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Published on February 3, 2014

Author: msgilmore


By : Lauren Smith

 In the civil war medical knowledge was not as advance as it is today. Many usage of tools were not as advance as today .The men suffered from many things at the civil war camps. Disease, health, weather , and wounds were a major problem.

 Some of the tools used were not the     best of things, but they still saved the men’s life. In the kit their were a bunch of sharp knives to cut off the infected or hurt limb. Was commonly known as Amputation. There were scissors, tweezers, and other basic doctor tools in the kit. The doctors kits were not always kept clean. War caused that. Medicine was scarce if not a little to none.

 Their was a big chance of diseases killing solders more     than gun wounds. Diseases like small pox ,mealses, pneumonia, malaria and, Dysentery had a bigger chance of killing solders. Poor hygiene in the camp would also lead to major sickness. The weather had a big impact on the way things were done. With out these doctors most a large portion of the soldiers who did survive families would not be here today.

 A shortage of food and water was a problem.  Sleeping conditions were not as good as today . The men might be sleeping under the stars in bad weather.  Also the population of solders made it hard to stop certain things from happing.  Amputation also led to a serious condition. If solders were shot in the stomach or chest they would be deemed dead or “soon to be dead”. If they were shot in the arm or leg the limb would be cut off to make sure the patient live.

 Due to these conditions the solders decided to make the Sanitary Commission in 1861.  here’s a part of the commission “It is the duty of every good soldier who is conscious of any such disease or defect, which may have been overlooked on inspection, to report himself to the surgeon for advice. In case of discharge, means are provided for his prompt payment and conveyance to his home”.  This means that if a solider is sick or unhealthy past the point the doctor can fix then he will be discharged and sent home with pay.  Also women helped out too. They did some jobs in the field getting things for soldiers.

 Here for video  Click here for second vido U Some pictures have dates in them of the places soldiers are being taken to when going to the hospital.

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