Class 10 Tantra - Guru and Disciple

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Information about Class 10 Tantra - Guru and Disciple

Published on January 26, 2014

Author: rainjitananda



A presentation by Dada Rainjitananda on the relationship between the Guru and disciple in Tantra


The Original Propounder • Shiva • Shiva invented and systematized spiritual practices

TANTRA • That which liberates from the bondage of staticity • The practical process that leads to one’s expansion and final emancipation • Practical science is the most important factor

TANTRA • Starts with the body, continues with the body and mind, and mind and consciousness with final consummation in Supreme Attainment. • The disciple must do intensive spiritual practice to be worthy of the preceptor’s instructions at every stage.

Preceptor and Disciple • In Tantra the disciple needs the help of the preceptor at every step. • Proper preceptor and proper disciple are needed to avoid downfall.

Preceptor and Disciple • The first step is the selection of a competent preceptor and worthy disciple. • The disciple’s heart is the field • Meditation is the plowing and irrigation • Preceptor’s initiation is the sowing of seeds.

• If the seeds are defective they will not sprout. • If the field is infertile, the harvest will be poor. • If the field and seed are ideal, but the field is not properly plowed and irrigated, the harvest will yield little.

Disciples • There are 3 categories of disciples.

Disciple – first type • Like upside down pitchers placed in a tub of water. • As long as they are in the tub the water remains. • As soon as they are taken out, water pours out. • Disciple near the preceptor – spiritual knowledge • Disciple leaves preceptor – forgets everything

Disciple – 2nd Type • Like people who pluck plums from the thorny branches of the plum tree. They are absorbed in climbing down the tree and forget about the plums in the bag which fall and smash on the ground. • The disciple learns many things from the preceptor with great hardship, but does not take proper care to preserve those instructions safely. They loose their hard earned knowledge due to negligence.

Disciple – Best type • Like pitchers place right up. • When the pitchers are put in a tub of water, they remain filled up and surrounded by water. Even when they are taken out they remain full to the brim with water. • These disciples preserve what they learned from the preceptor safely in the golden caskets of their heart.

Preceptors • There are 3 types of preceptors.

Preceptor – 1st type • Delivers high sounding speeches. • Does not bother whether teachings are followed or not. • Inferior.

Preceptor – 2nd type • • • • Impart knowledge Checks if disciple is following or not. Is not demanding. Mediocre.

Preceptor – Best type • Takes meticulous care to see if the disciple is following the teachings or not. • If they discover that the disciples are negligent, they compel them to practice more painstakingly by applying circumstantial pressure.

Surrender • Tantra emphasizes disciple’s total surrender to the preceptor. • Whenever a worthy disciple is taught by a competent preceptor, spiritual progress is a certainty. • To realize the greatness of Tantra one will have to continue spiritual practice.

Tantra • Tantra is based on an ardent love for ideology which is based on the highest category of devotion.

Tantra • To learn more: •

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