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Published on March 15, 2008

Author: Michela


Class of 1987:  Class of 1987 20th Reunion May 2007 Slide2:  Pam Gerrol AB Human Biology Have been living in Newton, MA, for the better part of the last 10 years after a few years in Denver and a couple in NY.  Enjoying my work as a prenatal genetic counselor at Brigham & Women's Hospital in Boston.  Always happy to answer questions for those of you still having babies. Am a huge Red Sox fan and work right down the street from Fenway Park so if you ever have an extra ticket... Currently Living In: Newton, Massachusetts Freshman Unit: #32, Emery-Woolley 4th floor Catching up with the High Jinks, aka Rockapella, aka GrooveBarbers Slide3:  Donald Apy & Jennifer Don Apy AB Computer Science (both), AB Urban Studies (Don), AB Cognitive Science (Jen) We are now proud parents of 3!  Being in the education and toy businesses has it's advantages -- always plenty of new games and ideas for spending quality time with the kids!  Don is currently a Project Manager at Cisco Systems. Most recently Jen was VP of Marketing for Discovery Toys, but left in 2005 to work from home as a Strategic Marketing & Business Planning Consultant.  Both of us started an online educational toy business last year, that was featured in Conduit (Brown CS Mag) -- visit us at! Andrew 8 yrs Marissa 4 yrs Christopher 15 months Currently Living In: Fremont, California Freshman Unit: East Andrews (1st & 2nd Floor) Slide4:  Gyneth Sick & James Walker AB Comparative Literature I live in Italy with this lovely family. This picture was taken by our own Peter Weyler, coming through Rome a few years ago. Plenty of other friends have visited too -- but not enough! After a brief stint playing semi-professional soccer and waterpolo, I joined Aspen Institute Italia, where I now edit the English edition of a highly regarded journal on foreign affairs. Otherwise, I zip madly about town on my moped, taking the kids (one at a time!) to their many activities and playdates. James and I also have a mean blues band:! Gyneth Sick with James Walker and kids, Gordon and Saskia. Currently Living In: Rome, Italy Freshman Unit: Pembroke (w/ Bruce Miller, Gersh Kuntzman, Peter Weyler, Sarah Smith ) Slide5:  David Lavallee & Christina Moore Emma Hart Lavallee was born Tuesday night, 5/22! 7 lbs, 10 oz. and 20 inches. David with his wife Christina, Charlie (3) and Will (2). Currently Living In: Boston, Massachusetts Freshman Unit: Slide6:  Chirinjeev (Baboo) Kathuria ScB Heath Policy & PLME Ran for US Senate in 2004. Currently Living In: Illinois Freshman Unit: Slide7:  Claudia Yellin & Navah Levine AB Women’s Studies & Psychology My partner Navah Levine (Yale '86) and I live in Providence, and just bought a house on the East Side. I obtained a Ph.D. in Clinical Psychology in 2001 and have a private practice working with children, adults, and families. Navah is in rabbinical school at Hebrew College in Newton, MA. This photo was taken on our trip to New Zealand. Currently Living In: Providence, Rhode Island Freshman Unit: Keeney Quad Slide8:  Sarah Eaton Stuart & James Stuart (’85) AB Law & Public Policy In 1999, I married a fellow Brown grad, James Stuart, class of 1985.  He is also the first cousin of our classmate - one of my college roommates - Tori Stuart.  We were married in France (in the Loire Valley), where we are living in Paris from 1998 through 2003.  I worked as the European counsel for the National Basketball Association in Paris.  We also had our first 2 sons in Paris: William, born February 1, 2001 and Nicholas, born March 2, 2003.  We then moved to the Hague, the Netherlands, where I worked as the European lawyer for Reebok.  We had a third son, Charlie, in the Hague, on March 25, 2005.  We moved back to the U.S. in June of 2005 after 8 years in Europe.  We have now settled into life in the Boston area.  I am the senior lawyer responsible for global marketing and sports marketing at Reebok (now part of the adidas group) and we live in Dover, a suburb of Boston.  My husband, James, is working in private equity. William, 6 yrs, Nicholas, 4 yrs, Charlie, 2 yrs Currently Living In: Dover, Massachusetts Freshman Unit: Wriston Quad Slide9:  Cate Cavanaugh Krensavage & Tommy Krensavage AB French Semiotics This is my wedding photo from June 10th, 2006. I was married at Stanford University Memorial Church in Palo Alto where I attended the MBA program and graduated in 1995. We now live in Menlo Park, CA expecting a baby girl in September. Currently Living In: Menlo Park, California Freshman Unit: Ozone on the Quad Slide10:  David Newfeld & Megumi AB Philosophy David & Megumi in Alberta BC, and Kai (3) Noah (5) Currently Living In: Plano, Texas Freshman Unit: North Wayland Slide11:  Susan McAuliffe Wiczynski & Tommy Wiczynski AB Tommy and I live in La Jolla, CA, with Kate (2) and another bun in the oven, due in December.  I own a uniform company and try to juggle my entrepreneurial duties with motherhood....  I ache to stay home and hope this dream will become reality!  I also teach Dale Carnegie classes at night.  (I seem to recall that in college, "Winning Friends And Influencing People" was easy as long as there was a keg handy, but alas the real world is much stuffier.)  Tommy is a surfer and an engineer, in that order, so I count on him to keep things light.  I keep up with Laura Perille, my old partner in crime, and Rick Perera (did you guys see him on PBS awhile ago??), Leslie Case '85 and Heidi Horstmann Koester '86 but not enough others.  My e-mail is  Currently Living In: La Jolla, California Freshman Unit: Slide12:  Stephanie Robinson I'm living in DC after two short stints with UNHCR in Argentina and Uganda.  Had two fun mini-reunions last year at Edisa Weeks' wedding (she wore RED!) and last Christmas in D.C. with Krista Rimple, Phil Levesque and Jeanie Pyun.  Note: Phil is acting in LA and Jeanie is editing an online green magazine in NYC called  I'm now working for Consular Bureau at State Department and happy to see Brown friends any time. Currently Living In: Washington, DC Freshman Unit: Slide13:  Barbara Calhoun & Ram Ramachandran ScB BioEngineering Barbara & Ram, married in 2004. Currently Living In: Winston-Salem, North Carolina Freshman Unit: West Andrews Slide14:  Taylor Wells (formerly Leigh Hare) AB independent concentration:  media and social change My husband, Philippe, and I left the rat race five years ago to follow our hearts and our dharma and open Prana Power Yoga in Newton, Mass ( I was finishing my doctorate in clinical psychology at the time and Philippe was working at Bain Capital in Boston. We now have three studios—one in Newton, Mass one in Union Square, NYC and one in Cambridge, Mass (opening summer, 2007). We practice yoga every day and spread the light of the practice at our three studios. Our NYC studio was voted one of the top 25 yoga studios in the world by Travel and Leisure magazine a few weeks after our third child, Phoenix Lakota, was born. Phoenix, now four months old, is adored by his big sisters Madison (9) and Sage (3). Currently Living In: Newton, Massachusetts Freshman Unit: Emery We are very blessed to be able to parent our kids full-time while running our studios out of our home. Check out the story of how we met and decided to leave the rat race on, a website profiling people who are fueled by passion and inspiration, who through their unique contribution make Boston a better place to live. Slide15:  Kaia Miller & Jono Goldstein AB International Relations Currently Living In: Boston, Massachusetts Freshman Unit: West Quad, Jameson Jono & me, on a gorilla trek in Rwanda). We are living in Boston with 2 daughters Annika (age 3) and Skylar (age 1).  Advising developing countries on economic growth strategies.  Favorite clients:  El Salvador, Rwanda, Armenia and Yemen.  Also building girls’ school in Rwanda.  Slide16:  Jonathan Scherl & Marci AB Biology Currently Living In: Tenafly, New Jersey Freshman Unit: Wayland After Brown I went to Penn Med.  I did an orthopaedic surgery residency in New York City.  I am now in solo private practice in Englewood, New Jersey.  I am married and have three kids.  We can be reached at  I'm looking forward to looking back. Kids:  Dani 11, Jared 8, and Jesse 5 Slide17:  Chris Stille & Sheila ScB Currently Living In: Shrewsbury, Massachusetts Freshman Unit: Morriss, 4th Floor Sheila, Peter (9), Meghan (7) and I have been living in Shrewsbury, MA for a whopping eight years. Sheila and I are both certified academic geeks now. I’m Associate Professor of General Pediatrics at UMass Medical School, mixing research with primary care practice, and Sheila is director of the UMass Dental Residency Program. Our offices are only 50 feet apart, which is a nice new thing! Peter and Meghan are loads of fun and keep us busy all the time. Please look us up if you’re in the area! Slide18:  Eileen Cates Stone & Kevin Stone AB Human Biology Currently Living In: Charlton, NY Freshman Unit: Andrews Son Kieran Stone, and dogs Tully and Cedar. Photo taken on top of Hurricane Mountain, Adirondacks Slide19:  Amy Gross Hymanson & Jerry Hymanson AB in Business Economics Currently Living In: Morganville, New Jersey Freshman Unit: After 8 years as a litigation attorney, I went to work for Oracle, USA, Inc. in the Iselin, NJ office. I am currently working for Oracle as a Business Practices Manager for State & Local Government accounts out of my home office. Jerry and I were married on August 18, 1990. We are currently living in Morganville, NJ with our two children, Samantha (12) and Evan (8) and our golden retriever, Cody. Slide20:  Maria Oliveira Evonsion & Currently Living In: Freshman Unit: Slide21:  Charlotte Fleetwood Currently Living In: Cambridge, Massachusetts Freshman Unit: Hi all! For the past twelve years I've been living in Cambridge and working as a planner/project manager on some major park design projects along the Charles River and in downtown Boston. Most of the time, my job is a blast - I get to work with designers, artists, engineers of all kinds, and fun communities like the North Enders and the people in Chinatown. I'm hoping to see Jen MacDonald ('87) and her husband Tom Petersen (Brown PhD - not sure what year) this summer at their house on the outer banks of North Carolina.  I love to see old friends, so if you are coming to Boston, let me know! Slide22:  Asli Giray AB Human Biology Currently Living In: Cyprus, Turkey Freshman Unit: West Andrews I have received a tenure position at Eastern Mediterranean University, North Cyprus, where I am still teaching in the Music Department, whch I founded in 1999, and working on my thesis for a PhD in Communication and Media Studies, consisting of the effect of music on the perception of messages in film. My third photography exhibition will take place next fall, and my most recent documentary film was shown in an international symposium on Cyprus Studies last fall. Slide23:  Currently Living In: San Mateo, California Freshman Unit: Since the 15th reunion, I've married and have had 3 kids. My wife, Isabell Beddow, and I live with in San Mateo, CA with our twin 2 1/2yr olds (Grace and Ryan) and our 10mos old (Owen). As you might guess, I am an diapering pro now. Me, I'm still doing the software thing, working for Clearwell Systems,a startup focused on email intelligence; we make an app that helps companies search and analyze their vast amounts of email.  Ever true, Eric Eric Bloch & Isabell Beddow Slide24:  Nitya Datwani Bharany & Mahesh Bharany AB Economics Currently Living In: New Delhi, India Freshman Unit: I am now living in New Delhi with my husband Mahesh and our two wonderful sons Manit (13) and Nirvaan (10). Slide25:  Amy Chang & Terrence Lee AB International Relations & Economics Currently Living In: Silver Spring, Maryland Freshman Unit: West Andrews, 3rd Floor The girls' ages are Hannah (6) and Lydia (4). I would love to hear from classmates, at Slide26:  Cecilia Yu & Michael Wong ScB Biology Currently Living In: St Louis, Missouri Freshman Unit: West Andrews, 3rd Floor Matthew 12 years Christopher 9 years Slide27:  I live in San Francisco with my partner, Christopher Carrington.  I work as an Interaction Designer at AmberPoint Software in Oakland, and Christopher is an associate professor of sociology and human sexuality studies at San Francisco State University. We moved to San Francisco in 1993, after living in Providence and Quincy, MA.  San Francisco is home for us now, and we can't imagine living anywhere else. We love skiing in Tahoe (picture here is of us skiing with our nephew, Nicolas), traveling to Ashland, OR with friends to the Oregon Shakespeare Festival, and dancing the night away in San Francisco. Currently Living In: San Francisco, CA Freshman Unit: New Pembroke, #3 Jim Dibble & Christopher Carrington AB Computer Science Slide28:  Martin and Susan live in Salt Lake City with their four kids, Mei-Ling 13, Noah 11, Linnea 8 and Katie 6. Martin is a professor in the Dept. of Biology and was recently awarded tenure. Susan is an OB/GYN in private practice. Currently Living In: Salt Lake City, Utah Freshman Unit: Susan Toung Horvath & Martin Horvath Slide29:  Update in past twenty years.... Married to Alan (Harvard, '79) and have two boys, Brian (age 10) and Daniel (age 6).Stayed in Rhode Island (of course!) and am living in my hometown of Lincoln.Working for the same company for the past 20 years: MetLife Think Snoopy and the blimp! I'm an actuary.My inlaws live in Hawaii and my sister lives in France. Soccer - indoor and outdoor, little league baseball, cub scouts and scrabble fill our spare time. Currently Living In: Lincoln, Rhode Island Freshman Unit: West Andrews Lise Pontbriand & Alan Hasegawa ScB in Applied Math-Economics Slide30:  Trinita Brown & Currently Living In: Washington, DC Freshman Unit: On June 28, 2005 we welcomed Kaila Linnea Thomas into our hearts and family. Kaila may be a future Brown Cheerleader in 2023! These are Kaila's best friends and twin cousins, Signe and Greta who live in Stockholm, Sweden with my brother Dr. Terrence E. Brown,'84 and his wife. Slide31:  Dexter Harris & Currently Living In: Freshman Unit: Since last reunion, I have had two sons (Xavier & Langston) and was wed in Sept 2005, where several Brown '87 friends attended (Washington, DC). Slide32:  Denise Biscoe Eng & Rick Eng AB Computer Science Currently Living In: Minnesota Freshman Unit: West Andrews Jeffrey, 14 months Slide33:  CLASS OF ’87 CLASSMATES: BE A PART OF OUR REUNION SLIDESHOW! SEND IN YOUR PICTURES TODAY!

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