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Published on June 10, 2007

Author: mabever


Classroom Geocaching:  Classroom Geocaching By: Megan Bever June 11, 2007 Looking for a way to motivate your students?:  Looking for a way to motivate your students? What if you told your students that they were going on a scavenger hunt? Imagine how excited they would be. What is Geocaching?:  What is Geocaching? Geocaching is an entertaining adventure game for gps users. Participating in a cache hunt is a great way to take advantage of the wonderful features and capabilities of a gps unit. A cache is hidden. It is usually some type of container. Clues are given and students have to locate the cache. What is a GPS?:  What is a GPS? A GPS unit is an electronic device that can be used to determine your approximate location on the planet. Coordinates are usually given in Longitude and Latitude. Benefits of GeoCaching:  Benefits of GeoCaching Integrates technology in the classroom Motivates students Gives students the opportunity for hands-on experiences GPS Devices :  GPS Devices GPS Devices Ranges in price from $100-$1000 Enter coordinates into the device to locate the cache The GPS picture on the right is a basic entry level device. Travel Bugs:  Travel Bugs Travel Bugs Is a trackable tag that you attach to an item Travel Bugs can be found in Groundspeak Store for $5.99 each How Do I Set Up Geocaching? :  How Do I Set Up Geocaching? First, obtain a GPS device of your choice. Create an account at Decide on the cache you want to use that will be interesting to your students. Record important clues and hints Enter the coordinates into the GPS receiver Bring an item that you would like to trade with another item from the cache How Do I Set Up Geocaching?:  How Do I Set Up Geocaching? Set your GPS to navigate the screen and the arrow will guide you Locate the cache Open the cache You can look at the contents of the cache, add or trade your item Sign the logbook with the date and your username How Do I Set Up Geocaching?:  How Do I Set Up Geocaching? After signing the logbook, hide the cache back where you found it Log on to the website Post a log about finding the cache Examples of Geocaching in the Classroom:  Examples of Geocaching in the Classroom Here is an example of how geocaching was used in the classroom in a Springhurst school in Kirkland, Washington Geocachingkids How do I set up a Travel Bug?:  How do I set up a Travel Bug? Create an account at Geocaching Visit the Travel Bug Activation Wizard to activate your new Travel Bugs Put the travel bug in the cache and create a log for it Report your cache Monitor the travel bug Using a Travel Bug in the Classroom:  Using a Travel Bug in the Classroom The teacher or students can establish goals for the travel bug Choose a destination for your travel bug Once the travel bug gets to the destination, choose a new one Every time the travel bug moves, it should be posted on the site Students can monitor where the travel bug goes Resources:  Resources Hide and Seek GPS and Geocaching in the Classroom by Lynn M. Lary

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