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Published on January 10, 2008

Author: Regina1


Rocks :  Rocks By Miss Slater’s Third Grade Class 2004-05 school year Shale:  Shale Shale is a sedimentary rock. It is formed by mud and clay. It can be ground up and mixed with limestone for cement and bricks. Some properties are can be large and flat and it can be split. Shale can have fossils on them. The colors of shale are gray, black or brown. And did you know that shale is found in the middle of North America? Shale is made of quartz, mica and a few other minerals. By: Aliseya Quartzite:  Quartzite Quartzite is a metamorphic rock. When sandstone changes quartz comes through the rock, which makes quartzite .The color of quartzite is a little clear but not much. Quartzite is formed by sandstone. You can find quartzite deep within the earth. Watch out! They are hard and tough. Freshly broken pieces make glass. It usually has grains and sometimes it has a sugary texture. I forgot to tell you quartzite is used to build houses. BY. Cheyanne PUMICE:  PUMICE Pumice is an igneous rock that is very light and can float in water. It has tiny bubbles of gas that make it look like a honey comb. It can be gray, pink, or brown. You can find pumice in Hawaii and the Rocky Mountains. Pumice can be formed in volcanoes. Pumice is also used for landscaping. It looks just like a pile of sand stuck together. It can be used for polishing other rocks that come out of the volcanoes or the sea. By Daby Shale:  Shale Have you wondered about shale? Well this will give you information about it. Did you know that shale is formed by mud or clay at the bottom of the ocean? You can also find it in North Central America! It’s made of sedimentary rock. And it’s made out of mud or clay. Which means it’s formed from different layers. It even has fossils and dinosaur tracks in it. It is so soft that you can make a mark with a hammer or knife. Shale is gray, red, black, and brown. You can make pottery and bricks out of shale. By: Elijah Granite:  Granite Granite is a type of igneous rock. The word igneous comes from the Latin word ignis witch means fire. Granite is formed by liquid called lava, or magma. When it cools down it gets hard and becomes granite. Granite can melt again if it gets hot enough. Granite has a little bit of black and crystals of glassy quartz. It has minerals of dark mica, feldspar, and horn blend. The dark spots that you can see are crystals of dark mica. Granite is used for decoration, buildings, and curbstones. Granite is found in the mountains of East and west U.S. Yosemite National Park. By Eric SANDSTONE:  SANDSTONE Sandstone is a sedimentary rock. Sandstone is made out of grains of quartz and it can have fossils in it. It is formed by wind, water, and ice that lay on older rocks. You can find these rocks in the west and the Grand Canyon. Sandstone rocks can be many different colors like: yellow, white, pink and even red. It feels like sandpaper. It is used to make houses, some are even still standing. These are my facts about sandstone. BY Harley Basalt:  Basalt The type of rock basalt is an igneous rock. It was quickly formed by magma cooling. The bubbles in basalt are gases in the magma. You can find it in Iceland or near Washington State. You can even find it by volcanoes! When you pick it up the edges are very pointy so watch out. In the middle of basalt it is soft. It is also has lots of bumps. Basalt is all kinds of colors it can be green gray or black. Basalt contains the minerals feldspar, agate, iron, and olivine. BY Haylee Basalt:  Basalt Basalt is an igneous rock. Basalt can be an oval shape. It can be a dark color like black. It can also have a pillow like shape and sometimes it is very smooth. It is formed by hard lava or magma. You can find basalt near a volcano like Mount St. Helens. Basalt is used for road building. The next time your driving, remember you are on basalt. By Jerry Slate:  Slate Slate is a rock that changes called metamorphic rock. It is a fine grain rock and it is a hard stone formed under the earth. Another way it is formed is by great heat in pressure. It is also formed by shale that turns into slate. You can find it in Scotland, France, southern Germany, or northeastern United States. It is brittle and it will break easy into smooth slabs. It can be different colors like gray, black, brown, green, red, or purple. Slate can be used to make blackboards, flagstone, and roofing tiles. Tabletops for the best pool tables are made of slate. By Joshua Granite:  Granite Granite is an Igneous rock. Igneous means the Latin word fire. It was formed by magma cooling very slowly deep inside the mountains. It is mostly found in the Western parts of United States, Canada, and Mexico. It can be used for countertops, kitchen and bathroom things, monuments, buildings, curbstones, and decorations. It is usually used for this stuff because it is very hard and strong. Granite can be pink or grey. It can be light or dark. Granite also contains Quartz, Feldspar, and Mica. When Granite is polished it is very shiny. It is impossible for anything to stain it. Granite is used from man kind for over 6,000 years. By: Kaitlin Limestone:  Limestone Limestone is a sedimentary rock. There is a lot of limestone throughout the world. Most limestone is in Central Texas. Caves are made out of limestone. Limestone can be white, gray, yellow or orange. These are types of limestone: Algal limestone, shelly limestone, Gastropod, and oolitic limestone. Limestone is made out of sea creatures such as algae and coral. Limestone comes from Calcite sediment and the evaporated seas. It is a hard rock and is used for buildings and skyscrapers. Chalk is also made from crushed limestone. You may even find broken shells or fossils in limestone. By: Katie Slate :  Slate Slate is a metamorphic rock. Slate is harder than shale, which is the rock it used to be. Heat and pressure cause shale to turn slate. Do you know what color slate is? It can be gray, green, black, brown and also red. Slate is a fine-grained brittle rock and breaks into sheets. It contains the minerals mica and quartz. It can be found in the old mountain ranges such as the Rockies and the Appalachians. You can use slate for table tops and the best pool tables. Chalkboards can even be made of slate. And that’s all about slate! By: Leanne Limestone :  Limestone Limestone is a sedimentary rock. It is made of shells. Limestone is used to make chalk and buildings. Limestone is very strong and can be used to make skyscrapers too. Limestone can be grey or black. If you put limestone in vinegar it will start to fizz because it contains calcite. By Lionel Marble:  Marble I’m going to tell you about a rock. Its name is marble and it is a metamorphic rock. It is formed by heat and recrystalized into limestone. It is located in Korea and is used for stone, carving, and sculptures. And some of its properties are its deep violet color and it can look like shiny sugar. Marble can be yellow, pink, black, white, red, or green. Did you know that it does not split easily? Now you know more about Marble. By Meghan Obsidian:  Obsidian My type of rock is igneous rock. It is small pieces from volcano. Little pieces that come from a volcano break off and make obsidian. When lava explodes it turns into glass or obsidian. Obsidian is used to make arrows and spears. It is used for lots of crystals in the world. Little pieces of rock get hard and break off and changes into obsidian. Obsidian is black, brown, bumpy, and even rough. It is curved from top and bottom and side to side. When it breaks the edges become sharp. It can be sharp and smooth. It has little lines on the rock that look like they could be layers. You can find it in California, New Mexico, Oregon, or even near volcanoes! By: Octavion Sandstone:  Sandstone Sandstone is an oval shaped, sedimentary rock. It can be many colors like brown, tan, and black. Some sandstone rocks look like limestone. It forms by a lot of things pressing down on it for a long time. It has many colors, is soft layered, and sometimes contains fossils. It is found in oceans and 75% of the earth’s surface on the west coast of the U.S. The Grand Canyon is made of sandstone. Sandstone feels like sandpaper. It is also called brownstone. It’s used to make houses, buildings, and cathedrals. It was also used to make the Grand Canyon. By: Paul Obsidian:  Obsidian Obsidian is an igneous rock. Obsidian is formed when lava is quickly chilled. Obsidian is made of cooled lava and it is volcanic glass. It is dark colored and can be thin fragments. Sometimes it is black with other specks or it can be black with red bands. It is glassy without crystals and it breaks off with shell-like fractures. Obsidian can have very sharp edges. Indian arrowheads and tools are made of obsidian. BY: QUANEESHA Pumice :  Pumice Pumice is a igneous rock. Igneous means heat. Pumice is from a volcano because it was formed from magma to pumice. Pumice is found in Lapari Island, West Coast beaches in the U.S., and in the Rocky Mountains. Pumice is cemented together from pebbles. It is rough, hollow and has lots of cavities. Pumice can be used as landscape stones, polishing compound, or to rub away bits of hard, course skin on feet and elbows. It can be ground up into showering powder; it can even be used for emery boards and Lava soup. Pumice is a kind glass. It’s made up of crystals and can be medium gray or pinkish brown. Pumice is a beautiful rock. By Taylor Marble:  Marble Have you ever wondered about marble? Marble is a metamorphic rock, which means it changes. Did you know that limestone gets heated and becomes marble so there for it’s also a descendent from limestone. A description of marble it is skinny, smooth, and hard. Marble can be white and black, red, yellow, or even green. Marble can be used to make statues and monuments and also for building bridges. But you can find this extraordinary rock in Greece or even in the Western United States. By Zachary

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