Class 12 Cbse Biology Syllabus 2011-12

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Published on March 11, 2014

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cbse class 12 biology syllabus 2011-12 -

w w w 111 10. Tostudyhumanskeletonanddifferenttypesofjoints. Syllabus – Biology (XII) One Paper Time: 3 Hours Marks : 70 Unit Marks 6. Reproduction 14 7. Geneticsandevolution 18 8. Biologyandhumanwelfare 14 9. Biotechnologyanditsapplications 10 10. Ecologyandenvironment 14 Total 70 UNIT-VI REPRODUCTION (35 Periods) Reproductioninorganisms:Asexualandsexualreproduction.Sexualreproductioninflowering plants:Structureofflower,pollination,fertilization,developmentofseedsandfruits,apomixis andpolyembryony. Humanreproduction: Reproductivesysteminmaleandfemale,menstrualcycle,production ofgametes,fertilization,implantation,embryodevelopment,pregnancy,parturitionandlactation. Reproductive Health : Problems and strategies, Population and birth control, contraception andMTP;sexuallytransmitteddiseases,infertility. UNIT-VII GENETICSAND EVOLUTION (45 Periods) Mendelianinheritance. Chromosometheoryofinheritance,deviationsfromMendelianratio(geneinteraction-incomplete dominance,co-dominance,multiplealleles). Sexdeterminationinhumanbeings:XX,XY. Linkageandcrossingover. Inheritancepattern:Mendeliandisordersandchromosomaldisordersinhumans. DNAandRNA,searchforgeneticmaterial,replication,transcription,geneticcode,translation. Geneexpressionandregulation. Genome and Human Genome Project. DNAfingerprinting. Evolution:Originoflife,theoriesand evidences,adaptiveradiation,mechanismofevolution, originandevolutionofman.

w w w 112 UNIT -VIII BIOLOGYAND HUMAN WELFARE (35 Periods) Basicconceptsofimmunology,vaccines. Pathogens, Parasites Cancer andAIDS Adolescence and drug / alcohol abuse. Plantbreeding,tissueculture,singlecellprotein,foodproduction,animalhusbandry. Microbes in household food processing, industrial production, sewage treatment, energy generation,biocontrolagentsandbiofertilizers. UNIT-IX BIOTECHNOLOGYAND ITSAPPLICATION (30 Periods) PrinciplesandProcesses;RecombinantDNAtechnology;ApplicationsinHealthandAgriculture; geneticallymodified(GM)organisms;biosafetyissues. UNIT -X ECOLOGY & ENVIRONMENT (35 Periods) Organism and Population : Organism and its environment, populations and ecological adaptations. Biodiversity, its importance and conservation, Biosphere Reserves, National Parks and wild life sancturies. Ecosystems:components,types,energyflow,nutrientcyclingandecosystemservices. Environmentalissues. Recommended Textbook. Biology textbook for Class XII, Published by NCERT Practicals Time: 3 Hours Marks : 30 60 Periods 1. Experimentsandspotting 20 marks 2. Record of one investigatory project and Viva based on the project 5 marks 3. Class record and Viva based on experiments 5 marks 30 marks List of Experiments 1. Disect the given flower and display different whorls. Disect anther and ovary to show numberofchambers. 2. Studypollengerminationonaslide. 3. Collectandstudysoilfromatleasttwodifferentsitesandstudythesefortexture,moisture content,pHandwaterholdingcapacityofsoil.Correlatewiththekindsofplantsfoundin them.

w w w 113 4. Collect water from two different water bodies around you and study the samples for pH, clarityandpresenceofanylivingorganisms. 5. Studythepresenceofsuspendedparticulatematterinairatthetwowidelydifferentsites. 6. Study of plant population density by quadrat method. 7. Prepare a temporary mount of onion root tip to study mitosis 8. To study the effect of the different temperatures and three different pH on the activity of salivaryamylaseonstarch. Study/observation of the following (Spotting) 1. Studyofflowersadaptedtopollinationbydifferentagencies(wind,insect) 2. Studyofpollengerminationon stigmathroughapermanentslide. 3. Study and identify stages of gamete development i.e.T.S. testis andT.S. ovary through permanentslides.(fromanymammal) 4. Studymeiosisinonionbudcellorgrasshoppertestisthroughpermanentslide. 5. Study of T.S. of blastula through permanent slide. 6. StudyMendelianinheritanceusingseedsofdifferentcolour/sizeofanyplant. 7. Study prepared pedigree charts of genetic traits such as rolling of tongue, blood groups, widow’s peak, colour blindness. 8. Exerciseoncontrolledpollination-Emasculation,taggingandbagging. 9. To identify common disease causing organisms likeAscaris, Entamoeba, Plasmodium, Ringwormthroughpermanentslideorspecimen.Commentonsymptomsofdiseasesthat theycause. 10. Study two plants and two animals found in xeric conditions. Comment upon their adaptations/morphologicalfeatures 11. Study plants and animals found in aquatic conditions. Comment upon their adaptations/ morphologicalfeatures.

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