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Published on March 14, 2009

Author: apayne3


Slide 1: We have only small farms and mostly businesses. We do not have a need for slaves and think that it is wrong to own another person. Slide 2: We have large plantations and need slaves in order to keep them running. Owning slaves is not immoral. Slide 3: We are mainly an urban society— we hold jobs in businesses and factories. Slide 4: We are an agricultural society—we live in small villages, on farms, and on plantations. Slide 5: We are a manufacturing region—we needs tariffs to protect our factories and workers from foreign competition. Slide 6: We oppose tariffs—prices for goods would increase and England may stop buying our cotton. Slide 7: We want a strong central government—one that has supreme power over the states. Slide 8: We believe in states’ rights, for example, we believe that we have the power to declare any national law illegal. central gov’t VIRGINIA SOUTH CAROLINA NEW YORK Slide 9: Slavery should be abolished—it is morally wrong. Slide 10: If slavery is abolished, it will destroy our economy.

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