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Published on January 26, 2014

Author: rainjitananda



A presentation on Guru - the spiritual teacher by Dada Rainjitananda

Meditation By Dada Rainjitananda

Yoga  The aim of Yoga is to attain perfect happiness.  The method for attaining it lies in the full development of the mind and body.

Yoga  One can achieve it slowly by natural means …  … but there is a well defined method for more rapid self-development

Yoga  The goal is union (yoga) of individual consciousness with the Cosmic Consciousness

The Teacher/Guide  In the path of Yoga the teacher is called “Guru”  “One who dispels darkness”

The Guru  One who teaches academic matters is called teacher. It is not enough.  One who removes darkness from the psychic world, who imparts psychic knowledge also will not suffice.  Guru removes darkness from the three strata, physical, psychic and spiritual.

A Spiritual Guru  must be well-acquainted with the process of sa'dhana‘(spiritual practice)  must possess complete knowledge of the scriptures,  must know many languages,  and must have comprehensive knowledge and intellect

A Spiritual Guru  Must possess the capacity to punish as well as bless the disciples  He is a born guru and has no spiritual guru  He comes with a specific mission to restore morality and dharma.  His emergence means a new era of white peace and dharma.

Who can be the Guru  Only Cosmic Consciousness knows the method to reach Cosmic Consciousness as it is beyond human scope.  Through a physical structure the Guru teaches the spiritual science.

The Disciple  Must be zealous in the practice.  Acquire the requisite knowledge.  Attain control over the mind.  Noble conduct.  Self-restraint  Ready to follow the instructions

Mantra   “that collection of sounds meditation on which leads to liberation” Mantra creates a parallelism between individual rhythm and Cosmic rhythm.

Mantra  When the Guru chooses a word or words, …  …fills them with the Cosmic vibration  and makes that vibrational flow move in perfect rhythm with the Macrocosmic vitality, …  …then that mantra is called siddha mantra (perfected mantra)

Essential Factors for Progress  The mantra should suit the individual  The individual should feel a fraternal emotion for the external world.  Service to humanity is a must.

Shrii Shrii Anandamurti

Iishvara Pranidhana      The first lesson of meditation is called Iishvara Pranidhana. It is a part of Niyama. One will receive a personal mantra called Is’ta Mantra. A process of concentration And a cakra to concentrate – Is’ta Cakra The Acarya is the media that the Guru utilizes to initiate the disciple into the practice.

Initiation  The English word initiation does not really translate the meaning of the sanskrit word “diks’a’”.  There are two kinds of diks ’a’ Vaedikii diks’a  Tantrikii diks’a 

Vaedikii Diks’a’  One is requesting the Supreme Entity to show him/her the path to self-realization

Tantrikii Diks’a’  One learns the practical method to move towards the Supreme Realization  There 3 parts Diipanii – it lightens the path  Mantra’gha’ta – it awakes the kundalini  Mantra Caetanya – the kundalini rises   The movement of kundalini liberates one from all physical and psychic

Kundalini  The movement of kundalini from the lowest cakra to the highest liberates one from all physical and psychic.  When the kundalini rises to the highest cakra the unit entity merges with the Cosmic Entity.  This is the highest state of realization.

When the kundalini rises to the highest cakra the unit entity merges with the Cosmic Entity. One attains the highest state of realization.

Our Meditation Practice Today  Meditation with Baba Nam Kevalam mantra

Baba Nam Kevalam  All is the Supreme Consciousness  Love is all there is

Let us meditate now  Baba Nam Kevalam

Take initiation on Tantric Meditation  Contact via

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