2014

Author: lionnagaraju



a presentation for college teacher on classroom management skills

Classroom Management nagaRAJU

Icebreaker • Reflect • Strengths as a Teacher • Achievements as a Teacher • Goals as a Teacher • Speak to a colleague (2 + 2 minutes) • Share mnRAJU

21st Century Teacher Roles Communicator Learner Adapter Collaborator Model Leader Visionary mnRAJU

Are Teachers Born or Made? Teaching is a Skill Skills need retraining & refreshing. mnRAJU

Teacher Skills  Pedagogic skills  Technical skills  Personal skills  Social skills  Management skills mnRAJU

Instruction Patterns 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. 8. 9. 10. Lecture Chorus Close-ended Questioning Open-ended Questioning Full Class Interaction Student Initiated Questioning Group Work Pair Work (Collaboration) Individual Work Self Access mnRAJU

Instruction Patterns Mode Participants Live Online one-toone teacher-student student-teacher student-student  conversation  explanation  clarification  discussion online chat e-mail one-tomany teacher-students student-students  lecture streaming audio  demonstration streaming video bulletin board mailing list many-tomany students-students  debate  GD audio-conference video-conference forum blog mnRAJU

Classroom Management Tools 1. Pair work 2. Group work 3. Good instructions 4. Eliciting 5. Thought provoking questions 6. Activities, Games & Technology mnRAJU


Pair Work  Recall the Icebreaker  Think of advantages of pair work  Form pairs  Share your ideas with partner  Share with class mnRAJU

Pair Work - Advantages  Greater opportunity for Application  Learners gain confidence/overcome fear  Real time feedback/response  Peer learning  Cooperation – a life skill mnRAJU

Pair Work – Review   THINK – make notes form PAIRS  SHARE with Partner  SHARE with Class mnRAJU


Group Work  Recall Activity -2  Form groups  Discuss advantages of group work  Arrive at consensus  Share with class mnRAJU

Group Work - Advantages  More student participation time  More listening time  More fun  Exchange of ideas  Seeing others‟ points of view  Improved social skills  Improved problem solving skills mnRAJU

Group Work - Review  Explain the activity  Arrange the groups  Set time limit  Give example/demonstration  Move & Monitor  Follow up  Discuss the activity mnRAJU


Good Instructions are . . .  Short  Simple  Precise  Easy to follow  Repeated  Demonstrated mnRAJU

Follow the Instructions! READ ALL THE INSTRUCTIONS AND FOLLOW THEM CAREFULLY BEFORE BEGINNING ANSWERING. Max Time: 2 minutes 1. Write your name in capital letters at the top of the sheet. 2. What is the full form of “GDC”? 3. How long have you been a teacher? 4. Make a small hole at the bottom with the tip of your pen. 5. If you are “male”, write “Not F”; if you are female, write “Not M”. 6. Say loudly the name of the subject that you teach. 7. How many zeroes are there in a million? 8. If you have finished reading all the instructions, answer only item 1 and ignore the rest. mnRAJU


Use questions, pictures, gestures to elicit specific responses in stead of telling. mnRAJU


Question Types Yes / No Information Closed ended Open ended Teacher initiated Student initiated Factual Inferential / Hypothetical Objective / Impersonal Subjective / Experiential LOT / Clarification HOT / Provocative Rhetorical Leading Direct Indirect Essential, Empowering, Selection, Problem-solving, Identification, Tag, Convergent, Divergent mnRAJU

Evaluation  Include variety  Avoid routine questions  Test application of learning  Encourage imagination  Encourage creativity  Promote further learning mnRAJU

Responding to Questions • • • • • Never ask just for the sake of it Ask only if you are prepared to listen and respond Avoid big words Avoid intimidating Involve the audience (do you think that?, have you considered?) • • • • Go narrow first, then broaden Follow up with „why‟ or „how‟ Accept “I don‟t know” as an answer Have you got any other good tip? mnRAJU


Visual Aids  Realia  Models  Photographs, Charts  Transparencies  Slideshows  Video Clips, Multimedia mnRAJU

Go Modern “Don‟t limit a child to your own learning, for he was born in another time.” - Rabindranath Tagore mnRAJU

Current Classroom Technologies        Internet YouTube Mobile Technologies Video Transmission Edutainment Social Networking Blogs, Podcasts, Webinars Use videos, audios, animation ( Use wikipedia etc; Create your own website mnRAJU

Continue learning. What you learn TODAY can IMPROVE ALL YOUR TOMORROWS mnRAJU

Thank you Send your comments to This slideshow is available at mnRAJU

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