Class 11 Physics Notes Units and Measurement NCERT Solutions 11th Sci

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Information about Class 11 Physics Notes Units and Measurement NCERT Solutions 11th Sci

Published on January 15, 2018

Author: takshilael


slide 1: Class 11 Physics Notes Units and Measurement | NCERT Solutions 11th Science In this article we have discussed the Units and Measurement it covers the Chapter 2: Units and Measurement of Physics Class 11. Physical quantities: Quantities that can be measured in term of which laws of Physics can be defined are called physical quantities. Example: mass length etc. Unit: Measurement of any physical quantity involves comparison with any certain basic arbitrarily chosen internationally accepted reference standard known as a unit. Watch recorded lectures on Class 11 Physics – Units and Measurement. Fundamental or Base units Derived units: The units for the base or fundamental quantities are called base or fundamental units. There are 7 fundamental quantities and they are:  Length slide 2:  Mass  Time  Electric Current  Temperature  Amount of Substance  Luminous Intensity The units of all other physical quantities can be expressed as combinations of the base units. Such units obtained for the derived quantities are called derived units. For the detailed explanation click on Physics notes of Class 11. The system of Units: A complete set of units both the base units and derived units is known as the system of units. Three common systems of units frequently used in Physics are:  CGS system In CGS system we use centimeter gram and second respectively  FPS or British system In FPS system we use foot pound and second respectively  MKS system In MKS system we use metre kilogram and second respectively 1. SI System of Unit The system of units which at present is internationally accepted for measurement is known as the SI system of Units. SI units used decimal system conversions within the system are quite simple and convenient. SI units of 7 Fundamental 2 Supplementary Physical Quantities: SI units of 7 Fundamental Physical Quantities slide 3: Base quantity Name Symbol of SI Units Length metre m Mass kilogram kg Time second s Electric current Ampere Temperature Kelvin k Amount of substance mole mol Luminous intensity candela cd SI units of 2 Supplementary Physical Quantities Plane angle Radian rad Solid angle Steradian sr For more such Physics notes online classes NCERT Solutions for Class 11 register with Takshila Learning. Takshila Learning offers online CBSE exams coaching for Class 1 to 12 to the students so that they can easily score good marks in CBSE exams. We offer a complete package of 11th Class Science that includes Physics Biology and Chemistry video lectures question bank virtual experiments NCERT solutions of Class 11. Call us : 8800999280/8800999284

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