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Published on January 7, 2008

Author: Lucianna


Industrial Safety ET 335:  Industrial Safety ET 335 Chapter 19 Accident Investigation & Reporting Accident Investigation:  Accident Investigation When to investigate As soon as the accident is under control What to investigate Collect all facts Do not determine Fault Determine Causes Typical Questions:  Typical Questions Type of work being done? Exactly what was the worker was doing? Was proper training given? Was the person authorized use the equipment or perform the task? Were there other workers present? Was the task being performed according to procedure? Typical Questions:  Typical Questions Was the proper equipment used? Was the employee new to the job? Was the process, equipment, or system new? Was the person being supervised? Were there any rules not being followed? Where did the accident take place? Typical Questions:  Typical Questions What was the condition of the accident site? Has a similar accident happened before? Are there obvious solutions that could have prevented the accident? Factors to Consider:  Factors to Consider Size of the Company Structure of the Safety program Type of accident Seriousness of the accident Recurrence of the accident Company’s Management Ideas Commitment to Safety The Investigation:  The Investigation Isolate the Accident Scene Record all Evidence Photograph or Videotape Scene Identify Witnesses Interview Witnesses Witnesses:  Witnesses Primary Saw the accident take place Secondary Were in the area of the accident Tertiary Not present, but still may has evidence that is relevant. Interviewing Witnesses:  Interviewing Witnesses When to Interview As soon as possible Where to Interview At the Accident Scene How to Interview Ask open ended questions Reporting:  Reporting An accident investigation should always produce an accident report. This should be kept for the company’s records. OSHA Recordable:  OSHA Recordable The Following must be reported to OSHA within 48 hours: Death One or more lost workdays Restrictions of motion or work Loss of consciousness Transfer to another job Medical treatment Group Discussion:  Group Discussion What items would/should you include in an accident report? Industrial Safety ET 335:  Industrial Safety ET 335 Chapter 20 Promoting Safety Safety Policy:  Safety Policy This should identify the company’s intentions to provide a safe work environment. It should include the following: That the company is committed to safety and health. Employees are expected to do their work safely. The company is also committed to the safety of the public. Safety Rules:  Safety Rules Employers must have rules to keep the workplace safe. Employer must make sure that the employees know the rules. Employers must ensure that the rules are followed. Enforcing Rules:  Enforcing Rules Objectivity Equal enforcement of the rules. Consistency Enforcement in the same manner. Guidelines for Developing Rules:  Guidelines for Developing Rules Try to minimize the number of rules. Write the rules clearly. Only make the necessary rules. Involve employees in making the rules. Develop enforceable rules. Use Common Sense. Ways to encourage employee support:  Ways to encourage employee support Suggestion boxes Committees Safety circles ASK! Suggestion Program Criteria:  Suggestion Program Criteria Formal Response Immediate answers Monitor performance of departments Report system costs and savings Recognition and awards Implement good ideas Minimize personality conflicts Visual Awareness:  Visual Awareness Is usually more effective than discussions. Rules of thumb: Change regularly Involve employees Keep message brief Make them large enough Find a good location Use bright colors Personal Commitment:  Personal Commitment Gets employees involved in taking responsibility for company safety Employee Signature Benefits: Employees make a personal commitment. Employees correct other workers. Employees give permission for workers to correct them. Incentives:  Incentives Define objectives Develop specific criteria Make meaningful rewards Only employees may participate Keep open communications Reward teams Group Discussion:  Group Discussion What are some potential problems with competitive safety promotion programs?

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