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Published on March 19, 2014

Author: ezyazizah



my final project on english course

Class Grouping Sayyida Azizah St. Card ID PR12021173 High Intermediate 4 / 300 Ms. Rina

In my opinion, putting students in different classes based on their scores is positive because of three reasons: It can make the students study based on their ability, It can motivate the students to get the high scores, and It enables the teachers to monitor the students more easily. Thesis Statement

The students will focus more on the lessons. The students also will understand the lessons more easily It can make the students study based on their ability

The students will compete with other students who have same level The students will be more serious in studying and getting motivation It can motivate the students to get the high scores

The students get extra attention from the teacher The teacher will develop the students’ potential It enables the teachers to monitor the students more easily


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