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Published on March 10, 2008

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Rotman Reunion Handbook 2002:  Rotman Reunion Handbook 2002 Rotman and U of T Alumni: Staying Connected Slide2:  Rotman and U of T Alumni Stay Connected   The graduates of the MBA, MCom and PhD programs at the Rotman School, University of Toronto, number more than 8,000. These alumni hold significant leadership positions in business and other organizations throughout the world. Additionally, over 12,000 undergraduate degree and certificate recipients are affiliated with the School. All of these people combine to help form an amazing network of business contacts and friends.   Your graduating class itself offers a tremendous network of resources, professional and personal contacts. At the Rotman School, we encourage you to maintain your ties with your former classmates and offer you assistance in organizing your special events. We can provide advice and guidance to you as you plan your event, and have prepared this handbook to assist you. Meeting and socializing with your peers adds value to your educational experience and fosters your Life-Long Learning, particularly if your gathering is coordinated around a special event already organized at the Rotman School. Some dates to consider for 2002: Thursday, June 6, 2002: 3rd Annual William Waters EMBA Alumni Dinner Friday, June 7, 2002: Rotman Life-Long Learning 2002 Saturday, June 8, 2002 and/or Sunday, June 9, 2002 YOUR Class Reunion? Thursday, Aug.22, 2002 Rotman Golf Day 2002-Cedar Brae Golf & Country Club Friday, Aug. 23 and/or Saturday, Aug.24, 2002 YOUR Class Reunion? For additional events at Rotman, please visit our news and events page: Slide3:  Planning Your Event   Many different types of events can be organized. Whether it’s a pub night, a sporting event, a dance, a dinner, or dozens or other possibilities, you will need to plan the details to ensure the event goes smoothly. The Reunion Planning Checklist in this handbook provides a step-by-step guide to help you and your peers to put it all together.   Why and When to Have a Reunion   In addition to holding more frequent get-togethers, many alumni members realize it is important to consider the major anniversary years as ‘must-do’ reunion opportunities. These are those significant years where alumni from all over the globe will want to return to Toronto to catch up on the comings and goings of their classmates. Benchmark years are usually considered to be the 5, 10, 20, 25, 40 and 50-year reunions. These are the reunions that would best tie in with the Rotman Life-Long Learning day each year in June. This time also parallels the annual University of Toronto Spring Reunion.   One potential rallying point for your reunion is a challenge to your classmates to give back to your school. Organizing a reunion as a fundraiser for the School will help you ensure continued growth and prosperity for current and future students, and the business community in Canada and abroad. We have included a pledge form at the back of this handbook for this purpose, and/or you may call the Office of Alumni and Community Relations at (416) 978-0240 for assistance. Why not consider a scholarship award in the name of your Class, for example?   Slide4:  Another class challenge for you to consider is to require all classmates, whether attending or not, to write a brief Class Note - a ‘mini-bio’ to share with the Rotman community. We publish Class Notes on a regular basis in the Rotman Management alumni magazine, as well as displaying them on the Rotman Alumni Web Portal. Class Notes outline alumni’s career paths, family updates, travels, and other adventures. We have included a Class Notes form on page xx of this handbook along with a form to update biographical data.   Remember – the Office of Alumni and Community Relations is available to answer your questions and concerns, as well as offer advice and guidance. In addition to the points in the checklist following, we have established relationships with caterers, florists, hotels and other suppliers, and will share our experiences with you as requested. Feel free to contact us!   Office of Alumni and Community Relations Joseph L. Rotman School of Management University of Toronto 105 St. George Street, Toronto, Ontario Canada M5S 3E6 Telephone: (416) 978-0240 Fax: (416) 978-1373 E-Mail: Web: Why and When to Have a Reunion (cont’d) Slide5:  Reunion Planning Checklist This checklist outlines the tasks that need to be completed for your reunion.   Create a Committee To plan an event successfully, you need to identify the key organizers. One of the best strategies is to set up a reunion committee. Delegating specific tasks to different people ensures a more manageable workload for each organizer. Here are tips on how to put a committee together:   Ask reliable friends to help out first Send an email asking for volunteers Find classmates in the city of the reunion location to help Create committees and assign a Chairperson to each   To avoid doing all the work alone, assign Chairpersons to lead committees for specific tasks, e.g.:   Food & Beverage Activities / Social Finance Classmate Search Donations for Class Gifts Reservations for Travel, Accommodations, Facilities Publicity and Communications Slide6:  Locate Classmates   If you need to find classmates from your graduating year, the Rotman School Alumni Office can supply you with a list of class members and their contact information. Keep in mind that communication via email, the Rotman Web Site, and the Rotman Alumni Web Portal, saves time and reduces costs. Post a reunion notice on the Rotman Web Site, the Rotman Alumni Web Portal, and in the Class Notes section of Rotman Management magazine Contact the Alumni Office at Rotman to help locate classmates ( or (416) 978-0240 Call all the classmates you have stayed in touch with Ask classmates to contact their alumni contacts Use whatever other facilities available, e.g. the Canada411 search program available on the Internet at: or Canada Newswire at   Ask classmates to submit suggestions to the Reunion Committee Post announcement on the Rotman Alumni Web Portal Post announcement on the Rotman Web Site asking for suggestions Solicit Suggestions Gather ideas for the reunion event and discuss what’s best for your group. Slide7:  Decide on Date and Duration When organizing an event, allow as much advance time as possible to prepare. Some committees begin preparations a year before the reunion if it is a large-scale event. For smaller gatherings, a few months of planning may be sufficient. Verify that your event does not conflict with another upcoming Rotman alumni event by checking the Web site. Look at under “Special Events.” The duration of your reunion will depend on the number of activities you want to have. The reunion can range from one major event on a single day to a gathering that runs over a weekend or a few days with a wide variety of activities.   Decide number and type of activities Obtain feedback from classmates Post planning ideas and solicit comments on the Rotman Web Site and the Rotman Alumni Web Portal   Decide on Activities Many different types of events are possible. Your reunion can offer a variety of activities or you can have one major event. Be sure to choose a date, time and season that is suitable for the type of event you choose. It is also important to remember that if you are planning to invite Roger Martin, Dean of the Rotman School, or any other prestigious speakers or well-known individuals, you should provide as much advance notice as possible. Some reunion events can be held at the Rotman School. You could also arrange an event that “piggybacks” on the annual Rotman Life-Long Learning day event held each year, with your class event held, for instance, at the end of the formal part of the Rotman event. Here are some ideas for possible events:   Family BBQ Tennis Doubles Event Tour of the School Luncheon Afternoon at a swimming pool Spa Visit Event organized around Rotman Sporting Event Life-Long Learning Day Formal Dinner & Dance Day at the Zoo National/Provincial Park Visit Boat Ride / Cruise of Toronto Islands Potluck Dinner Night at a Local Sports Bar Amusement Park Visit Golf Day Picnic Bowling Slide8:  Finalize Critical Details  Double check all details regarding the date, time, cost, etc. Confirm the availability of any special guests, professors, and Dean Roger Martin. Confirm the dates and venues. Keep the owner or staff of the venue informed throughout the planning stages, whether the event is in a classmate’s backyard or at SkyDome.   Reunion Theme Reunion Date Reunion Time Reunion Location Reunion Activities  Inform Classmates Keep classmates involved and informed on the planning projects. There may be more interest for the actual event when more people are involved and classmates may be able to assist if they know where help is needed.   E-mail Post on the Rotman Web Site and Rotman Alumni Web Portal  Send Official Invitation Now it’s time to send out the invitation for the reunion to your classmates. More than one person should proofread the invitation. Be sure to include details such as the registration deadline and method(s) of payment, a contact person, Web site, phone number, and/or email address in case any classmates require more information. If a portion of the proceeds is going to support the Rotman School, be sure to include information about how the funds will be directed. (You may wish to include the pledge form at the back of this handbook.) Once you have double-checked and proofread your invitation, you are now ready to distribute the invitation by:   Mass mailing E-mail Provide detailed information about the location, date(s), theme, activities, cost, deadline for payments, if children are invited, contact person, subcommittee chairpersons, group hotel rates, discounts, etc. Slide9:  Track Expenses  Track expenses to calculate an accurate total cost for the reunion. Covering your costs is crucial to the success of your event. Some facilities will provide you with a cost estimate for the activity you are planning.   Create a spreadsheet to track expenses Remember to list all expenses pertaining to the event Calculate a fee for each classmate   Collect Money  Major problems to avoid are: failure of organizers to collect enough money to cover expenses, and failure of participants to pay their fair share. One way to avoid these pitfalls is to collect money before the reunion. It is easier to collect money before an event than after.   Decide on methods of payment: Credit cards, cheques, and/or cash Set a payment deadline Decide on fee for late payment, and/or discount for early payment Decide whether to include the pledge form (see back of handbook) to generate donations to the Rotman School and/or the University of Toronto Slide10:  Register Classmates The classmate has not officially registered until you have received payment. Determine the format of registration: email, direct mail, telephone, etc. Send reunion fees to the finance person or committee Chair Post a list of attendees on the Rotman Web Site and Rotman Alumni Web Portal   Send a Reminder  A friendly reminder should now be sent to those classmates who have not yet paid. People have busy lives and may thank you for the reminder.   Send a reminder by e-mail or mail   Confirm Attendance  Confirm registration and payment received from all classmates attending.   E-mail or phone stating registration received. Remember to list all attendees on the Web Site and Alumni Web Portal Slide11:  During the Event  Have a good time! And take lots of pictures!   After the Event The community at the Rotman School would love to read about your reunion in the alumni magazine. Please consider submitting a short article about your event, perhaps a photo or two (digital preferred, but we can scan an original photo and return it to you.) We would be pleased to share the details of your event in our magazine and on the Rotman Alumni Web Portal. If you have any questions, please contact:   The Office of Alumni and Community Relations Joseph L. Rotman School of Management University of Toronto 105 St. George Street Toronto, Ontario Canada M5S 3E6 Telephone: (416) 978-0240 Fax: (416) 978-1373 Email: Web Site: Slide12:  Rotman Alumni Information and Class Notes Form     Class Note I would prefer to receive my mail correspondence at my  business or  home address. Yes, I support the Dean’s Vision!:  Yes, I support the Dean’s Vision!

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